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Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware that one can heal oneself completely and, as a result, free oneself from all illnesses. In this context, we don't have to succumb to diseases or even succumb, and we don't have to be treated with medication for years. Much more we have to activate our own self-healing powers again Find out the reason for our illness and learn why our out-of-balance mind/body/spirit system has manifested a corresponding illness, how could it have gotten this far?!

A sick mind as the cause of countless diseases

A sick mind as the cause of countless diseasesFirst of all, it is therefore important to understand that there are basically 2 main factors that promote the development of diseases. On the one hand, a main factor is always an unbalanced mind, i.e. a person who is simply not in balance (not in harmony with himself and the world) and repeatedly allows himself to be dominated by his own self-imposed mental problems. These could be various everyday inconsistencies, i.e. dissatisfaction at work, dissatisfaction with one's own life situation, too much stress, dependence on situations/substances, fears/compulsions that keep coming up, various traumas that keep coming up or, in most cases, a lack of trauma Self-love/self-acceptance, from which, as is well known, some of the aforementioned problems also arise. As a result, this always results in a certain mental imbalance, a rather disharmonious/negative spectrum of thoughts, as a result of which we continually cause ourselves suffering and, as a result, continually put unnecessary strain on our own organism. At this point it is also important to understand that negative thoughts and emotions work on a material level and then put a massive strain on our cells, even weaken our immune system and subsequently promote the development of diseases.

All thoughts and emotions flow into our organism and change our body chemistry. This is why our organs, our cells, even our strands of DNA respond to our own emotions. Negative moods have a very lasting influence on our own bodies and weaken all of the body's own functionalities..!!   

For this reason, every illness has a spiritual cause. Another main factor would be an unnatural diet, which feeds our body with “dead energy/low-frequency states”, which then puts a strain on our cells and organs.

Imbalance + unnatural diet + addictions = disease


sick spirit

Of course, a person becomes full through an unnatural diet (i.e. ready-made products, fast food, meat, sweets, too few vegetables, soft drinks, etc.), but our body's own environment is still massively damaged by such a diet. In today's world, many diseases are simply a result of an unnatural, addiction-based diet. In addition, such a diet also clouds our own mind, makes us more lethargic overall, makes us less focused and throws our own mind out of balance. For this reason, an unnatural diet can even cause depression, simply because the daily intake of low frequencies, of almost dead energy, lowers our vibrational frequency and weakens our spirit. However, it should also be noted here that an unnatural diet is simply a result of an either ignorant, indifferent or even tired state of consciousness.

Through an unnatural diet/lifestyle, we feed our body with low-frequency energy every day and as a result put a strain on all of the body's own structures and conditions. In the long term, this always leads to the manifestation of various diseases..!!  

Our diet and what we eat every day are just actions that arise from our spirit. For example, we get an appetite, think about what we could eat and then realize the corresponding thought by carrying out the action.

Illness as the language of the soul - paths to healing

This is how you can heal yourself 100%The same applies to the addiction to energetically dense foods, i.e. the addiction to foods that have been enriched with or contain addictive substances. A corresponding addiction to fast food would then repeatedly cause our own subconscious to transport thoughts of the addiction into our own daily consciousness. As a result, we allow ourselves to be dominated again and again by such thoughts, legitimizing a weakening of our own willpower in our own minds and continuing to promote increasing imbalance. For this reason, all addictions have a negative influence on our own mind/body/spirit system and can also lay the foundation for illness. Well, since illnesses can always be traced back to an unbalanced mind/body/spirit system, it is very important that we bring this system back into complete balance and this happens in various ways. On the one hand, it is important that we love and accept ourselves again, that we value ourselves again and, above all, that we become aware that we are not worthless, but that our existence is special. We should therefore start again to accept ourselves as we are, with all our good and bad sides. In this context, for example, diseases that affect women's breasts, uterus or even ovaries can always be traced back to a lack of physical self-love, i.e. one rejects one's own body, which creates a blockage, which in turn affects one's own mind burdened and secondly blocks our energetic flow (energy always wants to flow instead of being blocked).

