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A few months ago I read an article about the supposed death of a Dutch banker named Ronald Bernard (his death later turned out to be false). This article was about Ronald's introduction to occult (elitist satanic circles), which he ultimately rejected and subsequently reported on the practices. The fact that he has not had to pay for this with his life is also felt to be an exception, because people, especially well-known personalities, who disclose such practices are often murdered. Nevertheless, one must also note at this point that more and more well-known personalities report on the satanic machinations, i.e. there have simply become too many.

How the light of one person can make the world shine

light of the world Well then, this article is not supposed to be about ritual murders or the practices themselves, but rather about a little story that Ronald Bernard described in an interview. He told of an old American general who once darkened a whole room full of people. After the general did this, the eyes of the people involved quickly got used to the darkness. Nevertheless, no one could see more precisely. The General didn't say a single word either, but suddenly flicked on a lighter. The small light that came out of it was enough to experience that even a small manifestation of the light was enough for everyone to see each other again. Then the general said that this is the power of our light. When I read this little story, it directly reflected our own potential or the potential of our own inner light. This story can be transferred 1:1 to our world or to us humans. Ultimately, Ronald Bernard also related this story to us humans and indicated that we alone, the rulers (shadow governments), could become dangerous by developing our own light. In this context, this little story also demonstrates the power of our own light. We humans are powerful creatures and when we let our own light shine again, when we become happy again, follow the truth, become more empathetic, become more loving and at the same time live in freedom and love, then we can, just like in the story, our illuminate the world + our fellow human beings with our own light.

Our own light can completely change the world for the better. The stronger our own light is developed in this regard, the more positive + greater our influence on the collective state of consciousness..!!

Since we are connected to everything in existence and because of this our own thoughts + emotions always flow into the collective state of consciousness, change it and subsequently achieve great changes, we should never use the power of our own spirit, especially the power of our own light, underestimate. We can use our light to illuminate the world, or we can continue to create a "dark field" (heavy energies, a low frequency state) that in turn casts a shadow over our world. What we decide always depends on us, but one thing is certain, we can achieve great things at any time, anywhere and with our own light, fundamentally change the direction of the world. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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