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The entire external world is a product of your own mind. Everything you perceive, what you see, what you feel, what you can see is therefore an immaterial projection of your own state of consciousness. You are the creator of your life, your own reality and create your own life using your own mental imagination. The external world acts like a mirror that constantly shows us our own mental and mental state. This mirror principle ultimately serves our own spiritual development and is intended to keep us aware of our own lack of spiritual/divine connection, especially in critical moments. If we have a negative orientation in our own state of consciousness and look at life from a negative perspective, for example when we are angry, hateful or even deeply dissatisfied, then this inner inconsistency simply reflects our own lack of self-love.

Mirror of life

Reflection of yourself

For this reason, judgments are usually just self-judgments. Since the entire world is a product of your own mind and everything arises from your thoughts, your reality, your life, even at the end of the day, is only about your personal emotional and spiritual development (not meant in the narcissistic or egoistic sense), Judgments demonstrate in a simple way a rejection of one's own aspects of being. For example, if you say something like: “I hate the world” or “I hate all other people”, then this simply means that in such moments you hate yourself and do not love yourself. One just doesn't work without the other. A person who loves himself completely, is happy, is satisfied with himself and has a mental balance would not have any hatred for other people or even for the world. On the contrary, one would then experience life and the world Look at the whole from a positive state of consciousness and always see the positive as a whole. You would then not have hatred for other people, but rather have understanding and empathy for other people's lives. As in the inside, so in the outside, as in the small, so in the large, as in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm. Your own mental state is always transferred to the outside world. If you are dissatisfied and do not accept yourself, then you will always transfer this feeling to the external world and will look at the world from this feeling. As a result, you will only get a “negative world” or rather negative living conditions. You always attract what you are and radiate into your own life. For this reason, you don't see the world as it is, but as you are.

One's own inner state is always transferred to the external world and vice versa, an unavoidable law, a universal principle that serves as a mirror for us..!!

If you hate yourself, you hate those around you, if you love yourself, you love those around you, a simple principle. The hatred that you transfer to other people comes from your own inner state and at the end of the day is just a cry for love or a cry for your own self-love. This is exactly how chaotic living conditions or your own untidy rooms reflect an inner imbalance. The internal chaos you have created yourself is then transferred to the external world.

All your inner feelings are always transferred to the external world. You always attract into your life what you are and what you radiate. A positive mind attracts positive circumstances, a negative mind attracts negative circumstances..!!

An inner balance, a body/mind/spirit system that is in harmony, would in turn lead to keeping your life in order. Chaos would not arise, on the contrary, chaotic living conditions would be eliminated directly and direct care would be taken to ensure that one's immediate environment was in order. Then your own inner balance would be transferred to the outside world in a positive sense. For this reason, it is also advisable to pay attention to your own daily life situations, because everything that happens to you, everything that happens to you and, above all, everything that you experience ultimately only serves as a mirror and keeps your inner state in front of you. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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