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Everything in existence consists solely of energetic states. These energetic states in turn possess a unique vibrational level, energy vibrating at frequencies. In exactly the same way, the human body consists exclusively of a vibrating energetic state. Your own level of vibration constantly changes frequency. Positivity of any kind, or in other words, all those things that strengthen our own mental state and make us naturally more joyful, raise our own vibrational frequency. Negativity of any kind or anything that worsens our own mental state and makes us more unhappy, more suffering, in turn diminishes our own haunted state. In this article, I present you with 7 everyday things that massively lower your vibration level.

1: Any form of addiction

any-forms-of-addictionAll forms of addiction and above all the abuse of addictive substances, including, for example, all drugs (especially alcohol), tobacco consumption, money addiction, workaholism, drug abuse (primarily painkillers, antidepressants, etc.), anorexia, gambling addiction, various stimulants (coffee) and the addiction to fast food or generally unhealthy food massively lower our own vibration level. These substances or addictions belong to the energetically dense burdens that burden us humans again and again and have a very lasting effect on our own mental and physical constitution. In this context, such addictions not only damage our own health, condense our own energetic basis, but also dominate our own mind at the same time. For example, someone who drinks coffee every day and cannot do without it, becomes restless when the thought of drinking coffee cannot be realized and then gives in to the addiction can then be mentally dominated by the addiction in this regard. One is no longer master of one's own body, one's own spirit and can no longer consciously live in the now. One mentally leaves one's own present state, burdens oneself with a mental future scenario, a scenario in which one gives in to addiction and thus lowers one's own vibrational frequency. If you were mentally completely free and no longer tied to physical dependencies, then it would not be a problem to do without the corresponding addictive substance. One would then accept one's present condition as it is and not worry about it. In such a case, one's own immaterial presence would then have a significantly higher vibration frequency, one would feel lighter and would not be subject to addiction. Of course, drinking coffee every day is not comparable to a daily abuse of medication, but it reduces itself small addictions one's vibrational frequency.

2: Negative thoughts (fears and fears)

negative-thoughts-anxiety-and-fearNegative thoughts are one of the main reasons for a reduction in one's own vibrational frequency. In this context, fears of all kinds have a very lasting effect on one's own vibration level. It doesn't matter whether it's existential fears, fears of life, fear of loss or even phobias that paralyze our own mind. Ultimately, all fears are, at their core, energetically dense mechanisms, energetic states that vibrate at a low frequency and accordingly diminish our own haunted state. Fears always lead to a massive reduction in our own energetic state and rob us of our zest for life. It should also be said here again that fears at the end of the day only prevent you from being able to live consciously in the now. For example, when someone is afraid of the future, that person is concerned about something that opens up does not exist at the current level. What could happen in the future is not happening at the present level. Or are we in the future right now? Of course not, a person's entire life always takes place in the present. What happens in the future will happen in the present. The same also applies to the past. Humans often tend to feel guilty about the past. You sit around for hours, possibly regretting something you did, feeling guilty about something and having such negative thoughts about something that only happens in your own mind. But the past no longer exists, you are still in the now, an eternally expanding moment that has always existed, is and will be and the power of this moment should be used. If you drop all your fears and manage to be fully mentally present in the present time, you prevent a drastic lowering of your own vibration level.

3: Judging/gossiping/gossiping about other people's lives

about-the-life-of-other-people-judgment-gossiping-gossipingToday we live in a society where judgments are more present than ever. People judge everything and everyone. Many people find it difficult to fully respect the individuality or unique expression of another person. You discredit other people's ideas and make fun of them. People who do not fit into their own world view in any way, do not correspond to their own ideas are then automatically frowned upon for their being. Such thinking is ultimately only on one's own selfish mind attributed. This mind is responsible for the production of energetic density and ultimately causes our own vibrational level to decrease. But it is important to understand that judgments not only harm the other person, but also reduce one's own energetic state. In this context, judgments only result from personal dissatisfaction. Someone who is perfectly content, self-loving, happy, and joyful has no need to judge another person's life. Such a person then no longer looks for the apparent negative aspects of another person, but only sees the positive in everything. Your own inner state is always reflected in the outside world and vice versa. One then understands that an internally accepted exclusion from other people only results from a lack of self-acceptance. Apart from that, one is then aware that one does not have the right to judge the life of another person, that such ideas only bring disadvantages and do not correspond to true human nature. Basically, every human being is a fascinating universe that writes a unique story. But if you make fun of someone's life, like to gossip, gossip and judge, then this ultimately only results in a lowering of your own vibrational frequency. Negative thoughts, energetic density that you legitimize in your own mind.

