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As we have already mentioned several times, we have been experiencing permanent increases in vibration frequency for several years, which in turn promote a massive further development of the collective state of consciousness. These frequency increases are due to special cosmic circumstances and ensure an increase in our own sensitive abilities, making us clearer, sharper, more non-judgmental and improve our own spiritual abilities.

Short introduction about the current situation

Our subconscious is very receptiveFor several years now, we have been experiencing strong energetic increases again, which, in addition to raising our own state of consciousness, also dismantles all constructs based on low frequencies. In other words, everything that is based on lies, disinformation, half-truths, destruction, fear, etc., has less and less validity as a result and is increasingly being exposed + dismantled or, better said, restructured/changed. As far as we humans are concerned, we subsequently recognize all low-frequency constructs and increasingly reject such states/mechanisms. Instead, we regain a connection to nature, develop an increased love for it, respect our wildlife more and increasingly step into the power of our own self-love. But since there are still a lot of people who suffer from depressive moods, allow themselves to be dominated by their own fears and have very little self-love, i.e. create a permanent reality from a low-frequency state of consciousness, a change is taking place energetic flooding of our own mind/body/soul system with high energies, whereby we shake off all our shadow parts or all the aspects that stand in the way of the development of our own self-love.

The process of spiritual awakening is about being able to stand in the power of our own self-love again, which means we can then create a life that is characterized by peace and harmony instead of conflict and disharmony..!! 

This process not only serves to create a personal harmonious state, but also acts as support for the collective, because all of our thoughts and emotions flow into the collective state of consciousness. In other words, the more people legitimize peace in their own minds, live out peace, the more people will be infected with this peace again or the more strongly this peace will manifest itself in the world (everything is one and one is everything, we are unique Beings and interacting on an immaterial/spiritual level with the entire existence - ultimately we humans are existence or life itself, are the space in which everything happens).

Our subconscious is very receptive - a hot phase - pure magic

Our subconscious is very receptive - a hot phase - pure magicFor this reason, a restructuring of our own subconscious takes place in this process and all the behaviors, thought processes, convictions, beliefs, habits and world views, which in turn are of a sustainable/destructive nature and stand in the way of our peace + our self-love, are lost and after filed/converted. Our subconscious is also the key in this regard, because all of the aforementioned structures and orientations are also present in the form of programs. For example, if a person constantly legitimizes hatred in his own mind and is convinced that all people are evil and as a result he hates everyone, then this would be a destructive belief, which in turn would be anchored in his subconscious (A cry for love, a Expression of a lack of self-love, which in turn becomes noticeable in the form of a sustainable program). However, all the high energetic circumstances change our own subconscious again and simply lead to the fact that, firstly, all of our shadows literally vibrate and, secondly, we restructure our own subconscious, i.e. create more harmonious programs. Ultimately, more people have been experiencing a restructuring of their own subconscious in recent years, because the current Age of Aquarius is simply flooding our minds with high energies (There is a special cycle in which a low-frequency circumstance prevails for 13.000 years and then again for 13.000 years a high-frequency circumstance - first we sleep, then we wake up).

We humans are currently in a very hot phase and our subconscious is extremely receptive to new impulses..!!

Especially in the last few months, even in the last few weeks, there has been a massive flooding, whereby all the old 3D structures were flushed out of our system and began to dissolve. Our subconscious is currently more receptive to new impulses than ever and changes and reorientations will now shape our minds more than ever. In the last few days things have become even more intense again and the current energetic circumstance is so violent, so intense, that it is reaching our subconscious again in a very special way. This means that we can currently restructure our own subconscious more easily than ever before, and changes will become noticeable much more quickly. In exactly the same way, due to the unique energetic circumstances, we can now stand in the power of our own self-love and initiate fundamental changes.

For a few days now, our mind/body/soul system has been flooded with extremely high cosmic energies, which means that all old 3D structures are now in transition. Everything changes, everything transforms, everything evolves and it is truly a magical time we find ourselves in now..!!  

Man...it's truly a magical time, pure magic and I'm excited to see where all of this will take us. Well, one thing is certain: the further development of the collective state of consciousness is in full swing and in the next few weeks we humans will definitely undergo a huge change, there is no doubt about it. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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