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We all possess the same intellect, the same special abilities and possibilities. But many people are not aware of this and feel inferior or inferior to a person with a high "intelligence quotient", someone who has acquired a lot of knowledge in his life. But how can it be that a person is more intelligent than you. We all have a brain, our own reality, thoughts and consciousness. We all own the same Capacities and yet the world suggests to us every day that there are special (politicians, stars, scientists, etc.) and "normal" people.

The intelligence quotient says nothing about a person's true abilities

If we have an IQ of bsp. If we had 120 then we would have to be satisfied with the fact that someone with a higher IQ is far superior to oneself and will always be superior in terms of intellectual abilities. But this system was only created to keep the abilities of the masses small. Because what does an IQ test say about my intelligence, about my true abilities, about my consciousness and my true understanding of life? The intelligence quotient often strikes me as a fascist instrument of power. And this instrument of power was created to classify people as better and worse or more intelligent and dumber. But don't let this discrediting instrument reduce you to a minimum. Because the truth is that we all have the same intellectual abilities.

We only use our intellect for other life situations and interests. Everyone has unique experiences in their life and becomes aware of different things in the course of life. For example, I found out for myself that I am the creator of my own reality, but does this knowledge now make me more intelligent than other people? Of course not, because this knowledge only expands my consciousness and if I tell someone about my findings, then this person can become just as aware of it as I have been able to. It just depends on the necessary interest and on whether you take what is said or rather the information to heart without prejudice or whether you reject it due to the egoistic mind and the resulting ignorance.

Everyone has the ability to expand their consciousness

Everyone has this mind-expanding gift. For example, when we read through this text, we automatically perceive all the information. If you have a keen interest in these words, something really great happens. We not only perceive what has been said, no, we are beginning to become aware of this topic again.

expansion-of-consciousnessWe consciously let the information or thoughts/energy into our reality. Initially, this is expressed in the fact that one is very euphoric, for example, and accepts this information with joy. If this is the case, then the knowledge is stored in our subconscious and through this situation we then form a new reality. Because after a few days or even weeks this knowledge will be normal for you and then you can refer back to this knowledge at any time. If someone were then to philosophize with you about realities, then your subconscious would automatically bring the newly acquired knowledge to your attention.

Don't let yourself be reduced to a minimum, because you all have the same skills

For this reason, never let anyone tell you that you are inferior or dumber than others. We are all equal and all possess powerful consciousness and abilities. Only everyone uses their abilities for other areas in life. Each one of you is something very special and can live just as consciously or unconsciously as everyone else. So I ask you not to make yourself smaller than you are. You are all strong and powerful beings, with the wonderful gift of expanding consciousness.

Like everyone else, you can feel emotions and generate any number of thoughts. Therefore, you can quietly become aware of it, let my words move into your reality and become aware of your powerful life again. Until then, stay healthy, happy and live your life in harmony.

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