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A person's life is repeatedly characterized by phases in which severe heart pain is present. The intensity of the pain varies depending on the experience and often leads to us feeling paralyzed. We can only think of the corresponding experience, lose ourselves in this mental chaos, suffer more and more and as a result lose sight of the light that awaits us at the end of the horizon. The light that is just waiting to be lived by us again. What many overlook in this context is that heartbreak is an important companion in our lives, that such pain holds the potential for tremendous healing and empowerment of one's state of mind. In the following section you will learn how you can ultimately overcome the pain, how you can benefit from it and how you can enjoy life again.

The greatest lessons in life are learned through pain

Lessons Through PainBasically, everything in a person's life should be exactly as it is. There is no material scenario in which you could have experienced something different, because otherwise something different would have happened, then you would have realized a completely different train of thought and experienced a different phase of life. It's exactly the same with painful experiences, moments that seem to have torn the ground from under your feet. Everything has a reason, a deeper meaning and ultimately serves one's own spiritual development. Every encounter with a person, every experience, no matter how painful it was, consciously entered our lives and initiated an opportunity for growth. But often we find it difficult to step out of the pain. We keep ourselves trapped in a self-imposed, energetically dense state of consciousness and continue to suffer incessantly. It is difficult for us to focus on the positive aspects of the current state of consciousness and in this context we often miss the chance of our own powerful further development that such a shadow carries within itself. Every painful experience teaches us something and ultimately leads to finding more of oneself, one is asked by the universe to become whole again, to find oneself again, because love, bliss, inner peace and abundance are basically permanent present, just waiting to be actively grasped and lived by consciousness again. No matter what is happening in your life at the moment, no matter what painful experiences you have had, at the end of the day this part of your life will also change for the better, you must never doubt that. Only when one has experienced the shadow and emerges from the darkness can complete healing take place, only when one studies the negative pole of one's own life. At this point it should be said that I experienced such a phenomenon myself some time ago. I myself was in the greatest abyss of my life and thought that I would never get out of this deep pain. I would now like to bring this story closer to you to give you courage, to show you that everything has its good side and that even the worst heartaches can pass and be turned into something positive.

A painful experience that shaped my life

soulmate painI was in a 3 year relationship until about 3 months ago. This relationship came about at a time when I had not yet dealt with spiritual issues at all. Initially, I entered this relationship because I subconsciously felt that we both had more in common. Actually, I had no feelings for her, but an unknown power kept me from telling her this and so I got involved in the relationship, something that didn't correspond to my mentality at all. From the beginning she adored and mothered me, was always there for me and revealed her deep love for me. She accepted my whole being and gave me all her love. After that time, it began that I got my first great self-knowledge and enlightenment and I shared this with her immediately. We trusted each other completely, we entrusted each other's whole lives to each other over time and that's how I immediately shared my experiences on those evenings with her. We matured together and studied life together. She trusted me completely and didn't smile at my experiences, on the contrary, she loved me even more for it and gave me even more security. At the same time, however, I started smoking weed every day. From today's perspective I can say that this was necessary in order to be able to process the whole overstimulation at that time. Nevertheless, this vicious circle did not stop and so it happened that I isolated myself more and more. I smoked weed every day and neglected my girlfriend at the time more and more. Quarrels arose from my self-imposed burden and I became more and more isolated. I hurt her soul deeply, was hardly ever there for her, didn't do anything with her, paid her little attention and took her nature, the relationship, for granted. Of course I loved her, but I was only partially aware of that. In the 3 years of the relationship, I let everything slip out of my hands and made sure that her love for me diminished. She suffered tremendously from my addiction, from my inability to reveal my love to her. It got worse and worse during this time, she cried a lot at home, was only there for others, lived in solitude despite her boyfriend and was very desperate. Eventually she broke down and ended the relationship. That evening when she called me under the influence of alcohol and told me this, I only half realized the seriousness of the situation. Instead of going to her house and being there for her, I burst into tears, smoked my joints and didn't understand the world anymore.

