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Who or what are you actually in life. What is the real ground of one's own existence? Are you just a random assemblage of molecules and atoms that shape your life, are you a fleshy mass made up of blood, muscles, bones, are you made up of immaterial or material structures?! And what about consciousness or the soul. Both are immaterial structures that shape our current life and are responsible for our current condition. Is one because of this the consciousness, is one the soul or just an energetic state vibrating on a frequency?

Everything is consciousness

awarenessWell, first of all, I have to say that you are basically what a person identifies with. If a person identifies exclusively with his body, with his outer shell and assumes that this represents his existence, then this is also the case for this person in the present moment. You yourself create your own reality based on your own thoughts and what you believe in, of which you are completely convinced, forms the basis of your own life. Nevertheless, apart from personal identifications, there is a source that flows through all life and makes up a very large part of our reality, namely consciousness. Everything in existence consists of consciousness and the resulting thought processes. Nothing in creation can arise without consciousness, for everything arises from consciousness. My words immortalized here are only a result of my consciousness, my mental imagination. I first imagined every single sentence that I immortalize here in my thoughts, then I realized these thoughts on a physical level by writing on the keyboard. Everything you experience in your own life can only be traced back to the creative power of your own consciousness. We can only experience all imaginable emotions and sensations because of our consciousness, without which it would not be possible. Consciousness has fascinating properties, on the one hand consciousness consists of space-timeless energy, is permanently present, infinite, represents the highest authority in existence, God and experiences a constant expansion (Your own consciousness expands continuously). Because of its space-timeless nature, consciousness is ubiquitous and ubiquitous, just like our thoughts are also space-timeless, so there are no limitations or random aging processes in our imagination.

There are no limits to your own imagination

The soulYou could now imagine a man who lives on an island, the man does not age in this imagination, unless of course you imagine it, there is no space there either, or are there spatial limits in your thoughts, of course not your own Imagination is immeasurable and cannot be limited. Consciousness is also the supreme authority in existence. Everything you can imagine, what you see, what you experience, what you feel is ultimately a state that arose out of consciousness. All material and immaterial states are only a result of an overarching consciousness. A gigantic consciousness that is constantly experiencing itself and is completely individualized through incarnation. So it would be quite possible that one is consciousness oneself, I mean, yes, seen in this way one is also consciousness oneself and consciousness is everything. Everything consists of consciousness and its energetic structure, everything is consciousness, energy, information

One is the soul and uses consciousness to experience life

Soulmate, True LoveBut if so what about your soul, the 5th dimensional energetically light aspect of your reality, could it be that you are a soul yourself? In order to explain this, I have to go into the soul and, above all, energetic states in more detail. Everything in existence is made of consciousness, which in turn has the aspect of being made of energy. These energetic states can condense or decondense. Energetically dense states are always due to one's own egoistic mind. This mind is responsible for all self-produced negativity of any kind (negativity = density). This includes lower thoughts and plot lines such as the legitimation of hate, envy, anger, sadness, judgements, unworthiness, greed, jealousy, etc. in one's own mind. In turn, positivity in the sense of harmony, love, peace, balance, etc. can be traced back to one's own spiritual mind. The soul is therefore the energetically light part of our reality, our true SELF that wants to be lived permanently. We are therefore the soul, sensitive, loving beings composed of, surrounded by, and using consciousness as a tool to experience and create life. However, we do not always act from the true source, our own soul, because often the egoistic mind predominates in our everyday life, the mind that keeps us energetically tight and leads to us not looking at things from a loving, but from an excluding and negative point of view regard.

Nevertheless, the soul is our constant companion and gives us a lot of life energy, because basically people strive for love and joy in their lives. When you begin to identify yourself with your soul, you begin to look at life from a high-vibrational, loving perspective. You then become aware of your strong, inner power again, become free and begin to attract more love and positivity into your own life (law of resonance, energy always attracts energy of the same intensity). But in most cases it takes a long time until this goal is reached, because it simply takes a long time to firstly discard one's own egoistic mind and secondly to act out of the soul, out of unconditional, true love in all areas of life. Ultimately, however, this is a task, a goal that everyone will experience at the end of their incarnation journey. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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