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In many situations in life, people often allow themselves to be guided unnoticed by their egoistic mind. This mostly happens when we generate negativity in any form, when we are jealous, greedy, hateful, envious etc. and then when you judge other people or what other people say. Therefore, always try to maintain an unprejudiced attitude towards people, animals and nature in all life situations. Very often the egoistic mind also ensures that we label a lot of things directly as nonsense instead of dealing with the topic or what has been said accordingly.

Those who live without prejudice break down their mental barriers!

If we manage to live without prejudice, we open our mind and can interpret and process information much better. I am aware myself that it can't be easy to free yourself from your ego, but we all have the same abilities, we all have free will and can decide for ourselves whether we create positive or negative thoughts. Only we ourselves can recognize and banish our own egoism. However, most people often allow themselves to be enslaved by their egoistic mind and constantly judge certain life situations and people negatively.

Nobody has the right to judge another life.

SoulBut no one has the right to judge another person's life. We are all the same, all made up of the same fascinating building blocks of life. We all have one brain, two eyes, one nose, two ears, etc. the only thing that distinguishes us from our counterparts is the fact that everyone collects their own experiences in their own reality.

And these experiences and formative moments make us who we are. One could now travel to a strange galaxy and meet extraterrestrial life, this life would consist 100% of atoms, god particles or more precisely of energy, just like everything in the universe. Because everything is one, everything has the same origin that has always existed. We all come from a dimension, a dimension that is currently barely comprehensible to our minds.

The 5th dimension is ubiquitous, yet unmatched for most.

A dimension that is outside of space and time, a dimension that consists only of high frequency energy. But why soaring? We all have a subtle physical energetic field. Negativity slows down this energetic structure or lowers our own vibrational level. We're gaining density. Love, security, harmony and any other positivity allow this body's own vibration to rise or vibrate faster, we gain in lightness. We feel lighter and gain more clarity and vitality.

This aforementioned dimension vibrates so high (the higher the energetic vibration, the faster energetic particles move) that it transcends space-time, or rather exists outside of space-time. Just like our thoughts. These also do not require any space-time structure. You can imagine any place at any time, time and space do not affect your thoughts. Therefore, even after death, only pure consciousness, the soul, continues to exist. The soul is our intuition, the positive aspect in us, the aspect that gives us life force. But with most people there is a large-scale separation from the soul.

soul-and-spiritThe egoistic mind is responsible for this separation. Because who constantly judges and only radiates and embodies negativity, hate, anger and the like, he only acts from the soul aspect to a limited extent and can have no connection or only a weak connection to the high vibrating and loving soul. But the egoistic mind also fulfills its purpose, it is a protective mechanism that lets us experience the duality of 3-dimensional life. Through this mind, the "good and bad" thought pattern arises.

By dissolving the ego, inner peace arises.

But if you put your ego mind aside, you will find that you only need one thing in life and that is love. Why should I consciously draw hate, anger, envy, jealousy and intolerance into my life if in the end it only makes me sick and unhappy. I'd rather stay content and live my life in love and gratitude. It gives me strength and makes me happy! And that's how you gain true or honest respect from people. By being a sincere person with good intentions and laudable attitudes. This gives you life energy, more willpower and more self-confidence. Until then, continue living your life in peace and harmony.

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