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More and more people around the world are realizing that meditating can enormously improve their physical and psychological constitution. Meditations have a huge influence on the human brain. Just meditating weekly can bring about a positive restructuring of the brain. Furthermore, meditating leads to our own sensitive abilities drastically improving. Our perception is sharpened and the connection to our spiritual mind becomes more intense. Those who meditate daily also improve their own ability to concentrate and ultimately ensure their own state of consciousness is more balanced.

Meditation changes the brain

Our brain is a complex organ that is influenced by our thoughts. In this context, everyone can change the brain structure with the help of their thoughts alone. The more unbalanced our own thought spectrum is, the more negatively this energetically dense state of consciousness affects the structure of our brain. Conversely, positive thoughts, for example thoughts of harmony, inner peace, love and tranquility lead to a positive restructuring of our brain. This, in turn, has a strong impact on one's own willingness to perform. The ability to concentrate increases, the ability to remember improves and, above all, our own state of mind becomes more balanced. In meditation we come to rest and that in turn has a very positive effect on the nature of our thoughts.

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