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As I have mentioned many times in my articles, the quintessence of our universe is that which constitutes our ground and, in parallel, gives form to our existence, consciousness. The entire creation, everything that exists, is permeated by a great spirit/consciousness and is an expression of this spiritual structure. Again, consciousness is made up of energy. Since everything in existence is of a mental/spiritual nature, everything consequently consists of energy. Here one also likes to speak of energetic states or energy, which in turn oscillates at a corresponding frequency. Energy can have a high or even a low vibration level.

The effects of heavy energies

Heavy Energies - Light EnergiesAs far as the “low/diminished” frequency ranges are concerned, one also likes to speak of heavy energies. Here one could also speak of so-called dark energies. Ultimately, heavy energies only mean energetic states that firstly have a low frequency, secondly have a negative influence on our own physical and psychological constitution and thirdly are responsible for us feeling bad as a result. Heavy energies, i.e. energies that put a strain on our own energetic system, are usually also a result of negative thoughts. For example, if you are arguing with a person, angry, hateful, fearful, jealous or even envious, then all these feelings are energetically low in nature. They feel heavy, distressing, in some ways paralyzing, making us ill and detracting from our own well-being. That is why one likes to speak of energetically dense states here as well. As a result, these energies also thicken our own ethereal clothing, slow down the spin of our chakras, "slow down" our own energetic flow and can even trigger chakra blockages.

Mental overload is always transferred to our own body in the long run, which in turn leads to physical problems..!!

When this happens, the corresponding physical areas are no longer supplied with enough life energy, which in the long run can lead to serious illnesses. For example, if a person has a blockage in the root chakra, this could eventually lead to intestinal disorders.

Connecting our chakras to our spirit

Networking of chakrasOf course, mental problems also flow into this. A person who constantly suffers from existential fears, for example, blocks his own root chakra, which in turn promotes diseases in this region. Ultimately, existential fears that are legitimized in one's own spirit would also be heavy energies. Your own mind would then permanently generate "heavy energies", which in turn would burden your own root chakra/intestinal area. In this context, each chakra is also linked to certain mental conflicts. For example, existential fears are associated with the root chakra, an unsatisfactory sex life with the sacral chakra, weakness of will or having no self-confidence would be associated with a blocked solar plexus chakra, the permanent legitimization of hatred in one's own spirit would be due to a closed heart chakra, a person who is usually very is introverted and never dares to express his opinion, would have a closed throat chakra, a lack of a sense of mysticism, of spirituality + purely materially oriented thinking is expressed in a blockage of the forehead chakra and a feeling of inner isolation, a feeling of disorientation or a permanent feeling of emptiness (no meaning in life) would in turn be linked to the crown chakra. All of these mental conflicts would be permanent production sites of heavy energies that would make us ill in the long run. The feeling of heavy energies is also very overwhelming. For example, if you have a fight with a loved one, then this is anything but liberating, inspiring or even characterized by euphoria, on the contrary, it is very stressful for your own mind. Of course, it must also be said at this point that these energies, just like shadow parts, have their justification.

Overall, shadow parts and negative thoughts/energies are just as important for our own well-being as positive parts/energies. In this context, everything is also a part of our own existence, aspects that always make our own current mental state clear to us..!! 

They always make us aware of our own missing spiritual + divine connection and serve us in the form of valuable lessons. Nevertheless, these energies destroy us in the long run and should be replaced by light energies over time. We humans always have the choice of which energies we produce with the help of our own mind and which not. We are the designers of our own destiny, the creators of our own reality. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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