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The current time, in which we humans are becoming more sensitive and conscious due to a drastic increase in vibrational frequency, ultimately leads to so-called new partnerships/love relationships emerge from the shadow of the old earth. These new love relationships are no longer based on old conventions, constraints and deceptive conditions, but are based quite simply on the principle of unconditional love. More and more people who also belong together are currently being brought together. Many of these couples have already met in past centuries/millennia, but due to the energetically dense circumstance at that time, an unconditional and free partnership never came about. Only now that the newly begun cosmic cycle has reached us will it again be possible for soul partners (twin souls or, in rare cases, dual souls) to find each other completely and to unconditionally reveal their deep love for each other. Two souls who, after countless incarnations, have now gained the ability to have a relationship that enriches the collective consciousness. In the following section you will find out what effects these relationships have and why they can transport us to a higher level of consciousness.

How new love relationships expand/inspire our state of consciousness

Love relationshipsIn past incarnations, love relationships were usually based on socially prescribed conventions. Independent thinking was rare and relationships were not based on the principle of unconditional love, equality, harmony, trust or mutual respect, but were usually characterized by lower ambitions and behavior. At these times, most people had little mental intellect; instead, men and women allowed themselves to be dominated by their own selfish, materially oriented minds. Jealousy, envy, fear of loss or general fears dominated alleged love relationships, which resulted in illnesses and other energetically dense conditions. Of course, there are still many such relationships today, but due to the current high planetary vibration levels, this situation is gradually changing. New love relationships that are full of harmony and mutual respect emerge from the newly begun platonic year and ultimately lead to us humans being able to reach a new level of consciousness. In this context, your own consciousness is constantly expanding, no matter what you do, whatever new experiences you have, be it negative or positive, all experiences expand our own spectrum of thoughts, expand our own state of consciousness (our own consciousness is constantly expanding).

Any experience that is essentially positive in nature de-densifies our own energetic state..!!

But ultimately it is primarily experiences of a positive nature that catapult us into a higher consciousness. Of course, negative experiences are necessary and serve our own emotional and spiritual development, but above all experiences that are based on love positive our own spectrum of thoughts and permanently raise our own vibration frequency.

Relationships based on unconditional love inspire our own spirit..!!

The feeling of unconditional love, harmony, happiness, inner peace, de-densifies our own energetic state and enables us to reach a higher level of consciousness. Such feelings make us brighter and lead us into a so-called 5D consciousness (5th dimension = state of consciousness in which higher emotions and thoughts find their place).

Cosmic consciousness - kymic wedding and the influence on the collective consciousness

Twin Souls - Cymic WeddingFinally, I have to mention at this point that there are different levels of consciousness. The 5th dimensional state of consciousness is by no means the end, but there are other, higher levels of consciousness. One often speaks here of the 7th dimension or cosmic consciousness. This level of consciousness is the result of a complete awakening and goes hand in hand with mastering one's own reincarnation cycle. The prerequisite for you to achieve such a state of consciousness is to achieve perfection of your own mind through your own strength. A state in which you have created the best version of yourself and have been able to develop all your hidden potential. Wisdom, unconditional love and purity (A pure mind – wisdom/body – health/soul – love) are reflected in such a state. A partnership that is based on unconditional love is extremely helpful in reaching such a level of consciousness, because through the permanent unconditional love that you reveal to each other, you continuously increase your own vibration frequency and become able to overcome any impurities and fears to be able to hand over the transformation. In this context there is also the term kymic wedding. A kymic wedding means the spiritual union of 2 soul partners, of 2 twin souls - in rare cases also 2 dual souls, who have firstly become aware that they are in their last incarnation, secondly are aware that they are soul partners and thirdly, because of their deep unconditional love for each other, they have created complete spiritual union and healing.

The kymic wedding means the union of 2 soul partners who are in their last incarnation because of their unconditional love for each other..!!

These are therefore two soul partners who experience complete healing with the help of their deep love for each other and spiritual knowledge or the knowledge of their own source. The complete mental, mental and physical imbalance is healed and any fears and psychological problems are cleared up in order to be able to enter the highest level of consciousness. Of course, I also have to mention at this point that there are people who can reach such a level of consciousness without a partner, but that's not what this article is about, in this article I'll go into much more detail about the rule, but yes also, as is well known, confirms the exception.

All thoughts and emotions of a person flow into the collective consciousness and change/expand it..!!

Ultimately, this holy union or this deep unconditional love also leads to the quantum leap into awakening being significantly accelerated, so that all of a person's thoughts and emotions flow into the collective consciousness and change it. This is possible because we are all connected on an intangible level, because at the end of the day everything is one. For this reason, these love relationships are extremely important for the further development of the collective state of consciousness and, above all, they are essential for the entry into the cosmic age, the entry of human civilization, into the 5th dimension. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live life in harmony.

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