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Golden Age

The golden age has been mentioned several times in various ancient writings + treatises and means an age in which global peace, financial justice and, above all, the respectful treatment of our fellow human beings, animals and nature will be present. It is a time when mankind has fully fathomed its own ground and, as a result, is living in harmony with nature. The Newly Begun Cosmic Cycle (December 21, 2012 - Beginning of a 13.000 year "Awakening - High State of Consciousness" - Galactic Pulse) established in this context the provisional beginning of this time (there were also circumstances/signs of change beginning before that) and heralded an incipient worldwide change, which first of all is noticeable on all levels of existence and secondly, will lead us into this golden age over 1-2 decades.

What Happened So Far - Apocalypse and Beginning of Awakening!!

The Golden ageApart from this, this change also leads to a massive further development of the collective state of consciousness and becomes ours as a whole spiritual quotient lift. According to estimates, the golden age will begin between 2025 and 2032. Nevertheless, until that happens, a lot will still happen in our world. On the one hand, we are currently in a very stormy phase and are experiencing a massive mental realignment. The origins of this restructuring can be traced back to the year 2012 - a year in which the Mayan calendar did not end as often assumed (of course, so-called initial sparks also took place in the 70s/80s/90s, which also resulted in an increased spiritual and esoteric interest) and an associated newly begun Platonic year (cycle of precession), as well as a galactic pulse (there are many different opinions on this, but whether triggered by a galactic pulse or by other circumstances, the fact that our planet has been ever since is experiencing a permanent increase in its frequency state, it cannot be denied), through whose energies our spiritual state began to expand. At the same time, these cosmic events also ushered in the apocalyptic years, which are often misrepresented by the mass media. The apocalyptic years do not mean the end of the world, but rather a time of unveiling, revelation and revelation (apocalypse does not mean the end of the world). It is therefore a time in which humanity began/is beginning to question prevailing political, economic, industrial and media systems (of course this phase is still ongoing, even if a significantly larger part of the population has already become enlightened). A few decades ago, for example, most of humanity blindly trusted politicians, corporations and system media. Many things were accepted without question and the idea that rich elite families could control our banking system, the idea that politicians are merely puppets who consciously keep us humans trapped in a low-frequency/ignorant delirium consisting of lies, half-truths and disinformation (or let us be held prisoner) was unthinkable.

The supposedly powerful people in this world have created a corrupt and perfidious system, i.e. an illusionary world that was built around our minds and is intended to distract us from the truth..!!

However, due to the apocalyptic years, the circumstances changed dramatically and everywhere on our planet more and more people realized that we are ultimately being held prisoner in an artificially created state of consciousness (disharmonic state of being) (illusory world). For this reason, more and more people are currently resisting the system, demonstrating for peace all over the world and seeing through the dark machinations. Education is being done everywhere. Be it videos that are uploaded to YouTube, articles that are written, books that are published or even people who take to the streets and spread their knowledge. This process is also extremely important and represents the beginnings of this “awakening phase”. First of all, some people are beginning to question and understand the true causes of the current warlike planetary circumstance.

In this process of spiritual awakening, more and more people recognize the energetically dense mechanisms of the system, recognize the means with which we were kept silent (vaccinations, spreading disinformation and co.), see through the extent of the lies on our planet again and sit down for a free world..!!

Subsequently, more and more people join in with this truth and increasingly demonstrate for peace + freedom in this world. Over time, a critical mass of people will be reached, i.e. a large proportion of people who have become aware of this, which will gradually manifest a peaceful revolution. The lies will no longer be stopped and humanity will then undergo a huge change or will manifest a new world in which old systems will be replaced by new, independent and free systems. At the same time, the spiritual level of humanity is rising again and is leading to us, firstly, becoming more sensitive and, secondly, becoming significantly more peaceful, spiritual, non-judgmental and loving again.

Clouding our state of consciousness – concealing the true history of humanity!!

