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Who or what is God? Everyone asks this question in the course of their life, but in almost all cases this question remains unanswered. Even the greatest thinkers in human history philosophized for hours on this question without result and at the end of the day they gave up and turned their attention to other precious things in life. But as abstract as the question sounds, everyone is able to understand this big picture. Every person or Every humanoid being can find the solution to this question through self-knowledge and an open mind.

The classic notion

Most people imagine God as an old man or rather as a human/divine being who exists somewhere above or behind the universe and watches over us. But this idea is the result of our lower 3rd dimensional, supra-causal mind. We limit ourselves through this mind and because of this we can only imagine a physical, gross material form; everything else is beyond our imagination and our perception.

What is God?But in this sense, God is not a physical form that rules over everything and judges us. God is much more an energetic, subtle structure that exists everywhere and flows through all of existence. Deep within our gross universe there is a subtle universe that has always existed, exists and will exist. This polarity-free, energetic structure has such a high level of vibration (everything in existence consists of vibrating energy) and moves at such a high speed that space-time has no influence on it. For this reason we cannot see this energy either. All we see is condensed energy/matter.

All that exists is God!

Basically, everything that exists is God, because everything that exists consists of God, of the divine, subtle presence, and you just have to become aware of that again. God has always existed and will always exist. Every universe, every galaxy, every planet, every person, every animal, every matter is shaped and flowed through by this natural energy at all times and in all places, even if we do not always act from the original principles of this harmonious facet of life. On the contrary, many people often act only on the baser, selfish principles of life and live a life full of judgments, hatred and base intentions.

The knowledge about our origins is frowned upon and an unprejudiced discussion is blocked due to the egoistic mind and the resulting negative, ignorant attitude. That's exactly what happened to me many years ago! I used to be a very narrow-minded and judgmental person. I was completely closed off when it came to these issues and lived a life full of judgment and greed. Back then I didn't understand what God was, I found it difficult to think about it and for years I dismissed God and everything that had to do with it as nonsense.

One day, however, my attitudes towards life changed as I came to the realization that judgments of any kind were only suppressing my own mental and intuitive abilities. Anyone who frees their mind and recognizes that prejudices only block their own mind will develop spiritually and discover worlds that they would never have even imagined in their wildest dreams. Every person can find God because every person consists of this energetic presence, this primal source.

You are God!

divinityWe are all images of God having a spiritual and physical experience in a physical, dualistic world. Since in the end everything consists of God or divine convergence, we are God ourselves. We are the original source, every aspect of our being consists of divine particles, our reality, our words, our actions, our entire being consists of God or is God. You spend your whole life searching for God without understanding that everything that exists is God, that you yourself are God. Everything is one, everything is connected on a subtle basis because everything is God. We are all creators of our own reality. There is no general reality, but each living being creates its own reality. We form our own reality with our subtle thoughts; we can choose our own thoughts and actions. We are the creators of our own destiny and are responsible for our own luck and misfortune.

This is also the reason why we so often have the feeling that the entire universe revolves around us. In fact, the entire universe revolves around oneself, since oneself is a universe of one's own, since oneself is God. And this universe is created by one's own thoughts and feelings in this unique, infinitely expanding moment that has always existed, is and will be (past and future are only constructs of our 3 dimensional minds, in truth we all only exist in the here and now) continually shaped.

Embody divine principles

divinitySince we ourselves are God, we should also try to act out of divine principles. Embedding divine principles is the measure of all things, that is the high art of life. This includes acting honestly and sincerely, protecting and honoring our fellow human beings, the animal and plant world. People who are spiritually very well developed (possess a very high spiritual level) or identify with God emit a lot of light (light = love = high vibrating energy = positivity). A god would never act out of self-interest or harm others. On the contrary, a god in the classical sense is a merciful, loving and unprejudiced being who treats all living beings with equal respect and love and appreciation and for this reason we should take this idea as an example and implement it in our reality.

If every human being acted from divine principles then there would be no wars, no suffering and no further injustices, then we would have paradise on earth and the collective consciousness would create a loving and peaceful collective reality on this planet. I will explain to you why exactly this injustice exists on our planet and what is really behind our system another time. I will also discuss divine abilities such as teleportation and the like another time, but that would go beyond the scope of this text. With this in mind, I wish you gods only the very best, stay healthy, happy and live your life in harmony. Love Yannick from Everything is Energy.

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