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The egoistic mind has accompanied/dominated the minds of people for countless generations. This mind keeps us trapped in an energetically dense frenzy and is partly responsible for the fact that we humans usually look at life from negative perspectives. Because of this mind, we humans often produce energetic density, blocking our own natural flow of energies and reducing the frequency at which our current state of consciousness vibrates. Ultimately, the EGO mind is the low-vibrating counterpart to our mental mind, which in turn is responsible for positive thoughts, i.e. raising our vibration frequency. In this context, one hears again and again lately that a time has now dawned in which mankind will firstly recognize its own EGO mind and secondly hand it over to transformation again.

The transformation of the EGO

EGO mind

Basically, there is a tremendous transformation of the egoistic mind going on in many people right now. Ultimately, it is about recognizing and accepting our own shadow parts, i.e. negative aspects of a person, parts that in turn have a low vibration frequency, block our inner healing process, in order to then be able to dissolve/work through old karmic entanglements again. Various traumas are mostly a result of our egoistic mind, moments where we have shaped our own reality through our lower EGO mind. These traumas (negative experiences – deeply anchored in our Subconscious) are usually responsible for later secondary diseases and affect our own physical condition over time. But before you can transform your own EGO mind, before you can accept shadow parts again, it is imperative to recognize your own egoistic mind. It is of utmost importance in the first step to become aware of this mind again, to understand that one has been subject to a mind throughout one's lifetime through which one firstly creates a negative thought spectrum and secondly realizes negative actions. Only when one recognizes one's EGO mind and understands again that this low-frequency structure that suppresses one's true nature is keeping one's psychic mind in check, then it becomes possible to benefit positively from this negative mind as well.

Accept everything about yourself, even your negative sides! This is how you pave a path that will make you perfect..!!

At this point it should also be said that it is not about rejecting one's own negative aspects, but about accepting them. One should always accept oneself fully and appreciate all parts, even those that are negative in nature, as a valuable mirror of one's inner state. Love yourself completely, accept everything about you, appreciate even your shadow parts, your inner imbalance, that's the first step to inner becoming whole.

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