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Spirit rules over matter and not vice versa. With the help of our thoughts we create our own reality in this regard, create/change our own lives and can therefore take our destiny into our own hands. In this context, our thoughts are even closely connected to our physical body, changing its cellular environment and influencing its immune system. After all, our material presence is only a product of our own mental imagination. You are what you think, what you are fully convinced of, what corresponds to your inner beliefs, ideas and ideals. In this regard, your body is only a result of your way of life, which is based on your thoughts. In the same way, illnesses are first born in a person's mental spectrum.

The weakening of our immune system

Thoughts affect our bodyHere we also like to talk about internal conflicts, i.e. mental problems, old traumas, open emotional wounds that are rooted in our subconscious and repeatedly reach our daily consciousness. As long as these negative thoughts are present/programmed in the subconscious, the longer these thoughts have a negative influence on our own physical constitution. In this regard, every person also has their own vibration level (an energetic/subtle body, which in turn vibrates at a corresponding frequency). This level of vibration is ultimately crucial to our own mental and emotional health. The higher our own vibration level, the more positive it affects our health. The lower the frequency at which our state of consciousness vibrates, the worse off we are. Positive thoughts raise our own vibration level, the result is that we feel more energetic, have more vitality, feel lighter and above all create more positive thoughts - energy always attracts energy of the same intensity (law of resonance). Consequently, thoughts that are "charged" with positive emotions/information attract other positively charged thoughts. Negative thoughts, in turn, lower our own vibrational frequency. The result is that we feel worse, have less zest for life, perceive depressive moods and have less self-confidence overall. This reduction in our own vibration frequency, the permanent feeling of our own inner imbalance, then also leads in the long run to an overload of our own subtle body.

The more negative our own mental spectrum is, the more likely diseases are to thrive in our own body..!! 

Energetic impurities arise, which in turn are passed on to our physical body (our chakras are slowed down in the spin and can no longer supply the corresponding physical area with enough energy). The physical body then has to compensate for the contamination and uses a lot of energy to do so, which weakens our immune system and deteriorates the cell environment, which in turn promotes the development of diseases.

Every disease always arises first in our consciousness. For this reason, the alignment of our own state of consciousness is essential. Only a positively aligned state of consciousness can permanently avoid energetic contamination..!! 

For this reason, illnesses always arise in our consciousness; to be precise, they are even born in a negatively oriented state of consciousness, a state of consciousness that, firstly, is constantly in resonance with lack and, secondly, is constantly confronted with old, unresolved conflicts. For this reason, we humans are even able to heal ourselves completely. Self-healing powers lie dormant in every human being, which in turn can only be activated when we begin to completely realign our own state of consciousness. A state of consciousness from which a positive reality emerges. A state of consciousness that resonates with abundance rather than lack.

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