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We are in an age that is being accompanied by a massive energetic increase in vibration. People become more sensitive and open their minds to various mysteries of life. More and more people are realizing that something in our world is going terribly wrong. For centuries people trusted political, media and industrial systems, and their activities were rarely questioned. Often what was presented to you was accepted, man didn't question anything and thought that our system stands for peace and justice. But now the whole situation is different. More and more people are dealing with the real political causes and realizing that we live in a world ruled by pathological psychopaths.

The masters of the planet

The lords of the planet do not mean the politicians who are in the public eye and make us believe that the world is beautiful. The lords of the planet are various powerful families, royalty who have gained control over various industries, corporations and nations over thousands of years (These families control the oil, our food, the money, the economy, the secret service, the media, the secret society, the government, etc. ). They are unimaginably rich families who will stop at nothing and strive for a new world order. Put simply, the New World Order means the creation of an authoritarian world government, a world in which human free will is totally suppressed.

The masters of the planetA world that should turn us humans into functioning slaves who should slave away exclusively for the well-being and prosperity of these elite families. A few years ago one would have thought this plan would work, but now the cabal is encountering more and more resistance. People become spiritually free and see through these dark plans. This spiritual awakening is mainly due to the current increased universal vibration. Every 26000 years our solar system orbits the Pleiades (an open cluster of stars), which means that our solar system enters an energetically bright area of ​​the galaxy.

As a result of this orbit, our solar system experiences a tremendous increase in energetic vibration every 26000 years (there are of course other factors involved). Before this time, there was a strong energetic density in our solar system, which can be seen above all in our past human history. Mankind was repeatedly enslaved by different rulers, oppressed and, from a moral point of view, developed only minimally from century to century.

An energetic shift

The energetic changeEverything in existence consists of consciousness, Thoughts composed solely of vibratory energy. Energetic states vibrating at individual frequencies. Likewise, our solar system consists mainly of immateriality. These energetic states can condense and decompress. A dense energetic state is due to negativity and a light energetic state is due to positivity.

For example, as soon as you are happy, harmonious or peaceful, you decompress your own energetic state. Disharmony of any kind in turn condenses energetic states, allowing them to oscillate at lower frequencies. Our current political system has been an energetically very dense system for countless years, because it is a system that oppresses peoples, exploits lands, produces and exports weapons, imports weapons, pollutes food with genetic engineering and chemicals, spreads diseases, suppresses breakthrough technologies (Free energy, various remedies, etc.), that people's consciousness is contained with misinformation, half-truths and useless knowledge and finally people who uncover the true political causes are specifically denounced (one could also speak of people who increasingly assume an energetically light state, in this context one also often speaks of so-called light workers, people who stand for the truth and work for instead of against creation).

In the meantime, however, we are at the beginning of the newly beginning cosmic cycle and due to the energetic de-densification, many people can no longer identify with the energetically dense political system. A rethinking is taking place and the system is in the process of transforming itself into an energetically light system. The artificially created state of consciousness in which many people find themselves is increasingly dissolving. Of course, this is a process that does not happen in 3 days. It is much more a process that takes place over several years, a system that changes over the years.

Golden times

World PeaceMany scriptures indicate that the golden age will begin in 2025. This age means a harmonious age in which world peace reigns and people are free from any debt. A world where free energy will be available and the individuality of each person will be fully respected. A planet that is no longer dominated by wars and hate, but a planet populated with people living out peace and love. I am also firmly convinced that this age will begin in 2025, but there is still a long way to go until then.

I can already prophesy to you that great things will happen before then. We will still experience massive revolutions and experience a time in which all media, state and elitist lies will be exposed on a large scale. Therefore we can count ourselves lucky that we are incarnated in this time and are allowed to experience a change that only takes place every 26000 years.

A universal change that leads us humans into the light, a special change that will lead the collective consciousness to a new level. A time when people are again becoming aware of their multidimensional abilities. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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