I recognized my twin soul

I recognized my twin soulThat evening I stayed up all night and realized during these hours that she is my soul mate (3 months earlier I studied the subject of soul mates intensively, but never thought that she could be this one). That she is the person I love with all my heart, that her character made my heart beat faster. I then took the first bus to her place at 6am and then waited for her in the rain for 5 hours. I was at the end, full of pain, everything hurt me, I cried bitterly and prayed inwardly that she wouldn't end the relationship. But since I didn't come directly to her the day before, she drove under the influence of alcohol to her friend, who luckily was there for her (unlike me that evening, I wasn't there for her even on the last evening, although her heart wished I was ). In the weeks leading up to that, and especially on that day, she broke up with the relationship and then shared that with me the next day. I let everything expire until the last day. So many times I promised her to stop so we could finally live our love together fully. I always dreamed of getting out of the swamp so I could give her what she deserved, but I couldn't and I ended up losing her. Everything was just over. I realized that she was my twin soul, suddenly developed an immense love for her, but at the same time I had to realize that I was scaring her away with my years of behavior, that I was destroying her deep love for me. The complete intimacy, our deep bond was suddenly gone and I fell into a bad hole in the following days/weeks/months. I went through the entire relationship for hours every day, remembering all the moments I didn't appreciate, her love, her personal gifts, constantly remembering everything I did to her and most importantly, living through her pain. I suddenly realized how much she was suffering and couldn't forgive myself for letting that happen, when I loved her with all my heart and understood that she was my soulmate. I cried almost every day in the beginning and relived the pain over and over again, eating away with guilt and losing sight of the light at the end of the horizon. I've had other painful breakups in my life, but nothing remotely compares to this breakup. It was traumatic for me and I went through the worst pain of my life. In the first week of the separation, I even wrote a book for her in which I processed a lot and raised hope (this book will be published at the end of the year and describes my life, my spiritual career, the relationship and, above all, my personal development in great detail the breakup, how I managed to get through the pain, to find happiness again). Well then, of course I had some ups on some days, felt better, dealt intensively with my own soul and learned a lot about myself and about partnerships, twin souls and friendship. However, the painful moments prevailed and I thought that these would never end. But over time it got better, the thoughts of her didn't become less, but the thoughts of her began to become more balanced again, that the thoughts were no longer painful.

Dual souls always reflect their own mental state..!!

love healsI grew from day to day and through intensively dealing with my pain I was finally able to understand and benefit from it. I was grateful to her now, grateful that she had the courage to break up with me, because that gave me the opportunity to end my addiction and the chance to develop myself completely (my soulmate subconsciously asked me to finally do so to become happy/healed/whole). We weren't enemies either, on the contrary, we had the common goal of building a friendship with each other. Initially, however, this friendship moved further and further into the distance, as I kept confronting her with the fact that I could not end it and that I still love her. In such moments I was DISAPPOINTED by her. She took away the inner delusion that we could get back together and thus mirrored my current mental state, the inner state of inability, despair, dissatisfaction and deep inner imbalance. I was then initially deeply hurt, didn't understand that she didn't need a past friend who was desperate and clung to her, someone who couldn't LET GO and wouldn't let her be, someone who restricted her. That is what is special about dual souls! Twin souls always show you where you are at the moment, how your own mental state is 1:1, unadulterated, direct and tough. If I had been content or if I had bathed in acceptance of my circumstance, then I would not have told her that I couldn't cope and could not live without her, then she would have reacted more positively and reflected a more balanced state of consciousness from me (Yes, that what you think and feel inside you radiate to the outside, especially the twin soul feels or sees through the current mental state immediately). Because of this behavior, there was more distance, which in turn was of a positive nature, because this increased distance signaled to me that I was not yet at peace with myself and that I had to DEVELOP further. Although these moments initially threw me back with varying degrees of intensity, since I felt that I was acting out of my ego mind over and over again and deterred them through my behavior, I was still able to recognize my own mental state in it afterwards and developed in this way further.

The pain transformed!!

Transform pain with loveSo it happened over time that I was getting better and better. The pain changed and could be transformed into lightness. The moments when I was full of sadness and guilt became fewer and fewer and the positive thoughts about her gained the upper hand. I also realized that it's not about that or that coming together with the twin soul will not heal me completely, that this is the only way, but understood that it's about becoming perfect again and thereby breaking the bond with the twin soul that has been there for countless of incarnations exists to be able to heal. I became aware that I now have to be happy myself, that I need the strength of my inner self-love again. When you love yourself completely, you transfer that love, joy and lightness to the outside world and attain a balanced state of consciousness. Ultimately, the dual soul game is also about accepting one's own circumstances, one's complete state of consciousness or one's own life as it is. Well, after about 3 months the pain almost completely disappeared. The moments when old negative thoughts moved into my day-to-day consciousness were hardly ever present and I felt much lighter again. I managed to step out of the chaos and looked to the future with confidence, knowing that my upcoming future will be terrific. I survived the darkest period of my life, used the pain for personal development and became happy again. The same will happen to you. I don't know who you are or where you come from, what your goals in life are and what drives you personally in your life. But one thing I know for sure, I know that no matter how painful your current situation may be, no matter how dark your life may seem to you at the moment, you will definitely find your light again. You will master this time and at some point you will be able to look back on it with full pride. You will be happy that you managed to overcome this pain and that you became the strong person that you will be. You must not doubt that for a second, never give up and know that the nectar of life lies dormant deep inside you and will soon be present again. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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