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In today's world, most people lead extremely unhealthy lifestyles. Due to our exclusively profit-oriented food industry, whose interests have no bearing on our well-being in any way, we are confronted with a lot of food in supermarkets that essentially has an extremely lasting influence on our health and even our own state of consciousness. One often speaks here of energetically dense foods, i.e. foods whose vibration frequency has been massively reduced due to artificial/chemical additives, artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, high amounts of refined sugar or even high amounts of sodium, fluoroid neurotoxin, trans fatty acids, etc. Food whose energetic state has been condensed. Humanity, especially Western civilization or rather countries that are under the influence of Western nations, has moved very far away from a natural diet. Nevertheless, the trend is currently changing and more and more people are starting to eat naturally again for ethical, moral, health and consciousness-related reasons.

A natural diet purifies the consciousness – my detoxification

Ultimately, it appears that eating naturally has a massive impact on our own state of consciousness. One's own consciousness experiences a massive de-densification through such nourishment, an increase in the vibration frequency. Your own well-being improves enormously. This gives you a more balanced mind in the long run, and you can deal with problems much better. You also experience an increase in your own sensitive abilities and become more mindful overall. In exactly the same way, it improves one's own physical and mental constitution. You become more concentrated, more energetic, more joyful, experience a drastic improvement in your own analytical + intuitive abilities and ultimately achieve a pure, more balanced state of consciousness in which there is no longer any room for illness. The Bavarian hydrotherapist Sebastian Kneipp even said in his time that nature is the best pharmacy, or that the path to health does not lead through the pharmacy, but through the kitchen. The German biochemist Otto Warburg discovered that no disease can exist, let alone develop, in an alkaline and oxygen-rich cell environment - a discovery for which he even received the Nobel Prize. For this reason, a natural, alkaline diet is the best way to effectively regain complete health and to activate your own physical healing process. Nevertheless, most people find it difficult to eat a completely natural diet, not because such a diet is difficult or even unsatisfactory, but because we are dependent on energetically dense foods. We have been addicted to the food industries. Okey, at this point I would like to point out that you can't blame the industries, because ultimately every person is responsible for their own life and their own health. Nevertheless, these companies and the system share some of the blame, because we are raised to be addicts from an early age. We learn from an early age that sweets, fast food, convenience products and other chemical additives are normal and can be consumed safely every now and then. For this reason, most people in today's world are addicted to fast food, soft drinks, convenience foods and other energetically dense foods. Of course, this is always greatly downplayed by society.

Nowadays it is becoming more difficult to eat naturally as we are confronted with addictive foods on all levels of existence..!!

But if you know that these foods make you sick, why do you consume them? If you know how to eat reasonably healthily, why not do it? Because we are dependent/addicted to these foods and because of this we have lost the ability to change our own lifestyle. That's exactly what happened to me for years. When I was in the early stages of my spiritual awakening, I also learned that a natural diet can completely heal oneself and also lead one to reach a higher level of consciousness.

For years I was unable to eat completely naturally..!!

Nevertheless, I was unable to put such a diet into practice for years. Due to the current spiritual awakening (the new beginning cosmic cycle), but this situation is changing dramatically and more and more people are becoming able to change their own lifestyle again. For this reason, I have decided to do such a detoxification/diet change myself. I will document this project daily on YouTube and show you exactly how enormous and positive such a change can be, how strong the influence of a natural diet + the avoidance of all addictive substances is on your own consciousness.

I'm happy about everyone who takes a look at my detoxification diary and might even be able to benefit from it..!!

The feeling you get again is hard to put into words. With this in mind, I would be happy if everyone stops by my channel and takes a look at my detox diary if necessary. Who knows, maybe the diary will even encourage you to implement such a diet change yourself. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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