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In the last few weeks and months we humans have experienced a very stormy vibrational situation. So there were always phases that were accompanied by strong cosmic radiation. Ultimately, these high cosmic influences are simply an important aspect of the current process of spiritual awakening and are responsible for the further development of the collective state of consciousness. In this regard, we are experiencing an increase in these cosmic influences every day, which is why there is still no end in sight. The opposite is actually the case, as has often been mentioned, current world events are becoming more acute than ever and there are tremors on all levels of existence (see all the “AFD hatred” after the elections, the USA-North Korea conflict, the impending volcanic eruption on the island of Bali in the Indian Ocean, the ongoing conflict in Syria or even the current discrepancies between Turkey and Iraq - there is a crisis all over the world).

The awakening is becoming ever greater

The awakening is becoming ever greater

Source: http://www.praxis-umeria.de/kosmischer-wetterbericht-der-liebe.html

In this regard, more and more people are currently awakening. In doing so, one's own spiritual origins are increasingly researched and the background to the chaotic planetary circumstance is increasingly uncovered. In this context, we humans have been experiencing a new phase since September 23rd and the incoming cosmic energies are extremely high. There is no end in sight either. At the moment you even have the feeling that new levels are constantly being reached in terms of the incoming energies. We have been experiencing a drastic increase in energy levels for a few days now. Today the energetic influences were again very intense and we experienced a strong increase in energy (see picture on the left). The world is changing and we can assume that this will reach a peak in the next few weeks/months (however this peak will manifest itself). Aside from exploring our own origins, more and more people are also coming to the realization that, firstly, they themselves are the creators of their own reality and, secondly, they have the choice every day to make the planet a better place. In this context, yesterday a user wrote a very valuable post regarding the elections, here is an excerpt from it:

Do you realize that we have the chance to vote every single day?
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi
The question goes to all of us – what contribution are we making to a better world?
The world (and, for that matter, our own reality that we have from the world) doesn't get better by judging other people/expressing anger/fearing what's coming our way/having negative thoughts/complaining...
Every single one of us has the Maight to make the world a little better, including you! – Anna Sunnus

Ultimately, this comment contains a lot of truth and makes it clear to us in an interesting way that we ourselves should be the change that we want for the world. In this context, we humans also have the choice every day and decide at any time, in any place, what the further course of our lives and, above all, the course of our planet will/could be.

There is no way to peace, because peace is the way. For this reason, we humans should once again embody the peace that we want for the world..!!

We have everything in our own hands every day and can change everything and initiate a more peaceful world with our thoughts/actions alone. Revolution + change doesn't start on the outside, but always on the inside. In this context, the elections are nothing earth-shattering, rather it is a free election that we are led to believe and nothing special in relation to what we could do every day. It's not for nothing that I abstained completely from the election this time and devoted almost no energy to the whole thing, simply because I am aware that, firstly, they are only intended to distract us from the essentials and, secondly, that only what happens in should happen to this system - nothing is left to chance and any threat to the existing system is deliberately prevented!

In the coming weeks and months we humans will continue to experience increased cosmic radiation. Apart from that, my feeling also signals to me that something big will happen on the world political stage, but what exactly remains to be seen! 

Well, I'm really excited to see what will happen in the coming weeks and months and I'll continue to monitor global political events. Somehow my feeling also signals to me that something big is going to happen in the near future. So many things are changing at the moment, the spiritual change has taken on such great strides and it would therefore surprise me if everything continued as usual. So something will happen, I'm sure. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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