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The state of consciousness of every human being has been in one for several years process of awakening. A very special cosmic radiation causes the planetary vibration frequency to increase dramatically. This increase in vibrational frequency ultimately results in an expansion of the collective state of consciousness. The effect of this strong energetic vibration increase can be felt on all levels of existence. Ultimately, this cosmic change also leads to humanity re-exploring its own primal ground and achieving groundbreaking self-knowledge. In this context, humanity regains a stronger connection to the intuitive mind and becomes aware again that basically everything in existence consists of energetic states.

Everything consists of energy, frequency, vibration!!

everything is energyThe well-known electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla said in his time that one should think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration in order to be able to understand the universe. At that time, this knowledge, this insight was suppressed by Tesla or even made ridiculous, but today Nikola Tesla is no longer alone with this view. In the meantime, even conservative science has reached a point where it has come to realize that in the After all, everything in existence consists of energetic states that oscillate at so-called frequencies. The physical presence that we humans mistakenly perceive as solid, rigid matter is ultimately just condensed energy; a mental projection of one's own consciousness, which appears on a material level due to an energetically dense environment. In this context, it is important to understand that all conceivable material states, such as humans or ultimately just the cell as the smallest building block of an organism, the universe or even the galaxy, consist exclusively of vibrating energy. One often speaks here of electromagnetic energy or electromagnetic fields that are generated by every living being (Schumann resonance). These fields are in constant interaction with our environment and continuously send out information. This circumstance also means that all people are connected to one another on an immaterial level.

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