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In today's world, many people struggle with a wide variety of allergic diseases. Whether it is hay fever, an animal hair allergy, various food allergies, a latex allergy or even an allergy that occurs when there is too much stress, cold or even heat (e.g. urticaria), many people suffer massively from these physical overreactions.

to my story

AllergiesI was also subject to various allergies since childhood. On the one hand, when I was 7-8 years old, I developed severe hay fever (I was most allergic to rye), which broke out every year in spring and early summer and weighed heavily on me. On the other hand, a few years later I also developed hives (urticaria), i.e. especially when there was too much stress or even cold, I got wheals all over my body. There are various reasons why I developed the corresponding allergic reactions. On the one hand I was vaccinated several times as a child and that vaccines firstly do not cause active immunization and secondly are enriched with highly toxic substances such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde should no longer be a secret (vaccinations are among the greatest crimes in human history - and yes, there are many of these crimes - Vaccination favors the development of many diseases in the course of life, which of course plays into the hands of various pharmaceutical companies, who firstly have to remain competitive and secondly live off the profit they can generate with us ). On the other hand, I have been exposed to various environmental toxins. Our food today is also heavily contaminated and full of chemical additives, which is why many "foods" are not only addictive, but also cause massive physical stress (why do so many people get various diseases these days? Of course, other factors also come into play here included, but an unnatural diet is one of the top priorities here).

An unnatural diet, consisting of mostly industrially processed foods, combined with many bad acidifiers, mostly based on animal proteins and co. due to this, have an extremely bad influence on all the body's own functionalities..!! 

As a child, for example, I drank a lot of milk and especially cocoa, ate meat and various other bad acidifiers, which of course promoted an inflammatory focus. Ultimately, one could also make the claim that a combination of all of these favored my allergic reactions, it was circumstances that caused my allergies to develop.

The causes of various allergies

Allergy In this context, it should also be said again that all of the body's functionalities are completely out of balance due to our current unnatural lifestyle and, above all, the unnatural diet that goes with it, i.e. our cell environment becomes overly acidic, various inflammatory processes develop, our immune system is weakened, our genetic material damaged and countless other counterproductive processes are set in motion. On the other hand, our mind also plays a crucial role, because people who are mentally weakened every day, have to struggle with inner conflicts or are simply unhappy overall also have a very damaging influence on their entire organism (keyword: acidification of our cells - Spirit rules over matter). One could also say that this mental overload is passed on to the body, which then tries to compensate for this pollution. Various illnesses also point out certain psychological inconsistencies. In the case of a cold, for example, one says that one is fed up with something, i.e. one no longer feels like working or suffers temporarily from a stress-related life situation, which then causes the cold or flu-like infection to manifest itself. In the case of an allergy, on the other hand, one says that one reacts allergically to some life situation, that one does not like something or even resists something every day. This can even be traced back to childhood or even early childhood when something bad may have happened to you.

Everyone wants to stay healthy and live a long life, but very few do anything about it. If men would take half as much care in staying healthy and living wisely as they do now in getting sick, they would be spared half their illnesses. – Sebastian Kneipp..!!

In some cases, this was even supposed to be a small thing, which nevertheless laid the foundations for an allergy. Otherwise, conflicts between the parents, which manifest themselves in corresponding behavior, can be transferred to the child's energy field. In most cases, "genetic predispositions", i.e. the supposed inherited susceptibility to a disease, can be traced back much more to the living conditions and behavior of the corresponding parents, which we then adopt or to which we are exposed on a daily basis.

Get rid of all allergies with 6 grams of MSM a day

MSMAnyway, to talk about the healing, all my life I suffered from the corresponding symptoms at certain times of the year, i.e. runny nose, itchy eyes, constant sneezing, etc.. Only the urticaria was independent of the seasons and always occurred when I was exposed to cold or even stress for a few hours. The whole thing went on until I came across MSM. In this context, MSM represents organic sulfur and can be found almost everywhere in nature. In food terms, organic sulfur is mostly found in untreated foods or primarily in foods that have not been heated (organic sulfur is extremely heat-sensitive). In particular, fresh, raw foods such as fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts, milk and seafood contain corresponding amounts of MSM, even if fish/meat and milk in particular are unsuitable sources of MSM. In particular, cow's milk has been proven (in relation to humans) to promote various inflammatory and acidification processes, which is why it is paradoxical to use MSM with cow's milk to alleviate the corresponding symptoms, because MSM is a strong natural anti-inflammatory that does not have any side effects at the same time ( even in high doses, overdosing is almost impossible to achieve). In this context, we humans also have an endogenous antioxidant that goes by the name of glutathione and is extremely important for our own health. In fact, even the glutathione level within a cell is a quantitative measure of its health and aging status. Glutathione also has various tasks and effects:

