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Every person has a soul. The soul represents our high-vibration, intuitive aspect, our true self, which in turn is expressed in an individual way in countless incarnations. In this context, we continue to evolve from life to life, we expand our own state of consciousness, gain new moral views and gain an ever-stronger connection to our soul. Due to the newly acquired moral views, for example the realization that one has no right to harm nature, an increased identification with our own soul begins. In this incarnation, in the process of spiritual awakening, this identification reaches a new level.

Our soul plan

Soul PlanHumanity is currently developing massively due to a barely comprehensible cosmic cycle and is dealing with its own primal cause again. New, groundbreaking self-knowledge reaches many people in this regard and we begin again to consciously use our state of consciousness as a tool to experience life. At the same time, we also use our own mind to create a positive reality. The development of our own mental abilities is also inevitably linked to this. The more a person acts out of his own soul in this regard, the more he follows his own soul plan, his true destiny. In this context, every person has a so-called soul plan. The knowledge from all past incarnations is anchored in this plan. In addition, the further course of our own life is determined in our soul plan. As soon as you "die" and leave your own body, you reach the so-called afterlife (there is no death, only a frequency change takes place, a profound change that transports us from this world to the afterlife), you consciously work towards one Soul plan or one plans the further course of one's own life.

All experiences and tasks that lie ahead of us are anchored in our soul plan..!!

Future life events, experiences, friends, partners and even your own parents are laid down in this plan (usually you incarnate in families whose souls incarnate again and again in the same families - the soul then incarnates in the newly born body and not before ). Afterwards, i.e. after the renewed incarnation, one strives for an unfolding of one's own soul plan and begins the experience of the dualitarian world.

A complete development of our own soul, our own soul plan, is necessarily connected with exploring our own primal ground..!!

You go to school, get to know the life that is given to us and somehow try to look behind the veil of life. Answering the big questions of life is a fixed part of our own soul plan and at the end of our last incarnation or in our last incarnations we air these big questions of life. Every person can therefore also gain access to their own soul plan again. You can find out how this works and what else your own soul plan is all about in the following video. In this video, healer and consciousness teacher Gerhard Vester talks about his own near-death experiences and explains how they led to his own soul plan. An exciting topic and above all an interesting video that you should definitely watch.

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