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Basically, the third eye means an inner eye, the ability to perceive immaterial structures and higher knowledge. In the chakra theory, the third eye is also to be equated with the forehead chakra and stands for wisdom and knowledge. An open third eye refers to the absorption of information from higher knowledge that is bestowed on us. When a person deals intensively with the immaterial universe, strong enlightenment and insights and can more and more intuitively interpret the root of true spiritual connections, one can speak of an open third eye.

Open the third eye

There are various influences that prevent us from opening our own third eye. On the one hand, there are various negative environmental influences and food toxins that cloud our mind and ensure that we greatly reduce our own intuitive abilities (calcification of the pineal gland). On the other hand, it is due to created conditioning that is deep within us Subconscious are anchored and lead to us humans running through life judgmentally. We humans often smile at things that do not correspond to our own conditioned and inherited world view and thus undermine our own horizons. We close our minds and severely limit our own mental abilities. However, an open third eye leads to us being able to interpret things exactly, which requires us to work with our intuitive mind and study both sides of the same coin. If we do that and no longer smile at seemingly “abstract” knowledge, but rather question it and deal with it objectively, we are able to massively expand our own consciousness and can again legitimize universal knowledge in our own mind.

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