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Thoughts represent the basis of our existence and are mainly responsible for one's own mental and spiritual development. Only with the help of thoughts is it possible in this context to change one's own reality, to be able to raise one's own state of consciousness. Thoughts not only exert a tremendous influence on our spiritual mind, they are also reflected in our own physique. In this regard, our own thoughts change our own external appearance, change our facial features, make us appear either duller/lower vibrating or clearer/higher vibrating. In the following article you will find out to what extent thoughts have an influence on our own appearance and what seemingly “harmless” thoughts alone can do.

The effects of thoughts on the body

There is a strong identification problem these days. We often don't know what ultimately represents our true self and repeatedly experience phases in which we suddenly identify with something completely new. You often ask yourself what you are now, what represents your own origins? Is one the body, a purely fleshly/material mass consisting of flesh and blood? Does one's own presence represent a purely atomic mass? Or are you a soul, a high-vibration structure that uses consciousness as a tool to experience your own life? Ultimately, it seems that the soul represents a person's true self. The soul, the energetically light, loving aspect of every person, represents their core. We use our consciousness as a spiritual expression to shape and develop our own lives. We are able to reshape our own lives as we wish with the help of our thoughts and can act in a self-determined manner and can choose for ourselves which thought we would like to realize on a material level. Thoughts consist of energy that vibrates at a frequency. Positive thoughts have a high vibrational frequency and as a result increase the vibrational frequency of your own state of consciousness. Negative thoughts, in turn, have a rather low vibration frequency and as a result reduce the vibration frequency of our state of consciousness.

A person's vibration frequency is decisive for their external appearance..!!

The vibration frequency of our current state of consciousness also affects our own body. Low vibration frequencies block our own energetic flow, condense our subtle environment, slow down our chakras in their spin, rob us of life energy and change our own external appearance into a negative one.

Our own facial features always adapt to the quality of our thoughts..!!

What you think and feel every day has a massive impact on your own physique. For example, our own facial features adapt to the quality of our thoughts and change our own appearance accordingly. For example, a person who always lies, never tells the truth and likes to distort facts will sooner or later cause his mouth to deform negatively. Because of the lies, low vibration frequencies flow through your own lips, which ultimately change your facial features in a negative way.

Own experiences regarding changes in external appearance

The change in one's own external appearanceFor this reason, it is also possible to read a person's current state of consciousness based on their facial expressions. On the other hand, harmonious thoughts change our facial features in a positive way. A person who always tells the truth, is honest, and does not distort facts will definitely have a mouth that appears pleasant to us as humans, at least to people who also speak the truth or rather have a high vibration frequency and are attracted to it. I have noticed this phenomenon very often in myself. For example, I had phases in my life in which I smoked a lot of weed. Due to my high consumption at the time, over time I developed psychological problems, tics, compulsions, negative/paranoid thoughts, which in turn had a very noticeable impact on my external appearance. Apart from the fact that I was significantly more unkempt during these times, I appeared significantly duller overall, my eyes lost their shine, my skin became blemished and my facial features deformed in a negative way. Since I was aware of how much this negatively changed my own physique, this effect was even more drastic than expected. Due to my unproductivity, my constant tiredness, my inability to tackle life properly - which in turn put a constant strain on me, due to my negative spectrum of thoughts, I could see myself losing my shine from day to day.

During phases of mental clarity I was able to see how my facial features changed again for the better..!!

Conversely, I completely regained my charisma in phases of clarity. As soon as I stopped doing that again, got my life under control, was able to eat better again, became more self-confident, thought more positively and generally became happier, I was able to notice how my external appearance changed for the better. My eyes became shinier, my facial features appeared more harmonious overall and you could see my positive spectrum of thoughts again. Ultimately, this effect is due to our own vibration frequency.

With the help of our thoughts we are able to change our own physique for the better..!!

The higher the frequency of our own state of consciousness, the brighter our own energetic foundation, the more positive and harmonious our own charisma is. For this reason, it is advisable to build up a positive spectrum of thoughts over time. A person who thinks very harmoniously, is peaceful, has no ulterior motives, treats his fellow human beings lovingly, has hardly any fears or other mental/emotional problems or, to put it another way, a person who has created an inner balance, appears much more beautiful/honest/clearer overall as a person who is full of fears and psychological problems. For this reason, we humans are also able to change our own physique for the better and this happens by changing/transforming our own sustainable thought processes. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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