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As I have often mentioned in my articles, we humans ourselves represent an image of a great spirit, i.e. an image of a mental structure that flows through everything (an energetic network that is given shape by an intelligent spirit). This spiritual, consciousness-based primal reason manifests itself in everything that exists and is expressed in a variety of ways. In this context, life as a whole, including its different expressions/life forms, is ultimately an expression of this creative aspect itself and uses part of this primal ground to explore life.

We are life itself

We are life itselfIn exactly the same way, we humans also use a part of this primal ground, a part of this highest authority in existence (that surrounds and flows through us) in the form of our consciousness to explore and shape life, to change our own reality. Due to our own state of consciousness, i.e. due to our spiritual foundation, every human being is a creator of his own reality, a shaper of his own destiny and responsible for what happens in him. As far as that is concerned, every person is responsible for their own life and can choose the direction in which their own life should go. We do not have to be subject to any supposed "mood of God", but can act self-determined as a divine expression, as a divine image and create our own causes + effects (there is no supposed coincidence, but everything is based much more on a principle of cause and effect – causality – universal lawfulness).

Due to the fact that we humans are responsible for our own actions and are not subject to any supposedly arbitrary whim of God, a "supposed god in the conventional sense" is not responsible for the suffering on our planet. The whole chaos is much more a result of negatively adjusted people, who in turn legitimize chaos in their own mind and then realize/manifest it in the world..!!

What we also see in this context in the outer world, or rather how we perceive the world, is always related to our own inner state. A harmonious and positive person sees the world from a positive perspective and a disharmonious or negative person sees the world from a negative perspective.

You are the space where everything happens

You are the space where everything happensYou don't see the world as it is, but as you are. The externally perceptible/tangible world is therefore only an immaterial/spiritual/mental projection of our own state of consciousness, represents an image of our own inner state. Everything that you can also see takes place in you, plays in your own spirits away (everything is mental in nature - everything is spirit - everything is energy - matter is condensed energy or energy vibrating at a low frequency). For this reason, we humans represent life ourselves, at the end of the day we are the space in which everything happens. Ultimately, everything emanates from us, life arises from us, further courses of life, which we in turn can determine ourselves with the help of our thoughts. This is exactly how we hear the world within ourselves, see the world within ourselves (Where do you read and process this text/this information? Inside you!), feel + sense everything within ourselves and always have the feeling as if whether life would revolve around us (not meant in a narcissistic or even egotistical sense – very important to understand!!!). Life is all about you, about the development of your divine core and the associated creation of a harmonious/peaceful living situation, which in turn has a positive effect on humanity, i.e. on the collective state of consciousness (due to our spirit and the fact that we represent life itself, we humans are also connected to everything that exists and can exert a tremendous influence on all of creation). Since you are a direct image of life and as a result also represent life itself, it is also about bringing this life into balance or harmony with nature and everything that exists, whereby your further life path depends firstly on this Balance is shaped + accompanied and, secondly, one becomes able to master the complex game of duality again.

I am not my thoughts, emotions, senses and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am life itself. I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness. This is me now. I am. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

Well, until then, this newly started cosmic cycle (13.000 years of sleeping phase/low state of consciousness/13.000 years of waking phase/high state of consciousness) is about rediscovering ourselves, becoming aware again of who we are are in the end and above all how powerful our own creative powers are, that we can free ourselves from any suffering and embody creation itself at the end of the day - that we represent a divine expression and our own divine core, only have to rediscover /can. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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