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Since 2012, humanity has experienced a continuous energetic increase. This subtle rise, caused by increased cosmic radiation, which in turn is due to the solar system that has now arrived in an energetically charged/light area of ​​our galaxy, influences our own psyche and leads us humans into a process of spiritual awakening. The basic energetic vibration on our planet has been increasing for years and especially in this year (2016) our planet and all the creatures living on it experienced a huge increase. Especially in the last few months, this cosmic change has intensified and many people suddenly felt more attracted to spiritual topics and dealt with the true events (political, economic, spiritual background).

The energetic increase literally explodes our body

Energetic BoostThe change not only leads to us humans massively expanding our own consciousness, but it also exposes old traumata, mental wounds/injuries and negative mental structures. This happens because the Transition to the 5th dimension, requires an acceptance - transformation of our own egoistic mind (3-dimensional mind) in order to be able to achieve an improved connection to our mental mind (5-dimensional mind) again. After this transition, we humans will again be able to generate a positive spectrum of thoughts (harmony, peace, love). In order for such positive thinking to be legitimized/created in our own minds, we humans are self-taught and forced to look at our negative aspects, to study them. It is about discarding lower trains of thought such as thoughts of envy, hatred, jealousy, greed, unworthiness, arrogance, egoism (the transformation of energetic density/low vibrational frequencies). For this reason, many people are currently confronted with old traumata, may even experience heartache of various intensities and experience an integration, a balancing of their own male and female parts (male parts: analytical mind/mind-oriented/self-confidence/inner strength - female parts: mental mind/ feeling-oriented, warmth of heart, intuition).

Negative trains of thought remind us again and again of our own missing emotional connection..!!

There is a reversal of polarity in our subconscious, the hemispheres of our brains are balanced and we gradually experience inner mental stability. In this context, our subconscious is full of old karmic patterns, full of negative entanglements, and these lasting mental patterns are now being transported into our day-consciousness more than ever before. They draw our attention to the fact that in order to be able to find inner peace, to be able to act from a heightened awareness, we must first heal our own inner imbalance.

The higher the cosmic radiation that reaches us, the stronger the transformation and healing processes are set in motion..!!

An important step towards becoming whole. We are confronted with these negative patterns until we can accept them again and muster the courage to change our lives in such a way that our subconscious mostly only directs harmonious thoughts into our day consciousness. The higher the vibration frequencies that reach us, the faster these processes progress. Right now we are in a time in which we are 10 portal days in a row Erwarten.

Our body becomes much more sensitive

spiritual presence In this regard, energies of the highest intensity are reaching us that are once again accelerating our ascension and healing process. Inevitably, these energies also have a very strong effect on our bodies. In order to be able to process this high cosmic radiation better, it is therefore very important to eat as naturally and basic as possible. This makes us more sensitive, more receptive to energetic sensory overload and better able to deal with the radiation. Due to this cosmic change, we humans are also becoming more sensitive to artificial or unhealthy food. We don't tolerate them so well anymore and our body reacts much worse to them than it did a few years ago. I am currently noticing this phenomenon in myself. A few days ago I ate a lot of crap (crisps, wine gums, chocolate, etc.) due to a night time cravings. The next day I got the receipt and had the worst stomach cramps of my life. I vomited countless times and even in the days that followed, my gastrointestinal tract was visibly bruised from gluttony. An unbearable feeling that once again made it clear to me how toxic and harmful these foods are for oneself. So putting in these sweets, say an act that wasn't in line with my heart's desire (to eat all natural), made me overreact to it and my body couldn't process it all.

It is becoming more and more important to provide your own organism with high-quality nutrients, especially in the current time..!!

Especially in the present and near future, the energies continue to rise and I can therefore only recommend that you provide your bodies with valuable nutrients. Fresh cold-pressed oils (olive oil, linseed oil, coconut oil), whole grain products, lots of vegetables, legumes, fruit and fresh water should now be on your daily menu. As a result, your organism receives valuable nutrients and can process the process of spiritual awakening, the increased cosmic radiation, much better. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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