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A real search for truth or a massive reorientation has been taking place on our planet for several years. New self-awareness regarding the world or even one's own primal ground inspires the lives of many people again. Inevitably, of course, it also happens that many people carry all their knowledge, their newly won truth, their new beliefs, convictions and self-knowledge out into the world. That's exactly how I decided a few years ago to share all my self-knowledge with people. As a result, I created the website www.allesistenergie.net overnight and from then on wrote about what happened to me personally, carried my convictions and self-knowledge out into the world, philosophized about life, got to know many new people and got to know many new, sometimes very interesting views of the world.

question everything

question everythingIn the course of time, however, I have repeatedly had to realize that there are people out there who have simply blindly accepted information without questioning it (which of course I don't want to condemn, every person is allowed to do, think and feel what he or she wants want). This was information that came from me on the one hand, or knowledge that came from countless other sources. Of course, as far as their own information intake is concerned, some people have the ability to use their intuition alone (their pronounced perception) to estimate/interpret the truth content of a text very precisely. Such people then simply feel how great a corresponding truth content could be and can guess a lot with their intuition. However, this does not apply to all people and so there are simply people who read something and then are immediately convinced of it, people who simply accept an opinion without questioning it.

In today's world, despite an unbiased or even non-judgmental mind, we should always question things, look at them critically and deal with appropriate information..!!

As for me personally, it was never my intention that my information or my beliefs and beliefs would be accepted blindly and without questioning. The opposite is even the case, everything should always be questioned and, above all, viewed critically, including my information.

Always follow the voice of your heart

Always follow the voice of your heartOf course, it is also very important in this regard that you always look at things from an unbiased and, above all, non-judgmental point of view, but you should not accept things blindly, especially not if this completely contradicts your own insight. In this context there is also a very interesting quote from the former scholar Buddha: "If your insight contradicts my teaching, follow your insight". This quote also fully corresponds to my own philosophy. In today's chaotic world it is more important than ever to always form your own opinion, to listen to/trust your own heart. In this respect, every human being is also a powerful creator of his own circumstance and in the course of life creates his very personal truth, creates completely individual views of life and legitimizes unique beliefs and convictions in his own mind. Therefore always follow the voice of your own heart and listen to your own insight. If, for example, you cannot identify with my “teaching” or even my information at all, if this contradicts your own insight or even your own views on life, then this is absolutely fine. Of course, it is always advisable to renew your own world view, to expand your own horizons, to deal with topics in detail instead of rejecting things - just because they don't sound right, for example. Nevertheless, it is much more important to always trust in your own voice and, above all, in your own heart, that you can go your own way in life. It is therefore important to me to inform you that all the information that I disclose on this site is ultimately part of my personal truth. Everything I philosophize about on this site, all the articles I've written over time, contain information that is ultimately the result of my own state of consciousness.

Everything that has been published on this site so far, all the different articles, were just the result of my own thought spectrum, were products of my own mind..!! 

Ultimately, one could also speak of knowledge that corresponds to my personal truth. My insights are therefore only a part of my own world of thoughts or my own inner truth, but they are absolutely no universal truth, they are just beliefs that have become part of my heart, part of my current state of consciousness. Every single word that I immortalize or have immortalized here fully corresponds to my own beliefs + beliefs and consequently also represents different aspects of my own spirit in a certain way.

Always trust the voice of your heart and always legitimize completely individual beliefs + convictions in your own spirit..!!

Well then, last but not least I can only emphasize one thing again: Always follow your heart, the call of your soul, your inner voice, because this will always show you the right way, will always ensure that you do things (knowledge, insights, living conditions) into your life that are intended for you. With this in mind, I say goodbye to you. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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