A person's entire life is a product of his own mind. For this reason, every illness is always a result of an imbalanced mind. For example, a person who rejects or does not love themselves will subsequently create/maintain a mental imbalance that will make them ill in the long term..!!

In men, prostate or even testicular diseases would be an indication of a lack of physical self-love (corresponding cells then react to this inconsistency, to this blockage and cause the disease to arise). By the way, this is why breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men first when it comes to cancer. On the other hand, serious illnesses such as cancer or even heart attacks could be traced back to early childhood traumas (Did something bad happen to you in your childhood - or even something in later life that has stuck with you to this day?).

This is how you can heal yourself 100%

This is how you can heal yourself 100%A lack of self-love for yourself or even a massive mental imbalance, years of envy, hatred, lack of self-confidence or a certain coldness of heart could also promote the development of such diseases. "Lighter Illnesses such as temporary flu-like infections (colds, coughs, etc.) can usually be traced back to temporary mental problems. Language can often also be used to identify illnesses. Sentences such as: I'm fed up with something, something is heavy in my stomach/I have to digest it first, it's getting on my nerves, etc. illustrate this principle in this regard. A cold usually occurs as a result of temporary mental conflicts. For example, you have too much stress at work, problems in relationships, you are fed up with your current life, all of these mental problems put a strain on our own psyche and can subsequently trigger illnesses such as a cold. For this reason, illnesses are always an indicator that something is wrong in our lives, that something is stressing us, that we are unable to cope with something, or that we are simply maintaining a certain mental imbalance for too long. Self-healing therefore happens through recognizing your own problems. We should become aware again of what makes us sick every day, what throws us out of balance, what prevents us from being happy or even loving ourselves, what makes us dissatisfied and stands in the way of our own self-realization.

Every illness is the result of an unbalanced/disease mind. For this reason, it is essential for our own health that we begin to explore our own imbalance again in order to be able to work on ourselves again in order to be able to ensure a better balance again..!!

Only when we have identified our cause again can we combat the cause of an illness. For example, if you have breast cancer due to a lack of physical self-love, then it is important that you first recognize your own lack of self-love and then work on yourself again and ensure that you can love yourself again. Either you learn to love your body as it is, or you work on your body with exercise and a better diet and ensure that you can accept your body again as a result. Then you would have discovered the cause of your cancer and completely resolved it, you would have transformed or, better said, redeemed your own shadow, your own shadow part.

Serious illnesses are often the result of severe mental stress, which in turn continually weakens our own organism. If you eat an unnatural diet at the same time and feed your body with low energies, then you have created the perfect breeding ground for the development of such diseases..!! 

Of course, in such a situation you could also get rid of the cancer with a purely alkaline diet, because no disease can exist in an alkaline + oxygen-rich cell environment. On the other hand, your physical appearance, your charisma, your skin, your body and your overall self-esteem would improve drastically through such a diet. You would be proud of yourself, you would have more willpower and you would see your body getting a better figure again, i.e. you would love your body more again, which would then eliminate the cause of the cancer. At the end of the day, things come full circle and you realize how closely mental balance is linked to a natural diet. One is somehow related to the other. For this reason, these are also the keys to being able to free yourself from any illness and to be able to heal yourself completely.

Explore your self-created problems and blockages, start breaking down these blockages again, learn to love yourself, go out into nature a lot, move, eat naturally and you will see that no more illness will arise in your mind/body! !

Become aware of your own problems or the causes of your suffering and your mental imbalance, then initiate important changes and ensure that these blockages are no longer maintained, that you accept + love yourself again and restore mental balance. It's best to eat naturally again, feed your body with living (high-frequency) nutrients and join the flow of life. Start loving yourself and life again, embrace yourself, enjoy your existence, accept/rejoice in your gift of life, go out into nature a lot, move and know that you don't have to let any illness control you anymore that you, as a powerful spiritual being, can free yourself from any illness again. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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    Rajveer singh 2. June 2021, 10: 16