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energy surge

We are currently in a time when our planet is suffering from a constant energetic increase in vibration is embossed. This enormous energetic increase causes a drastic expansion of our own mind and causes the collective consciousness to awaken more and more. The energetic ascent of our planet or humanity has been taking place in minimal steps for centuries, but now, for several years this awakening circumstance has been moving to a climax. Day by day achieves the energeticNatural vibration of the planet new dimensions and hardly a person can escape this enormous cosmic power.

Our consciousness is constantly expanding!

Like everything in existence, our current life is made up of consciousness. Again, because of its space-timeless nature, consciousness consists of energetic states, energy vibrating at frequencies. This vibrating energetic basis is permanently influenced by our thoughts and feelings and is subject to constant changes. The more positive we are, the higher or energetically lighter our own basis vibrates.

expansion of consciousnessNegativity, however, makes our energetic basis vibrate lower or condense. In order to experience a decondensation of our own present reality, it is important to nip negative thoughts in the bud as best as possible, because only by creating a positive inner state can we fully enjoy our creative potential again. Ultimately, everything in existence is made up of energetic states. Everything you can imagine consists only of vibrating energy. Whether macro or micro cosmos, the always existing, subtle primordial substance flows through everything. That's why matter is just a grand illusion, because strictly speaking, matter is nothing more than condensed energy, a mental projection of our consciousness.

In the past centuries, only energetically dense states prevailed in our solar system, accordingly, in these dark times, mankind mostly only acted out of energetically dense states or only created energetically dense states (supracausal actions). In the meantime, the veil has lifted again and mankind has regained its true strength. People rediscover their multidimensional selves and recognize the political and economic enslaving mechanisms. This is happening because of the current planetary energy uplift.

Why is there a planetary energy uplift at all?

expansion of consciousnessOur galaxy breathes and pulsates, a galactic pulse beat takes about 26000 years. With each pulse beat, massive amounts of high frequency particles are released and sent out into the universe. This high vibrational energy is fully invading our planet right now, expanding the entire collective human consciousness. In addition, our solar system is subject to a tremendous cosmic cycle (this cycle is also often referred to as the platonic year). It is an exciting period of time in which humanity is experiencing massive mental and spiritual development. Another factor in this process is the rotation of our solar system in conjunction with the galactic center. Our solar system takes about 26000 years to rotate around its own axis. At the end of this rotation, the Earth enters full, rectilinear synchronization with the Sun and the center of the Milky Way. After this tremendous cosmic adjustment, the solar system enters an energetically light area of ​​its own rotation for about 13000 years. Parallel to this, this energetic vibration increase is favored by the orbit of the Pleiades (The Pleiades are an open star cluster, an inner part of the galactic photon ring, which is orbited by our solar system every 26000 years). As we step into this new beginning cycle, humanity experiences a tremendous increase in its own energetic base, triggering a tremendous collective expansion of consciousness. In the process, humanity rediscovers its true divine ground and begins to see through the current enslaving political system again.

The masters of the world are being unmasked by more and more people and demonstration stations for peace and justice are taking place all over the world. People realize that they represent nothing more than human capital to the elite powers that be and that we have been kept in sham for centuries. At the same time, more and more people are discovering the subtle aspects of creation and understanding that they themselves are the designers of their own reality. The infinite subtle aspect of life was once ridiculed, but now this knowledge has become normal for many people. More and more people are opening their minds to these "abstract" themes and are increasingly being confronted with omnipresent existence in their lives. This planetary energy uplift is accelerating by the day and is manifesting more and more in people's realities. The energetic increase is also often referred to as a spiritual/spiritual cleansing, since in this uplift the person separates from negative behavioral patterns and finds their way back to nature.

Live in harmony with nature!

In harmony with natureIn the course of the past, natural conditions were mostly only destroyed instead of maintained. It was always only worked against nature instead of protecting it or letting it thrive. Genetic engineering is used to manipulate the genetic material of a wide variety of plants, nuclear power has created a highly dangerous and unnatural source of energy, countless forests are being cleared, seas, lakes and rivers are being polluted by industrial chemicals, our food is deliberately being enriched with pesticides and chemical additives, animals are being farmed on a large scale tormented and treated like low-class creatures, our air gets through Chemtrails polluted and otherwise our planet is riddled with wanted wars. We have been held in an artificial state of consciousness for years and conditioned by the mass media and corporations against dissenting people. But this horror scenario is now ending and worldwide peace is within reach. For millennia only low vibrating conditions prevailed on our planet!

Fear and mischief ruled the minds of the masses, but now is the time when all that will change. In the near future we will enter the golden age and it is only a matter of time before all the lies on our planet are exposed. A worldwide revolution is currently taking place and mankind is developing massively mentally. Nature is valued again and more and more people are starting to live in harmony with nature. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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