Concealing the true history of humanityThe elitist families are also occultists (or rather Satanists, because occultism only refers to secret and hidden events/knowledge) who consciously keep us humans captive in an energetically dense state of consciousness and our connection to the mental mind or to our divinity, want to prevent with all power. Ultimately, this is also initiated in various ways. On the one hand, various everyday toxins lead to the fact that we humans become more jaded - more indifferent (reduction of the pineal gland – Clouding of our state of consciousness). Our air is poisoned by chemtrails (no, chemtrails are not a conspiracy theory - by the way, the truth about the word conspiracy theory, a highly recommended article), manipulated our weather (Haarp) and made humanity dependent on energetically dense foods (fast food, sweets, ready-made products or in general “foods” that are deliberately enriched with chemical additives - additives that cause illness). On the other hand, the population has also been conditioned by this system so that they take action against anyone who in turn represents an opinion that does not correspond to their own conditioned and inherited world view (Human Guardians - Pointing the finger at other people, via abstract worlds of thought Judgment, bias, discredits and selfish thoughts). Furthermore, the true history of humanity was deliberately falsified/obfuscated and taken out of context, as it basically contains essential knowledge about past advanced cultures + civilizations and would make many events appear in a different light (The real reasons for the first two world wars).

The human history presented to us is simply wrong and is based on so much disinformation and lies that it would have to be completely rewritten..!!

The knowledge about the creative potential of our own spirit, our divine source and, above all, information regarding true historical events could have led to humanity waking up (spirit becoming free) and for this reason this knowledge had to be deliberately concealed (it is ridiculed in today's world). In particular, spiritual knowledge and other spiritual connections, the advantages of a natural way of life and special natural healing methods, have been specifically denounced in the past and labeled as nonsense/crazy by various authorities. A methodology that worked very well for years. From then on, many people ridiculed spiritual topics, were unable to deal with such information without prejudice and had a fundamentally derogatory attitude towards these topics (conditioned consciousness, no opinion of their own, view of the system, - system guardian).

Since 2012 and the associated awakening phase in which our civilization has entered, many people have experienced an expansion of their own state of consciousness, i.e. they have become more sensitive, are increasingly in harmony with nature and recognize countless disinformation that has been given to us for years by the mass media and the system were sold as truth..!!

Fortunately, this circumstance has now changed again and due to these very special cosmic mechanisms, mankind is increasingly dealing with spiritually shaped information. If you deal intensively with such sources or with your own primal ground (state of being), if you get a look behind the scenes again and unmask the current illusory system, then you will not only recognize the previous containment of your own state of consciousness, but then you become aware of your own mental potential again and realize how powerful you can be, that you represent a unique universe (every human being is the creator of his or her own reality). This knowledge ultimately sets you free and results in a massive expansion of your own horizon.

The situation is coming to a head – world war or peaceful transition…?!

world war-or-peaceful-transitionSince 2012, humanity has repeatedly been confronted with frequency increases. In this context, these increases also lead to sustainable programming - i.e. negative behaviors, thought processes, convictions, beliefs and habits - which in turn are anchored in the subconscious of every person, being increasingly transported into our daily consciousness, whereby we transform and purify ourselves and can redeem. That's why we are currently confronted more than ever with fears and other negative thought patterns. Ultimately, this phenomenon is due to our brightening planetary circumstances. Our planet is increasing its own vibration level, adapting to the strong frequencies and as a result humanity is indirectly being asked to adapt to this increase in frequency, through which we then recognize the entanglements of our own materially oriented EGO mind (Acceptance of the EGO mind - that Recognizing your own shadow parts). It is a process that leads to humanity autodidactically relearning how to manifest a peaceful and harmonious circumstance. Nevertheless, this process is associated with many conflicts, which on the one hand can be noticeable in the family environment, but on the other hand also occur in the political and economic sphere (mistakes made by the elites, politicians and the media - false flag terrorist attacks exposed, etc.) . These wealthy families are also fully aware of this and fear for their power, fearing nothing more than an awakened people. In order to be able to circumvent this irreversible process, massive propaganda is currently being carried out from all sides and, in particular, the mass media, which have been brought into line, are deliberately exposing system critics to ridicule.

