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Every person goes through phases over the course of their life in which they allow themselves to be dominated by negative thoughts. These negative thoughts, be they sadness, anger or even envy, can even be programmed into our subconscious and affect our mind/body/soul system like pure poison. Negative thoughts in this context are nothing more than low vibrational frequencies that we legitimize/create in our own mind. They lower our own vibrational state, condense our energetic foundation and therefore block ours Chakras, "clogging" our meridians (channels/energy pathways in which our life energy flows). Because of this, negative thoughts always result in a reduction in one's life energy.

The weakening of our physique

negative-thinkingA person who lives out negative thoughts in this regard over a longer period of time or creates them in their own consciousness, someone who focuses on them, not only reduces their own vibration frequency, but also endangers their own health, because a lowering of their own vibrational state ultimately results always in a weakening of one's own physical and psychological constitution. One's own immune system is weakened, the state of the milieu of any cell deteriorates and even the DNA changes for the worse. A negative DNA mutation can even be the result. You feel worse, sluggish, tired, listless, heavy, depressed and rob yourself of your own inner strength of self-love and life energy. For example, imagine a person who is always too angry, constantly enraged, possibly even violent or even cold-hearted. This person systematically destroys his own cardiovascular system, will sooner or later develop high blood pressure and damage his own health. Anger is very detrimental to one's heart. In addition, constant anger or cold-hearted behavior would indicate a closed heart chakra. For example, someone who enjoys torturing animals and consciously harming those around him has distanced himself from his inner love and blocked the energetic flow of his heart chakra. A blocked chakra always results in damage to the surrounding organs or the organs around the corresponding chakra. A blocked heart chakra would therefore reduce the life energy of one's own heart (For this reason, I'm not surprised that David Rockefeller has already had 6 heart transplants, but that's another story).

A positive spectrum of thoughts always improves our own mental constitution..!!

So in the end it is very beneficial to legitimize positive thoughts in your own mind instead of wasting your focus, your life energy, on negative thoughts. Life is much easier at the end of the day and due to the law of resonance, our positive thoughts only give us more positive thoughts. Positive energy or energy that ultimately only continues to attract higher vibrational energy/high vibrational frequencies.

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