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Everyone has 7 main chakras and several secondary chakras. Ultimately, chakras are rotating energy vortices or vortex mechanisms that "penetrate" the physical body and connect it with the immaterial/mental/energetic presence of each person (so-called interfaces - energy centers). Chakras also have fascinating properties and are primarily responsible for ensuring a continuous flow of energy in our body. Ideally, they can supply our body with unlimited energy and keep our physical and mental constitution intact. On the other hand, chakras can also bring our energetic flow to a standstill and this usually happens by creating/maintaining mental problems/blockages (mental imbalance - not in harmony with ourselves and the world). As a result, corresponding areas of life are supplied with sufficient life energy and the development of diseases is promoted. Well, you will find out why these blockages ultimately occur and how you can reopen all 7 chakras in this article.

Our thoughts are crucial for chakra blockages

chakra blockagesYour own thoughts are always decisive for the development of corresponding chakra blockages. In this context, our entire life and with it everything that has ever happened, is happening and will happen, is simply a product of our own mind. A person's complete reality or their current state of consciousness is therefore merely a result of what they have thought and felt in their own life (the perceptible world is merely a projection of our own state of consciousness). All these mental moments make you the person you are today. In this context, thoughts or rather our own mind consists of energetic states (Our state of consciousness consists of energy, which in turn oscillates at a corresponding frequency - If you want to understand the universe then think in terms of energy, frequency, vibration - Nikola Tesla) . These energetic states can de-densify or condense due to correlating vortex mechanisms and can increase or decrease their frequency overall. Vortex mechanisms can be found in the micro and macrocosm. So-called toroidal fields (energy fields/information fields) also exist in the microcosm or deep in the material shell of every human being. These energy fields represent holistic dynamic patterns, simply because these fields occur everywhere in nature and penetrate and surround all life, even planets. These toroidal energy fields each have a left-handed and a right-handed vortex mechanism for receiving/sending/transforming energy.

Every living being or everything in existence, even planets or even universes, is penetrated + surrounded by an individual energy field. For this reason, every living being has a completely individual energetic signature..!!

These vortex mechanisms are able to supply corresponding systems with energy and can increase or even reduce their frequency. Negativity, which in turn is expressed through our “negatively animated” world of thoughts, ensures that these energy fields and, as a result, the systems linked to them (e.g. humans) reduce their frequency, i.e. experience a densification. Positivity of any kind increases the frequency of corresponding systems and de-densifies them. In exactly the same way, we humans also have vortex mechanisms that work in a very similar way, 7 in all, which alternate between left-hand and right-hand rotation and are called chakras. Each individual vortex mechanism or each individual chakra also has very special physical, psychological and spiritual properties.

Negative thoughts condense our own energetic foundation, lower our own vibration frequency and at the same time slow down our chakras in their spin..!!

Chakra blockagesNegative thoughts that we legitimize in our own mind, i.e. lasting mental patterns, negative habits/beliefs/beliefs and other lasting mental blocks (attributable to fears, compulsions, dependencies, psychoses and early childhood trauma), block our chakras over time and lead to that they are slowed down in the spin. The result is a compression of our own energetic body, a frequency reduction of our own state of consciousness or a blockage of our chakras. Since each individual chakra has its own individual properties, these in turn are connected to different mental patterns. For example, a person who cannot express themselves, is very introverted, never talks much, and is even afraid to speak their mind, most likely has a blocked throat chakra. As a result, a corresponding person would then be reminded again and again of their own inability in this regard, even in the presence of other people, which would then also maintain the chakra blockade (sore throat or increased respiratory diseases would be typical subsequent diseases).

By exploring, accepting and clearing up our own mental problems/blockages, we begin to love and accept ourselves more again and accelerate our chakras in the spin..!!

Well, at the end of the day this blockage could only be solved again if you manage to recognize your own problem again, if you become aware of the problem and manage to talk about it openly and freely in the presence of other people, detached from any fear regarding verbal communication. The spin of the chakra could then accelerate again, the energy could flow freely again and your own energetic base would increase its frequency. In this context, a wide variety of negative thought patterns also trigger energetic blockages.

The blockage of the root chakra

root chakra blockageThe root chakra, also known as the base chakra, stands for mental stability, inner strength, will to live, assertiveness, basic trust, grounding and a strong physical constitution. A blocked or unbalanced root chakra is characterized by a lack of life energy, fear of survival and fear of change. A person who, for example, has existential fears, is very suspicious, suffers from various phobias, has depressive moods, has a weak physical constitution and often struggles with intestinal diseases can be sure that these problems can be traced back to a blocked root chakra . In order to be able to open this chakra again, or rather so that the spin of this chakra can increase again, it is absolutely necessary to firstly become aware of these problems and secondly to find the solution to these problems. Every person knows their own circumstances very well and only they know where these problems could come from.

Recognize your problems, your self-imposed blockages, become aware again of why you are experiencing a mental imbalance, then change your circumstances and let the energy in your chakra flow freely again by solving your problem..!!

