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In today's world there are extremely many things that massively lower our own vibration frequency or our own energetic level. People here also like to talk about one War of frequencies, a battle in which the vibrational frequency of our own state of consciousness is reduced in various ways. Ultimately, this reduction leads to a weakened physical condition. The natural flow of our own life energy is blocked, becomes unbalanced, our chakras are slowed down in the spin and as a result our subtle body transfers this energetic contamination to our physical body. This energetic transfer in turn weakens our immune system, deteriorates the entire cell environment and thereby promotes the development of diseases. Nevertheless, there are enough options to raise your own energetic level again, two of which I will introduce to you in the first part of this series.

#1 Inform your water positively

energize waterWater is an element that reacts extremely to a person's thoughts. The Japanese alternative medicine doctor Dr. In this context, Emoto discovered that the structural state of water can be changed. Negative environments, information and thoughts, for example, change the structure of the individual water crystals and ensure that they become asymmetrical. The water loses vital energy and its structure breaks down. Positive thoughts in turn improve the structure of water and ensure that its life energy is restored. For this reason, it is highly recommended to energize and inform water, after all, the human body consists largely of water. In this context, it is enough to stick a note on a water bottle that says love and gratitude, or to bless the water before or while drinking it. Positive feelings alone when drinking water can ensure that its quality is greatly improved. Another option would be to energize the water with healing stones. The combination of rock crystal + amethyst + rose quartz is very suitable for this. This can even influence the quality of the water so much that it almost resembles fresh mountain spring water. Otherwise you should use precious shungite here.

Anyone who drinks positively informed water every day will feel a real boost in life energy after a short time..!!

This healing stone has a very special influence on water, immediately restores its natural vitality, neutralizes the fluoride that is often added to water and for this reason is one of the best healing stones. Anyone who drinks energized water every day will significantly increase their own energetic level after a very short time.

No. 2 Put aside judgments and blasphemies

Compensation instead of judgmentsWe know it all too well, in today's society people are only too fond of whispering, gossiping about other people, judging other people's lives and thus denouncing their individual creative expression. But judgments and blasphemies reduce your own energetic level. Ultimately, the entire external world is just a projection of one's own state of consciousness. The external world represents one's own internal state and vice versa. If you're feeling bad, you'll look at life from that perspective. Judgments and blasphemies in this regard only reflect one's own unbalanced and insecure mental/mental state. If you judge other people, you are only condemning yourself. If you hate other people, then you ultimately only hate yourself. Your lived hatred is therefore only self-hatred or an expression of a lack of self-love and this lack of self-love is of course reflected in a low energy level Level again. For this reason, we should become aware again that no person in the world has the right to judge another person's life. At the end of the day, judgments only lead to the exclusion of other people. You judge another person's life and thus legitimize the exclusion of other people in your own mind. But why should you waste your own life energy with judgments and blasphemies?

Instead of judging, you should rather deal with things that are essentially positive in nature, thoughts that will raise your own energetic level again..!!

Why should one focus only on such lower thoughts, create disagreements, create disharmony? In this way you only reduce your own energetic level and damage yourself. Apart from the fact that no one in the world deserves to be spoken badly about and judged behind their back.

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