  • it regulates cell division,
  • assists in repairing damaged DNA (genetic material),
  • strengthens the immune system,
  • improves the oxygen supply,
  • detoxifies the cell, even from heavy metals,
  • accelerates the activity of immune cells.
  • reduces free radicals
  • counteracts inflammatory processes and cell damage

MSM plants - vegetablesIn other words, people who have a low glutathione level can expect all sorts of negative side effects as a result. Chronic and degenerative diseases in particular are massively favored as a result. Since MSM is a starting substance for the formation of glutathione and, apart from that, has an incredible benefit for our body in its pure form, it optimally counteracts allergies. But bone pain, joint pain (arthritis/arthrosis) etc. can also be treated very well with MSM, since MSM literally "pulls out" inflammation from bones and joints, which is why it also acts as a natural painkiller. Ultimately, MSM therefore has a very positive effect on various nervous diseases (such as MS), and more and more studies also indicate that MSM is effective against cancer and, above all, can greatly reduce the onset of various cancers. Last but not least, MSM promotes cell membrane permeability, which allows cells to get rid of their waste products/toxins faster and, in return, absorb more nutrients. As a result, MSM also enhances the effects of countless vitamins and minerals. MSM is therefore a true all-rounder and works wonders in relation to all allergies (there are also countless positive testimonials, no comparison to the toxic antihistamines such as cetirizine and co., which have a whole range of side effects). After I had read a lot about MSM myself, I simply bought it. To be precise from the company "Nature Love" (see picture above - also clickable) and no, I'm not paid by them, after a lot of research I just came to the conclusion that this company offers high-quality supplements (what that I am very strict about this, because in the end there is a lot of trash going on here and some manufacturers use inferior raw materials or use capsules that contain magnesium stearate and that in turn is counterproductive for our health). Anyway, I started with 8 capsules a day (5600mg).

With just under 6 grams of MSM a day, I was able to completely get rid of my allergies within a few weeks. The whole thing didn't happen overnight either, it was much more of a gradual process. After a few weeks I just realized that I had no more complaints and after months I realized that there were no more complaints either..!!

In the beginning, i.e. in the first few days, I didn’t notice any changes, of course, but after 1-2 weeks my urticaria and hay fever went away completely. The whole thing is now 2-3 months ago and since then I have had no more symptoms, neither wheals nor itchy eyes, which is why I am now completely convinced of MSM. Of course, my gut tells me that if I stopped taking MSM, my allergies would return, simply because the glutathione levels would drop again and the organic sulfur would be absent. For this reason, it would be advisable to change my diet to raw food, which is still difficult for me at the moment, as I am currently a vegetarian. Ultimately, I have to say that this also explains why many raw foodists who eat mostly vegetables have been able to cure all their allergies. Apart from the fact that these people eat a lot of living food, they also automatically consume larger amounts of organic sulfur. Well, ultimately I can therefore highly recommend MSM, not only for allergies, but also in general to strengthen your own immune system and to stimulate various detoxification processes. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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    • Baldi 27. May 2021, 13: 39

      I've been consuming 6-8g a day for a number of years. MSM! It's good but not a miracle cure.
      My joint pain has virtually disappeared with MSM along with glucosamine and chondroitin. However, it did not show any effect against my pollen allergy. I would rather recommend the Reishi mushroom.

      Stay healthy!

    Baldi 27. May 2021, 13: 39

    I've been consuming 6-8g a day for a number of years. MSM! It's good but not a miracle cure.
    My joint pain has virtually disappeared with MSM along with glucosamine and chondroitin. However, it did not show any effect against my pollen allergy. I would rather recommend the Reishi mushroom.

    Stay healthy!