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The subject of the law of resonance has been gaining in popularity for several years and is subsequently recognized by more people as a universally effective law. This law means that like always attracts like. We humans therefore pull the Circumstances in our lives that correspond to our own frequency. The frequency of our own state of consciousness is therefore crucial to what we attract into our own lives.

We have to live what we want on the outside

WishesIt should be said that our own mind works like an incredibly strong magnet that attracts states/circumstances. However, this law is often misunderstood and people desperately try to attract things into their own lives that are far away from their own frequency state. So we tend to operate from a state of lack consciousness, are not present in the present, do not bathe in the fullness of our being, and as a result continually create a mental state that does not attract abundance but rather further lack, negative feelings and other lasting circumstances . The universe doesn't divide into positive or negative wishes and gives us what we radiate and predominantly embody. Energy always follows our attention and what we predominantly focus on, or rather, what is predominantly present in our mind, becomes increasingly manifest. For example, if we want to experience a life full of love, but at the same time we do not radiate any love, yes, we legitimize much more grief, pain and suffering in our own minds and radiate these feelings, then we will continue to experience the corresponding negative feelings (the feelings intensify) . We don't attract into our lives what we want, but what we are and what we radiate, what we think and what corresponds to the orientation of our current state of consciousness.

A desire is in some ways similar to a state of deficiency in that one wants to experience something that is not currently present. The manifestation of the wish cannot usually take place if we permanently remain in the wishful idea, especially if this occurs due to negative feelings. Instead, you should actively shape your own life, you should act within current structures and not wish for the corresponding circumstance, but rather develop/create yourself through working within the present..!!

Working within the presentWe just have to live what we want on the outside, we have to feel it, discover it in our inner source and then let it become manifest. For example, if you want to live a life in which you are financially independent or have created basic financial security, then this will not become a reality if we remain in dreams every day and at the same time do not change anything about our circumstances. It is then important to get out of the constant thinking about the future and to work actively in the present again to realize a new life in which appropriate basic security would be available. The key is therefore to use our mental powers within the present (active action/work) or, better said, to direct our energies towards the creation of a new living situation (use it for this purpose), instead of constantly focusing on a wishful thinking and, associated with it, on a state of deficiency ( Of course, it should be said at this point that dreams can be very inspiring and give hope in some precarious situations, but dreams can usually only be realized if we work on their manifestation through current action, which then also through active action feel a change and begin to embody the path to the goal, which is ultimately the goal). In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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