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Now the time has come and tomorrow (28.03.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX) the third new moon of this year will reach us. The first spring new moon this year is in the zodiac sign Aries and is very impulsive in terms of energetic effects, can give us humans a powerful new beginning and at the same time triggers an unprecedented thirst for action in us. Tomorrow's new moon day is therefore the exact opposite of today's portal day, because its energies are refreshing, renewing, inspiring. The detachment or confrontation with one's own inner conflicts was pending today, but tomorrow's new moon heralds a rapid energetic change, a change into "lighter" energies.

An impulsive new beginning

new moonFor these reasons, tomorrow's new moon - as the name suggests - is ideal for a new beginning. Tomorrow's energetic milieu therefore allows new ideas to sprout, makes us more creative, more inspiring, stronger and can give us the courage to accept, receive and realize new things. In this context, new moons in particular are perfect for redesigning your own life. In the last portal day article I went into the fact that a strong frequency adjustment is currently taking place. Due to very special cosmic circumstances, our planet increases its own vibration level, which means that we humans autodidactically increase our own frequency in the same way. In order for this step to happen, we humans have to deal with our own fears. We must learn to stop letting our own EGO mind rule us (Our EGO is responsible for all negative actions and thoughts. A low vibrational producer).

Portal days serve our own mental unveiling, new moons serve to realign our own lives..!!

Instead, it is necessary to get our own mind-body-soul system in line again. In this context, there are the so-called portal days, days on which we humans are confronted with our own primal fears. In the same way, such days trigger a certain powerlessness, conflicts and an inner imbalance.

The more negative energies we vibrate out, the more space is created for positive energies..!!

These days are therefore for our own frequency adjustment. They bring out negative thoughts so that we can "vibrate out" these lower energies based on that. After such a transformation, we humans quickly reach an energetic high again. We become more sensitive and can let more harmony into our lives because, due to the transformation of lower energies, more space is created for positive things, for high vibration frequencies.

Use the power of the new moon and start a new life, a life based on your personal ideals, dreams and goals..!!

New moon days, on the other hand, are ideal for picking up high/positive vibrational frequencies. The new moon on March 28.03.2017th, XNUMX can therefore activate/initiate an inner change, which in turn can have powerful effects on the further course of our own lives. The new moon in Aries therefore paves a new important path for us humans and has a positive effect on our own prosperity. We should therefore harness the power of the new moon and fully focus on our own goals. Ask yourself what is currently preventing you from realizing your goals and start removing these obstacles right away. You are the creator of your reality and only you can determine how the further course of your life should take place. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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