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Negative thoughts and belief patterns are commonplace in our world today. Many people allow themselves to be dominated by such long-term mental patterns and thereby prevent their own happiness. It often goes so far that some negative belief patterns that are deeply rooted in our own subconscious can cause more harm than one might imagine. Apart from the fact that such negative thoughts or belief patterns can lower our own vibration frequency in the long term, they also weaken our own physical condition, put a strain on our psyche and limit our own mental/emotional abilities. Aside from that, negative thoughts and beliefs prevent something essential, and they ultimately help us to resonate with lack and prevent our own happiness.

You attract into your life what corresponds to your vibrational frequency

spirit = magnetOur mind (the interaction of conscious and subconscious) acts like a kind of magnet and draws everything into our own lives with which this mental magnet resonates/occurs. Thoughts in turn consist of energy, energetic states that vibrate at a corresponding frequency. For this reason, the assertion is often made that our universe is a complex area consisting of energies, frequencies, vibrations, movement and information. In this context, your own mind attracts into your life what you are thinking about. What you think and feel always manifests itself in your own reality and is increasingly drawn into your own life. Energy always attracts energy of the same frequency (law of resonance). This increases the energy, the vibration frequency with which you are constantly in resonance. For example, if you just had an argument with a friend, the longer you think about it, the more negative you feel, such as feeling angry. Conversely, positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts into your life. If you are happy, thinking about how happy you are with your life partner, then this feeling of joy will become stronger the longer you think about it or the longer you resonate with it. For this reason, just as negative belief patterns that are deeply rooted in your subconscious and keep coming back to your day consciousness, have a negative effect on your own life.

If you look at life from a negative point of view, you attract negative things into your life, if you look at life from a positive point of view, your mind attracts positive things to your life..!!

For example, if you subconsciously always look at life from a negative point of view, are pessimistic, think negatively, are convinced that only negative things will happen to you or that you are even pursued by bad luck, then this will continue to happen happen. This isn't because you're cursed or life isn't kind to you, it's simply because your state of consciousness is drawing into your life what it ultimately resonates with. The universe does not judge your life, but only gives you what you internally demand from it, it gives you what you mentally resonate with.

Every person creates their own life, their own reality, their own reality with the help of their thoughts..!!

This is what makes life so unique. Because you are the creator of your own life or creator of your own reality, which you in turn create with your own thoughts (all of life is a product of your own thoughts), you can choose what you want to draw into your own life and what not . It always depends on yourself whether you realize good or bad luck in your life. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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