4: Identification with the victim role

Identification with the victim roleMany people often like to see themselves as victims. You have the feeling that everyone around you should give you their full attention because you seem to be full of suffering yourself. You constantly need the sympathy of other people and despair internally if this is not given. You seek the attention of other people pathologically and thus get caught in a vicious cycle. Furthermore, such people convince themselves with all their might that they are victims of circumstances, that fate is not kind to them. But in the end everyone has their fate in their own hands. one is Creator of your own present reality and can choose for yourself how to shape your own life. Suffering, fears and pain are created in the consciousness of every human being. You are responsible for legitimizing suffering or joy in your own mind. Self-love is a key word here. Someone who loves themselves completely, is content with themselves and is not subject to feelings of loneliness does not have to force themselves into a victim role. People who identify with the victim role often blame other people for their own problems. You point the finger at others and blame them for your suffering. But as already mentioned, no one is responsible for what one experiences in one's own life. Of course it's easy to blame other people for your own failures, but the truth is nobody is to blame for your own situation. If you understand this again and break through the suffering process, if you manage to take full responsibility for your own life again, then this leads to your own vibration level increasing enormously.

5: Spiritual hubris

spiritual hubrisEspecially in the process of awakening, it happens again and again that people show a spiritual arrogance. One has the feeling that one was chosen oneself and that only one self-determined knowledge has been granted. You put yourself above other people's lives and start seeing yourself as something better. You can then no longer accept the state of consciousness of other people and label them as ignorant people. But such thinking is merely a fallacy perpetuated by our own egoistic minds. You mentally cut yourself off from a "we feeling" and act exclusively in your own interest. Such thinking ultimately leads to self-imposed mental isolation. In such cases one acts completely out of one's own ego mind and instinctively believes that only oneself is destined for higher truths. Nevertheless, one must understand at this point that on an immaterial level all people are rounded off with one another. We are all one and one is all. Every living being is a complex universe, has its own reality, a conscious/subconscious and above all the ability to explore life with the help of the conscious mind. Nobody is better or worse and nobody has knowledge in this context that was only given to them. Basically, it even looks like everything already exists in existence. All thoughts already exist, are on an individual vibration frequency and every person has the opportunity to become aware of the corresponding knowledge again by adjusting their own vibration level. Ultimately, spiritual hubris only cuts us off from the unified creation and massively lowers our vibrational frequency. 

6: Morbid jealousy

jealousyJealousy is a problem that troubles many people. There are people who show a pathological jealousy. In a partnership, it looks like you only focus on one thought in which you could lose your partner, a scenario in which the partner could cheat. Sometimes you sit for hours in your own apartment and rack your brains over it, you can hardly think of anything else. The negativity that one derives from it ultimately only leads to the lowering of one's own vibration level. One draws energetic density from a mental scenario that doesn't exist at the current level. So you worry about something that is only kept alive in your own mind. The problem with this is that jealousy leads to the partner cheating on you. Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity (law of resonance) and someone who is constantly jealous then ensures that this scenario could become manifest in their own reality. Apart from that, you then radiate the jealous state to the outside world. At the end of the day, the constant feeling of jealousy will lead to harassing your partner and restricting your freedom. But with this you achieve the exact opposite and your own partner will only cut himself off from you even more. For this reason, it is very important not to let feelings of jealousy dominate you. One understands again that jealousy is only a product of one's own egoistic mind and increases one's own vibration frequency again in this regard.

7: Brutality and cold heart

First of all, brutality and coldness of heart indicate closed heart chakra and are secondly factors that extremely reduce one's own vibration level. You always have the urge to prove yourself and have no qualms about inflicting violence on other people. Someone who has absolutely no problems with this usually radiates a certain coldness of heart to the outside world. One has the feeling that such persons are cold as ice, have no heart and are somewhere malicious in nature. But basically there are no bad people. Deep inside every human being there is a merciful, spiritual side that is just waiting to be lived again. This energetically light aspect is in the heart of every human being and if you become aware of it again and act out of your own love, protect, respect, respect and value other living beings for their individual expression, then this always results in an increase in your own vibration frequency. It is therefore advisable to reject violence of any kind. One does not have the right to arbitrarily harm other people, this only creates an energetically dense environment, an energetically dense state of consciousness, which in turn has a very lasting effect on one's own organism. Your body reacts to all thoughts and sensations. Someone who is often full of hate and anger only harms himself in this context. One deteriorates one's physical constitution, lowers one's vibrational level, and thus diminishes one's mental abilities. For this reason, it is advisable to adopt a positive, peaceful state of mind. On the other hand, violence only breeds more violence, hate breeds more hate and, conversely, love breeds more love. As Mahatma Gandhi once said: There is no way to peace, because peace is the way.

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    • Sandra 3. September 2023, 9: 52


      That fits with what I already know. I am currently on a very low vibration. In the paragraph about the victim role you mentioned that you cannot be in this role and then mentioned a limitation, namely loneliness. I am lonely. Every person I resonate with is far away. What does loneliness do to the vibration?

    Sandra 3. September 2023, 9: 52


    That fits with what I already know. I am currently on a very low vibration. In the paragraph about the victim role you mentioned that you cannot be in this role and then mentioned a limitation, namely loneliness. I am lonely. Every person I resonate with is far away. What does loneliness do to the vibration?