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Everything in existence consists of consciousness and the resulting thought processes. Nothing can be created or even exist without consciousness. Consciousness represents the highest effective force in the universe because only with the help of our consciousness is it possible to change our own reality or to be able to manifest thoughts in the "material" world. Above all, thoughts have an enormous potential for creation, because all imaginable material and immaterial states arise from thoughts. Our universe alone is basically just a single thought.

A projection of the mind!

Basically, everything you perceive in your own life is just an immaterial projection of your own consciousness. This is why Matter also just an illusionary construct, a condensed energetic state identified as such by our ignorant minds. Ultimately, however, everything you see is only a mental result of your own consciousness. Everything you have ever done and experienced in your own life can only be traced back to your own train of thought. The person you are today is therefore exclusively a product that arose from the immeasurable power of thoughts. Thoughts even exert a tremendous influence on one's own mental and physical condition. With thoughts, we are able to shape life according to our own wishes and the influence they have on our body, on our cell structure, is enormous. The physicist and "consciousness researcher" Dr. Ulrich Warnke is very busy. In his conversation with Werner Huemer, he explains the phenomenon and the effects of consciousness on our own reality in detail and shows us the power of our own thoughts. A highly recommended interview.

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