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As mentioned several times in my articles, your own thoughts and emotions flow into the collective state of consciousness and change it. Every single person can even exert a tremendous influence on the collective state of consciousness and in this regard also initiate enormous changes. What we also think in this context, what in turn corresponds to our own beliefs and convictions, therefore always manifests itself in the collective and we are consequently also part of the collective reality.

The change in the collective state of consciousness

The change in the collective state of consciousnessUltimately, this enormous influence that we can exert is also related to a wide variety of factors. On the one hand, we humans are connected to all of creation on an immaterial/spiritual/mental level and, because of this connection, we can reach everything and everyone. Basically, we humans are one with the universe/creation and the universe/creation is one with us. Otherwise, one could formulate this differently and claim that we humans ourselves represent a complex universe, a unique image of creation, which, due to its spiritual presence, due to its own mental abilities, not only affects its own life, but also the lives of other spiritual/ conscious expressions can change. We humans are the creators of our own reality and are constantly creating new living conditions and, above all, states of consciousness (our own state of consciousness is constantly changing, just like our own consciousness is continuously expanding||You do something new, for example, collect a new experience, then your consciousness expands with this new experience, which of course also changes your state of consciousness - if you lie in bed in the evening, you will certainly not experience the state of consciousness from the previous day).

A person's consciousness expands continuously or expands due to the constant integration of new information, permanently..!!

Due to our own mental abilities, we can simply massively change the collective state of consciousness. Our thoughts, emotions and above all actions always reach the world of thoughts of other people and can even cause them to do things or to deal with things that are very present in their own reality - a phenomenon that I already know has been noticed countless times.

An interesting example

mental powerFor example, I have now stopped smoking and I no longer drink coffee. Instead, I make myself a peppermint tea every morning after getting up to get used to it. I have repeated this morning ritual a number of times and once I noticed something very interesting. So yesterday I sat down at the PC, opened the browser and suddenly saw a new YouTube message - which was displayed to me by the bell in the upper right corner and I then clicked on it. All of a sudden I was shown a brand new YouTube comment in which a person had written that they no longer drink coffee and instead switched to tea bags to wean them off. At that moment, I had to smile and immediately kept this principle in mind. I was immediately aware that either I had animated the person in question to do this through my thoughts and actions, or that the person in question + possibly countless other people had encouraged me to do it on a mental level (but my intuition signaled to me that that I encouraged this person to do so simply because the post made it seem like the user had only been doing this for a few days). As far as that is concerned, such a moment has absolutely nothing to do with coincidence (there is no supposed coincidence anyway, just a universal principle called cause and effect).

There is no supposed coincidence as everything in existence is based on the principle of cause and effect. As far as that is concerned, the cause of every experienceable effect is always of a mental/spiritual nature..!!

So many people simply belittle their own intellectual abilities, reduce them to a minimum, make themselves small and usually dismiss such moments as funny incidents or usually even as "coincidences".

Use your incredible power

Use your incredible powerNevertheless, moments like this have absolutely nothing to do with coincidence, but can be traced back to one's own networking, to one's own intellectual power. At the end of the day, we humans are connected to everything on an immaterial level and exert an immense influence on the collective state of consciousness. Therefore, the more people commit a corresponding action, the more this action manifests itself in the collective. The more people have a corresponding train of thought and deal with it, the more people will also be confronted with such an intellectual approach. For example, we are currently in an incredibly mind-expanding phase and many people are again gaining groundbreaking self-knowledge. Many of these insights are currently spreading like wildfire (e.g. the realization that we are the creators of our own reality) and apart from the spread on a material level (people telling other people about it), this is related to the collective influence. As more and more people are currently gaining similar self-knowledge, more and more people are being confronted with the corresponding knowledge, or rather the corresponding information, on a spiritual level. For this reason, there are basically no new findings, at least not in the general sense. For example, when you become aware that everything is one and one is everything, then be sure that someone has had a similar train of thought or even a similar feeling before and you were encouraged to achieve this self-knowledge because of this person ( As far as spiritual self-knowledge is concerned, we should never ignore the fact that there were basically earlier civilizations that had this knowledge).

The more we stand in our own creative power, the higher our own state of consciousness is, the more pronounced our own intuition is and, above all, the more we are aware that we can influence/change the collective state of consciousness with our thoughts, the stronger it is ultimately also our own influence..!!

Otherwise, I could also comment here that every thought already existed/exists and was/is embedded in the big picture forever (keyword: Akashic Records - everything already exists, there is nothing on a spiritual/immaterial level that does not exist gives). Well then, our own thoughts have a massive influence on the collective state of consciousness and what we mostly direct our own focus on, what we mainly focus on, also increasingly moves in our own perception, is increasingly attracted to us and manifests itself in exactly the same way in the collective reality.

What we are and what we radiate, what we predominantly think and feel, always manifests itself in the collective state of consciousness..!!

For this reason, it is therefore also very advisable to pay attention to the nature of our own mental spectrum. Since our own thoughts/actions can change the collective state of consciousness (and also change it every day), we should definitely take responsibility for our own actions again and legitimize harmonious + peaceful thoughts in our own mind. The more people eliminate their own mental chaos in this context and create a life that is characterized by charity and inner peace, the stronger and, above all, faster these positive thoughts/feelings will inspire the collective state of consciousness. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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