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I have often touched on the subject of water and explained how and why water is very changeable and, above all, to what extent the quality of water can be significantly improved, but also deteriorated. In this context, I went into various applicable methods, for example, the liveliness of the water can be restored with amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz alone, you can even energize/inform it in such a way that it almost resembles fresh mountain spring water.

Harmonize water, that's how it works

Harmonize water, that's how it worksIt is similar with precious shungite, which is even more powerful than the previous combination and even contains fluoride information (precious shungite in contact with water forms shungite fullerenes, which in turn are the strongest and most stable antioxidants in the world) should destroy. On the other hand, the quality of water can also be energized by appropriate coasters or even stickers. The flower of life or stickers that say "I love you", with love and gratitude" or "you are beautiful" harmonize water. One of the most effective methods, however, is energizing by thought. The Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto found out that positive thoughts harmonize the structure of water (disharmonic or deformed water crystals arrange themselves harmoniously). In countless experiments he found that water reacts to the vibration of different information (everything is energy, frequency, vibration). Whether it's through the power of thought, words, or even music, since water has a unique ability to remember, it responds to all frequencies.

Due to its consciousness, water has a unique ability to remember and as a result resonates with all information/frequencies/vibrations, which is why it is advisable to inform water with positive information..!!

Disharmonic water crystals can therefore immediately take on a harmonious structure as soon as they are "treated" with positive thoughts (the situation is similar, for example, with plants or even with various fruits of our earth, keyword: rice experiment, basically you can use this principle apply almost anything, for everything in existence is made of energy vibrating at an appropriate frequency - matter is merely condensed energy/low-frequency energy)

Treat it like a living being

Energize/inform waterUltimately, it is therefore important to understand that water - like everything in existence - has a consciousness and as a result reacts to us humans. When we interact with water and imagine that it is unhealthy or bad for us, we significantly affect the quality of the water as a result. A positive approach, in turn, harmonises water (since our organism is largely made up of water, we should also be aware that a negative spectrum of thoughts degrades the quality of our bodily fluids - but that negative thoughts generally have a negative impact on our cells exercise should no longer be a secret). Well then, based on these facts, we should definitely energize water simply because by doing so we can vastly improve the quality and subsequently supply our body with a much higher quality fluid. In this context, one could also treat the water like a living being and treat it with love. Personally, for example, in the last few months/years I've gotten into the habit of literally blessing the water while drinking or beforehand (but mostly while drinking) and mentally describing it as divine. This immediately gives me a positive feeling and I tell myself or feel internally that the water is good for me, which automatically energizes it.

Within a few seconds, the quality of water can be significantly improved and the corresponding healing stones are not even necessary. Due to our own mental abilities, we only need our own spirit, which is harmoniously aligned/charged during the treatment..!!

It may sound crazy, but Emoto's experiments were unequivocal and clearly demonstrated that the quality of water can be completely changed in a moment with the power of your imagination alone. At the end of the day, you could use countless methods for that, but which one you choose is entirely up to you. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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