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Over the course of life, you repeatedly come to a variety of self-knowledges and in this context you constantly expand your own consciousness. There are smaller and larger insights that reach a person in his life. The situation currently looks like this: due to the very special planetary vibration increase, humanity is once again achieving massive self-knowledge/enlightenment. Every single person is currently undergoing a unique change and is continuously being shaped by the expansion of consciousness. That's exactly what happened to me in my last few years. During this time I came to enormous insights that have changed my life from the ground up. In this article, I will tell you how it all began and why it happened.

A past marked by envy, greed, arrogance and resentment

My spiritual beginningsBasically it all started about 2-3 years ago. At that time, or rather before these years, I was a rather ignorant person. I've always been very dreamy and went through life without having a clue about actual life, without understanding how the world could work. I was very ignorant and at that time I was only interested in things that corresponded to the social norm. During this time I drank a lot of alcohol, went to parties a lot, saw money as the greatest good on our planet and tried to represent something in life. I started studying health care management, an area that was mainly related to the administration of a hospital. But this course bored me to death right from the start, to be honest it didn't interest me at all. But I didn't do it for myself, no, I did it much more for my ego at that time, because I thought that you were only someone if you had completed a degree, if you had a lot of money, if you were in a position of power and stuff like that seen more than anyone else. Of course, over time I had also acquired a very derogatory caste mentality. People who had little money, were overweight, dressed poorly and did not do any respectable work or people who did not fit into my world view at the time were worth nothing in my eyes at the time. So I was well on my way to becoming a classic pathological psychopath. Of course, my self-confidence was puny at that time because I wasn't able to embody everything I wanted to embody at that time, but this lack of self-confidence was then overplayed by a strong pronounced arrogance. Well, at least it went on like this for a while until I spontaneously gave up my studies and became self-employed overnight. I opened a company with my brother, who at the time was just like me, and from then on we tried our luck on the internet. We tried to earn money with so-called affiliate sites on the internet.

The idea was only halfway fruitful, which was ultimately due to the fact that it wasn't honest work for us. On the contrary, during this time we wrote product reviews of various household appliances that we hadn't even tested. It was our intention to get people to our site in order to then receive commissions on purchases of a corresponding product. It went on like this for quite a while, until after a certain period of time a sudden rethinking took place.

A realization that changed my life!!

My first insightsIt started with my brother and I drinking a lot of fresh tea (chamomile tea, green tea, nettle tea, etc.) because of our fitness training. We informed ourselves about how blood-cleansing, detoxifying and beneficial these are for our own spirit and began real tea cures. With this high consumption, we paved the way for our coming insights because we noticed how much this tea consumption changed us. We felt fitter, more dynamic and could think much more clearly. Then one day my brother and I wanted to smoke some cannabis again. We would get some from a dealer around the corner that day, then that evening we would sit down in my old childhood bedroom and start smoking the weed. We built joints and philosophized a little about life. At the same time, we looked at interviews by the cabaret artist Serdar Somuncu. We did that because I was previously impressed by some of his views at the time and especially by his quick wit, good choice of words and reasoning. So I showed my brother a few of his interviews and talk shows, and then there was a talk show about right-wing radicalism. In this round, Serdar Somuncu said that fascism was still active in Germany. I had seen that a few days before, but then I dismissed it as nonsense. Still, at that moment we were both so high that we stared at each other and understood what he meant by that. Okay, I have to say that no matter how he meant it, we interpreted it to mean that people are still fascist because they still judge other people's lives, gossip about other people and still point fingers at other people . We recognized ourselves in this train of thought, after all we were people who acted exactly like that and often judged the lives of other people. We compared this to the times of World War II, when the Jews were strongly condemned by the people and we suddenly realized how poor we were all the time and how strongly this thinking was present in our own minds.

Our thinking changed from the ground up!!

basic thinkingThis realization was so enormous, shaped our existence so strongly that we immediately discarded all the judgments that we had built up in our consciousness over time. We discarded them immediately and recognized all the situations in which we had acted in this way. At that moment it felt great, we felt extremely charged energetically, our whole brain was tingling and suddenly we saw the whole of life from a completely different perspective. We expanded our consciousness and had our first enlightenment that day, which changed our lives from the ground up. It was groundbreaking for our lives. Of course, that evening we continued to philosophize and then came to the realization that the universe is infinite and that everything is connected on a subtle level. We knew it because we felt it intensely that night. We felt that it is so, that this corresponded to the correctness and would be the fullest truth. Of course, we could only interpret this new knowledge to a limited extent at the time and only understood the whole thing halfway. The universe is not infinite, of course, only the immaterial universe. Nevertheless, it went on that evening until we were completely exhausted and finally lay down. That night, just before I went to sleep, I called my girlfriend at the time and told her about this experience. I started crying on this phone call and was completely upset, but I just had to get an opinion directly from a second person who I fully trusted at the time. The next day I sat down at the PC and searched the whole internet for this experience. Of course I found what I was looking for right away and because of this I now deal with countless spiritual, mystical and other sources every day. Since I had learned the day before not to judge another person's life or thoughts, I had such an open mind and was able to deal with all the higher knowledge without prejudice. I then studied all spiritual sources almost daily for 2 years and continuously expanded my own consciousness. I then had countless such experiences and enlightenments, there was almost no end to it and it was the most intense time of my entire life, a time that made me a completely new person.

I can reveal some of these experiences to you soon, but that should suffice for now. I hope that you enjoyed this more detailed insight into my spiritual beginnings and I would be happy if you would tell me about your first experiences of this kind in the comments. I'm very excited. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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