For example, if someone has existential fears and no financial security in life, then they will most likely only be able to change the problem by changing their own circumstances and ensuring that they are financially secure again. By solving this problem, the spin in this chakra would increase again and the energy in the corresponding physical area could flow freely again.

The blockage of the sacral chakra

sakra chakra blockageThe sacral chakra, also known as the sexual chakra, is the second main chakra and stands for sexuality, reproduction, sensuality, creative power, creativity and emotionality. People who have an open sacral chakra have healthy and balanced sexuality and natural thought energies. Furthermore, people with a balanced sacral chakra have a stable emotional state and are not easily thrown off balance. In addition, people with an open sacral chakra feel a considerable zest for life and enjoy life to the fullest without having to succumb to addictions or other lusts. Another indication of an open sacral chakra would be strong enthusiasm and a healthy/positive bond with the opposite sex. People with a closed sacral chakra often have the inability to enjoy life. Furthermore, massive emotional problems become noticeable. Strong mood swings often determine various situations and lower thoughts, such as jealousy, are very pronounced (lack of self-acceptance - possibly even rejection of one's own body and one's own existence). In some cases, compulsive or unbalanced sexual behavior is even exhibited. In order to be able to solve this blockage, it would be necessary to clear up the problems mentioned above. A blockage of the sacral chakra - triggered by jealousy, for example, could only be solved by re-examining the causes of your own jealousy in order to be able to nip the jealousy in the bud again (more self-acceptance, more self-love, the creation of a physical... state that one does not reject).

A common cause of jealousy or the general cause of many problems is usually a lack of self-acceptance. So many people simply reject themselves, which subsequently lays the foundation for countless blockages..!!

For example, one could become aware again that jealousy is pointless, that one only worries about something that does not exist on the current level and at the same time, due to the law of resonance, ensures that the corresponding partner could cheat (energy always attracts energy of the same intensity - you attract into your life what you are and what you radiate). If you realize this again and accordingly discard your own jealousy, nothing would stand in the way of the opening of the sacral chakra.

The blockage of the solar plexus chakra

solar plexus chakra blockageThe solar plexus chakra is located as the third main chakra under the solar plexus and stands for self-confident thinking and acting. People who have an open solar plexus chakra have a strong willpower, a balanced personality, a strong drive, a healthy self-confidence and show a healthy level of sensitivity and compassion. Furthermore, people who have an open solar plexus chakra like to take responsibility for their actions. A person who, in turn, cannot handle criticism at all, is very cold-hearted towards other living beings, displays a lot of selfish behavior, is obsessed with power, has a lack of or even narcissistic self-confidence, displays typical “youthful” courtship behavior and is ruthless A certain situation would most likely have a closed solar plexus chakra. People with an unbalanced solar plexus chakra often have the urge to prove themselves and turn their backs on their feelings in many life situations. In this context, in order to solve the blockage, it is extremely important to be clear again with your own thoughts, especially when it comes to self-confidence. Someone who, for example, considers himself to be the greatest and puts his life above the lives of other living beings, should become aware again that, while strictly respecting our individuality, we are all equal,

A common reason for the emergence of energetic blockages is excessive action from our own egoistic or materially oriented mind..!!

that every person is equal and represents a unique and fascinating individual. That we are all one big family in which no one is better or worse. If you come to this belief again and live it out fully, then the solar plexus chakra could open again and the corresponding chakra would increase in spin.

The blockage of the heart chakra

heart chakra blockageThe heart chakra is the fourth main chakra and is located in the center of the chest at the level of the heart. This chakra represents our connection to the soul and is responsible for the fact that we can feel a strong empathy and compassion. People with an open heart chakra are very sensitive, loving, understanding and have an all-encompassing love for people, animals and nature. Tolerance towards people who think differently and an accepted inner love are another indication of an open heart chakra. Sensitivity, warmth of heart, sensitive thought patterns also make up a strong heart chakra. People with a closed heart chakra often act very unlovingly and radiate a certain coldness of heart. Relationship problems, loneliness and unresponsiveness to love are other results of a closed heart chakra (hatred of self often expressed as hatred of the world). It is difficult for oneself to accept the love of a person, conversely, people with a closed heart chakra find it difficult to confess their love to other people. In the same way, such people tend to judge other people's lives, like to gossip instead of devoting themselves to more important things or even empathizing with other people's lives. So that the energy can flow freely through this chakra again or so that the spin of this chakra can be increased again, it is imperative to accept love in life again (love yourself, develop love for nature, appreciate the life of other living beings instead of frowning).

Due to the current new Age of Aquarius and the associated increase in our own vibration frequency, more and more people are developing a love for nature and the animal world again, i.e. there is an ever-increasing opening of the heart chakras..!!

There is nothing wrong with showing your love to other people, owning your own feelings and dealing with them in a positive way. In this regard, we humans are not cold, emotional machines that are incapable of love, but we are much more multidimensional beings, mental/spiritual expressions that need, can receive and send out light and love at any time.

