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We are often accompanied by various stimulants in everyday life, all of which condense our own energetic vibration level over a longer period of time. Some of these stimulants are "foods" that we even assume give us energy and strength for the day. Be it the coffee in the morning, the energy drink before work or smoking cigarettes. But often we don't even notice how even minor stimulants make us addicted and dominate our own mind, why this is so and why even small addictions enslave our own mind, you will find out in the following article.

The power of energetically dense foods

Energetically dense foodsEverything that exists in all of creation or all of creation is basically just a huge, conscious mechanism, consciousness, which ultimately, like everything in existence, consists exclusively of energetic states. Due to correlating vortex mechanisms, these energetic states have the ability to compress or decompress. Negativity of any kind represents energetic density, positivity lets one's own subtle dress become lighter. The denser an energetic state is, the more material we appear, we think (Matter is therefore only an illusion, condensed energy which leads to the fact that we humans perceive this as gross matter). For this reason there are also energetically dense foods and energetically light foods. The former often refers to energetically contaminated foods, foods contaminated with various chemicals such as pesticides, aspartame, glutamate and countless other substances. But what about most foods? How do you recognize energetically dense foods? There are various ways of recognizing such foods, and I would like to go into one of them in more detail here. Basically there is one characteristic that you can always attach to such foods and that is addiction. I'll take coffee as an example. When it comes to coffee, many people disagree as to whether it is healthy or not. One side claims that coffee is not dangerous at all and the other half says that this in turn is harmful to health. (Of course you also have to distinguish between fresh organic coffee beans and industrial pad coffee). But what is right?

The clouding of one's own mind

The clouding of one's own mindBasically, coffee is bad for your own spirit, because coffee is a stimulant that you usually only drink out of habit. Imagine drinking coffee every morning and then realizing after a while that you can't do without it. That you can't get used to the idea of ​​not drinking coffee in the morning. If this is the case then you know immediately that the coffee is not good for you, because addictions always weigh on your own mind. You become restless, nervous and simply notice how your thoughts revolve around this luxury food. If you can't do without a corresponding luxury food yourself, then in most cases you can assume that this food is bad, because you don't eat it for health reasons, but mainly for pleasure, habit and addiction reasons. However, an addiction is something that clouds your own spirit massively, because addictions disturb your own inner balance. You get restless and can't live now because your thoughts revolve around this stimulant. The corresponding stimulant then has one in hand, dominates one's own world of thoughts and distracts oneself from the current life. Something that is beneficial for your own health does not dominate your own mind, on the contrary, such foods can also be enjoyable, but you eat them mainly to bring your own health into shape. At this point it should also be said that everyone has a different search feeling. For example, one person can detoxify their own body with green tea, only drinks it for health reasons, another only drinks it for pleasure and cannot do without it, in which case the green tea would be a burden on their own world of thoughts, because he determines with everyday life that consciousness of the appropriate person. Addiction is therefore always bad for one's own mental and physical constitution.

My addiction

For example, I was trapped in a cannabis addiction for a long time. This addiction makes it very difficult for me to always live in the now because I only ever thought about the weed. My girlfriend was there, I couldn't be happy as I was just thinking how to get weed. When I got it I was still dissatisfied, tried to organize it and was already thinking about tomorrow, about tomorrow's procurement. Basically, I distanced myself further and further from my heart, from my true state of mind in the now and always lived in a negative mental scenario. For this reason I can only recommend that you become aware of your own addictions. Even if one often thinks that these cannot harm oneself, that they do not burden oneself, even small addictions, I can only say that these self-imposed burdens cloud one's own consciousness. Instead of giving in to addiction, it is advisable to give in to love, to the people who are close to your heart and mean everything to you. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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