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When the day of purification is near, cobwebs are drawn back and forth across the sky. This quote comes from a Hopi Indian and was taken up at the end of the experimental film "Koyaanisqatsi". This special film, in which there are almost no dialogues or actors, illustrates the human intervention in nature and also the associated unnatural way of life of the system-shaped civilization (humanity in density). In addition, the film draws attention to grievances that could not be more topical, especially in today's world there is great disharmony on our earth or, to put it better, an overarching disturbed balance, which was mainly caused by a humanity that in turn has no connection whatsoever to its own divine source.

The causes of the imbalanced world

world out of balanceIn this context, it is also becoming increasingly apparent that this chaotic and warlike circumstance on Earth is not a result of chance (at this point it should be said that everything can be traced back to causes that produce an effect anyway. And all the causes are created by spirit), but created and maintained by humans who in turn live lives of mental limitation. A closed or heavily blocked heart field, a lack of awareness of one's own true spiritual source and a systemic or unnatural lifestyle, one could also speak of a weight-based mind, body and soul system, are the main triggers for the constant manifestation in this regard of an imbalanced world (a disharmonious inner world that constantly creates an imbalance on the outside). A lack of connection to nature, a stressful treatment of fauna and flora, a life that takes place contrary to all natural cycles, a judgmental mind, a lack of self-love and consequently a lack of kindness and love that we show towards our counterpart, a consciousness charged with resentment and a general addiction-based and unnatural lifestyle, all these are consequences of civilization rooted in density. Nevertheless, humanity is now in a phase in which it is increasingly coming into contact with its own true source and has accordingly begun to heal its own primal wounds.

interventions in nature

CleaningWe are therefore in the process of freeing ourselves from our own self-created prison, recreating a self-image and state of being that allows healing to flow into the world and also into the collective. The producers and profiteers of the burdened civilization are in the process of losing control over the collective that is becoming lighter. And the quote mentioned at the beginning makes it clear to us that we are in a time in which we are increasingly heading towards the end of this old world. Ultimately, the quote from the Hopi Indians can be perfectly applied to the present day, because the cobweb phenomenon described has been visible in the sky for years. For example, geoengineering, which refers to the large-scale intervention with technical means in geochemical or biogeochemical cycles of the earth, has been massively intervening in our weather and more and more people are questioning not only the sometimes extremely out of control weather phenomena, but also the sometimes unnatural ones Streaks constellations in the sky. The stripes, often referred to as chemtrails, are therefore increasingly being questioned. In the meantime, there have even been some communities, particularly in the USA, that have pointed out in court that aluminum, barium, strontium and other pollutants in the soil have been greatly increased, and in doing so have linked these values ​​to geoengineering and the streaks in the sky. Of course, there are big media defamation campaigns. The topic is strongly denounced and there are major censorships, especially in the form of post deletion. Nevertheless, there are more and more disclosures worldwide. The subject can hardly be denied anymore. Especially when you start observing the sky yourself, because there are days when there are so many trails adorning the sky that it looks extremely unnatural.

The great time of purification

CleaningNevertheless, this article is not about the origin or even the composition of the stripes themselves, but rather that the quote from the Indian applies to the current time. The sky in the most different places and also in the most different countries has countless trails. The cobwebs adorn the sky and therefore indicate a coming day of purification. In this regard, we are also in the final stages of uninstalling the old system. The ethically, mentally and morally blocked civilization is about to break out of its cocoon and undergoes a deep transformation. Seen in this way, it is a time of overarching purification that we are in and all truths, for example truths about true human history or about our real heritage, i.e. about the true spiritual abilities of every human being, are about to come to the surface. Of course, what a day of cleaning might look like, we can all form our own opinion. The fact is, however, that the current world is heading towards its end and that a new collective spirit is emerging.

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With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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