The chaotic planetary circumstance is not a supposed result of an arbitrary whim of God or even a result of chance, but it is a chaos consciously produced by certain families..!! 

In addition, terror is increasingly being produced in order to put people in fear and terror (time is of the essence and that is why the elite acts hastily and makes many mistakes that do not go undiscovered). The global political and economic situation is getting worse and worse. The states are increasingly being put under pressure by the people, as they are beginning to see through the political intrigues again. At the same time, the global economy is deteriorating and a collapse is becoming more likely. The times when those in power could forge secret plans are about to end and humanity is facing tremendous upheavals. The only question is whether or not the elite will initiate another world war to enforce their plans. It should also be understood at this point that the first two world wars were specifically planned, financed and implemented by these satanist families (and of course other puppets). Basically, almost all wars and terrorist attacks in the last few centuries can be traced back to these states-controlling families (nothing is left to chance). Since the situation is getting so much worse, there is a crisis on all fronts, more and more people and even individual countries are defending themselves against the “economic Rothschild enslavement” (the Rothschilds are also only part of the plot) and more and more people are seeing through world events It is entirely conceivable that a world war could break out in the next few years.

The world as we know it is secretly controlled/governed by extremely rich families, i.e satanic , incest-practicing + child-sacrificing families (unfortunately it's not an exaggeration) who firstly control our banking system (they print the money and lend it to states) and secondly see us as human capital..!!

On the other hand, it would also be entirely possible for a peaceful change to take place. It could well be that the political, economic and industrial system will change for the better in the next few years as a result of the huge energetic upheaval, that "automatically" suppressed technologies will be made available to the population and that humanity will also be prepared for a comprehensive unveiling of the true global ones circumstances are prepared. At the end of the day, it also depends on us as humans ourselves what the coming time will look like, whether we play this dangerous game - whether we continue to allow ourselves to be oppressed/enslaved or not (there is no path to peace, because peace is the way). Each person is a powerful creator of his or her own reality and we can therefore choose for ourselves the direction in which we want our life to go, whether we are peaceful or not, whether we stand up for the truth or not.

Golden times are upon us!!

the Golden ageNevertheless, one thing is beyond question, no matter what happens in the next few years, one way or another the golden age will occur or it will be manifested by a mentally and spiritually developed human civilization (emerging from the collective spirit), there is no doubt about that That will 100% happen. This time will ultimately lead to humanity valuing each other (respecting each person's individual expression) and interacting together again like a big family. Furthermore, this age will also lead to the fact that financial prosperity will reach every human being. In this sense, there is often talk of a fair redistribution of money, i.e. such an extreme gap between rich and poor people as is currently the case will no longer exist in any way. In the same way, there will be no financial elite or satanic families who fraudulently acquire incredible fortunes. At the beginning of this golden age, funds with incredibly large sums will be liquidated and the high levels of government debt will be eliminated (at least that would be an ideal case). Furthermore, suppressed technologies, such as devices that generate free energy, will then find their way back into society. Various remedies for countless diseases will then also be revealed to humanity. The systematic pollution of our planet will end and the creation/financing of terrorist organizations will no longer exist. That's exactly how it becomes clean + again living/structured drinking water natural diet/lifestyle will be standard and the spiritual level of humanity will be exalted many fold.

In a few years, a completely different circumstance will prevail on earth and a balanced collective state of consciousness will then become a paradise, say that golden age, arise out..!!

Mankind will again act in a peaceful environment and ensure that justice takes place + is maintained on all levels of existence. The systematic enslavement/suppression of our state of consciousness will come to an end and out of the free collective state of consciousness, a paradisiacal circumstance will emerge. For this reason, we are currently living in an age that can hardly be surpassed in terms of excitement, and everyone can consider themselves lucky to experience such a unique change. A massive shift/cycle that only happens every 26.000 years. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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