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In recent years the weather seems to be going crazy. The behavior of the weather is very changeable. In this context, within a day we experience frequent weather changes: first the sun shines, then dark carpets of clouds appear, it storms, rains and then the sun shines again, the dark clouds have passed and the sun's rays warm our planet again. The weather reacts very sensitively to the smallest influences and changes. Haarp in particular is a key word here. Haarp (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a US research program that includes a huge facility with 180 antenna masts, which in turn send frequency waves into the uppermost layers of the atmosphere. This means that the weather can be changed in a targeted manner, storms can be created, sudden weather changes and even earthquakes can be artificially generated using this system. Almost all weather is a product of Haarp or other devices that use frequency waves to change our atmosphere. Artificial weather is omnipresent for this reason.

The power of our mind

WeatherBut there are other factors that significantly influence our weather, namely our own thoughts. As for that, as I've said many times in previous articles of mine, our own thoughts have a tremendous impact on the universe. All thoughts and emotions flow into the collective state of consciousness and change it. The more people are convinced of something and deal with a corresponding train of thought, the more these insights/considerations spread in the collective state of consciousness. For example, as far as spiritual awakening is concerned, one often speaks of reaching a critical mass, i.e. a large number of people who consciously find themselves in the process of spiritual awakening and, because of this knowledge, because of reaching a critical mass of people, one initiate massive dissemination of this knowledge. We will be able to observe this massive spread in the near future, because the critical number of people is likely to be reached soon. Well, nonetheless, this article is not about the critical mass that can be reached, but about our mind, which we can use to influence the weather. In fact, our own thoughts and emotions influence our weather. Everything is ultimately made up of energy, which in turn vibrates at frequencies. Negative thoughts and feelings are based on low frequencies. If you legitimize negative thoughts and emotions in your own mind, then you radiate this energetic state in this context. So not only are you affecting the collective state of consciousness, your own reality and the reality of other people, you are also having a tremendous impact on the weather.

Your own thoughts and emotions flow into the weather and influence it significantly..!!

For example, the more people have a negative attitude, the more the air becomes charged with low vibration frequencies, and the result is bad weather. Seen in this way, the weather then reflects the mental or spiritual state of the crowd. I often recognize this phenomenon in myself. I'm fine, everything is going according to my expectations, I'm happy and the weather is nice. For example, as soon as I drink something and wake up the next morning with a bad hangover, I feel bad, then the weather is usually bad as well (a phenomenon that I have noticed very often).

The collective state of consciousness or the state of the collective soul, the collective spirit, exerts a massive influence on the weather..!!

Because I am aware that my own thoughts and emotions have a significant influence on the weather, the weather is influenced even more by my own mind. My own deep belief in this flows into the weather. Of course, if you convince yourself that this is bullshit and you don't have any influence on the weather, then you have almost no or only a very small influence on the weather, on the contrary, you completely undermine your abilities in this regard. The more you are convinced that you understand/feel, the stronger your influence on the weather. Another phenomenon is mass influencing. The weather is always predicted for us on television. In this regard, an extremely large number of people see these weather forecasts and act accordingly. For example, if 100000 people are internally convinced that it will rain, then this will also happen, the masses then realize the thought of the weather, manifesting it on a material level. With this principle, the weather is also significantly influenced and the elites are very well aware of this. Because of this, you should never doubt your own mental abilities. You are a very powerful being and ultimately influence your entire life, your reality and even the state of consciousness of other people with your own spirit. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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    • Harald 22. September 2019, 12: 03

      Thank you for this contribution. My soul can only confirm what is written.

    Harald 22. September 2019, 12: 03

    Thank you for this contribution. My soul can only confirm what is written.