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People have been in the reincarnation cycle for countless incarnations. As soon as we die and physical death occurs, a so-called vibrational frequency change occurs, in which we humans experience a completely new, but still familiar phase of life. We reach the afterlife, a place that exists apart from this world (the afterlife has absolutely nothing to do with what Christianity propagates to us). For this reason, we do not enter a “nothingness”, a supposed, “non-existent level” in which all life completely disappears and one no longer exists in any way. In fact, the opposite is the case. There is no nothing (nothing can arise from nothing, nothing can get into nothing), rather we humans continue to exist forever and reincarnate again and again into different lives with the aim of one day to be able to master one's own reincarnation cycle (overcoming one's own dualitarian existence).

The infinity of your soul

Our souls are immortalUltimately, the aspect of the reincarnation cycle also makes us immortal beings and that is exactly what every human being is. When we die, our existence does not expire, we do not disappear all at once and will never return, we will never experience the happiness of life again, but we continue to live. We remain in another world for what seems like a moment and are then reborn, given a new physical garment, a new life, a new circumstance that we have to master again. This process takes place over countless incarnations until we master the game of life and have fully expressed our own soul again. The soul (high vibrational, positive self - simply put, the good in every person) is also our immortal self in this context. Ultimately, all incarnation experiences are rooted in it. We also develop from life to life, gain new moral views and experience different levels of consciousness. All this knowledge is anchored in our soul and is usually given to us at the end of the last incarnation. Our souls are immortal and will never disappear or simply vanish into thin air. We always exist, are always born into a dualitarian world and are therefore always given the chance to thrive and develop further with the help of our own state of consciousness. Ultimately, this is just another aspect that makes us all unique and very special beings. Many people often reduce their own reality, their own mind or their own life to a minimum, considering themselves unimportant or even insignificant.

Because of our own selfish minds, we often view the world from a materialistic perspective, which in turn undermines our own spiritual abilities..!!

But this view is a fallacy, an error, due to our materially oriented society, which in turn promotes the development of our own materially oriented mind (Humans are fundamentally selfish, what a treacherous belief our society has created). We think too much and feel too little. Too often we act out of selfish motives and thus undermine our true self, our own emotional abilities.

The world is changing. In this context, a huge cosmic cycle that restarted on December 21, 2012 triggered a huge quantum leap into awakening that will revolutionize the entire world in a few years..!!  

Well, in the end we can count ourselves lucky that we were born into an age in which more and more people, due to a gigantic cosmic cycle, are once again exploring their own origins in an autodidactic way. The world is changing, more and more people are beginning to identify with their own soul and are working on realizing a positive spectrum of thoughts. In the same way, more and more people are becoming aware that death in the traditional sense does not exist and that we all basically live on forever. What a unique time. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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