The blockage of the throat chakra

Throat chakra blockageThe throat or throat chakra stands for verbal expression. On the one hand, we express our own individual worlds of thought through our words and, accordingly, fluency, conscious use of words, ability to communicate, honest or true words are expressions of a balanced throat chakra. People with an open throat chakra therefore avoid lies and place great value on honesty. Furthermore, these people are not afraid to express their own opinions and do not hide their thoughts. People with a closed throat chakra do not dare to express their thoughts and are often afraid of rejection and confrontation. In addition, these people are afraid of expressing their own opinions and are often very introverted and shy. Furthermore, a blocked throat chakra could often be attributed to lies. A person who lies a lot, never tells the truth and distorts facts most likely has a throat chakra whose natural flow is blocked. Therefore, it is important to face these own demons. It is necessary to nip your own lies in the bud, to understand that truthfulness and honest words correspond to your own true human nature, which inspires us again such behavior. It is also important to overcome your own fear of verbal communication with strangers.

Sociable and talkative people who rarely lie and have absolutely no problem expressing their opinions usually have an open throat chakra..!!

You shouldn't be afraid to express your own thoughts through words, but rather resonate with other people in a sociable way. Ultimately, this has a very inspiring effect on your own psyche and you bring the throat chakra back into balance.

The blockage of the forehead chakra

forehead chakra blockageThe forehead chakra, also known as the third eye, is the sixth chakra between the eyes, above the bridge of the nose and represents knowledge and the achievement of a heightened state of consciousness. People with an open third eye therefore have a very strong intuitive mind and can interpret situations and events precisely. In addition, such people have appropriate mental clarity and often live a life of permanent self-knowledge. Higher knowledge is given to these people or rather, people with an open forehead chakra are aware that higher knowledge is reaching them every day. Furthermore, these people have a strong imagination, a strong memory and, above all, a strong/balanced mental state. In return, people with a closed forehead chakra feed on a restless mind and in many cases cannot show insight. Mental confusion, superstition, and random mood swings are also symptoms of a blocked third eye. Flashes of inspiration and self-awareness tend to be absent and the fear of not recognizing something, of not being able to understand/comprehend it, often determines one's own life. One internally strives for higher spiritual knowledge, but internally doubts that this knowledge will come to one. Basically, it looks like a person is expanding their own consciousness at all times and is confronted with higher knowledge every day. Here it is important to pay attention and become aware of it again. Everything in existence is ultimately just an expression of an overarching consciousness, an all-pervading spirit that gives form to our lives. Each person uses their own consciousness (part of this great spirit) as a tool to experience life.

The main cause of every physical + mental illness is usually an unbalanced state of consciousness, i.e. mental problems that continually reduce our frequency and slow down our chakras in their spin..!!

In this context, our mind mainly represents a complex interplay of consciousness/subconsciousness and is just waiting to be brought back into a balanced state by us. The more we regain balance and at the same time explore our own origins + come to groundbreaking insights into the big questions of life, the more the spin of the forehead chakra would increase again.

The blockage of the crown chakra

crown chakra blockageThe crown chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is located above the crown of the head and is responsible for our spiritual growth and understanding. It is the connection to all being, to totality, divinity and is important for our complete self-realization. People with an open crown chakra often have enlightenments or massive expansions of consciousness that can fundamentally change their lives. Such people recognize the deeper meaning behind life and understand that the entire existence is a coherent system, that all people are connected to one another on an immaterial level, and they even feel it (an open crown chakra would also be noticeable in seeing through the illusionary world make, which in turn was built over our minds by elite families). Another indication of an open crown chakra would be the embodiment of divine love and acting from peaceful and loving thought patterns. These people also understand that everything is one and usually only see the divine, pure, unadulterated essence in other people. Divine principles and wisdom are expressed and a continuous connection to the higher spheres of life is present. People with a blocked crown chakra are usually afraid of lack and emptiness, and as a result are usually dissatisfied with their own lives and have no connection to divine nature. These people are unaware of their unique creative power and have no spiritual understanding. Loneliness, mental exhaustion and fear of higher, incomprehensible authorities are also characteristics of a person with an unbalanced crown chakra. But you have to understand that lack and emptiness are ultimately just a product of our own minds. Basically, love, abundance and wealth are permanently present, surround you and radiate through your own existential foundation at all times.

Every human being is essentially a divine being who can use their own mental powers to create a life that is characterized by light and love..!!

As soon as you become aware of this again and mentally resonate with abundance + love, when you understand that love is the highest vibrational state that you can experience yourself, accept it and understand again that every human being represents a divine being, then Such thinking clears the blockage of the crown chakra. You understand again that everything is connected on an immaterial level, that you yourself are the creator of your own current reality (not to be confused with anthropocentrism) and that you have the design of your life in your own hands. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony

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    • Paulina 5. November 2019, 21: 02

      This article is one of the best about chakra opening that I have read so far. I'm working on opening my root and solar plexus chakras as they are severely blocked and have received more motivation here. Thanks!

    Paulina 5. November 2019, 21: 02

    This article is one of the best about chakra opening that I have read so far. I'm working on opening my root and solar plexus chakras as they are severely blocked and have received more motivation here. Thanks!