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shadow parts

Every human being has different high-vibrating and low-vibrating parts/aspects. These are partly positive parts, i.e. aspects of our own mind that are mental, harmonious or even peaceful in nature and on the other hand there are also aspects that are disharmonious, egoistic or negative in nature. As far as the negative parts are concerned, one often speaks of so-called shadow parts, negative aspects of a person that are responsible for the fact that we like to keep ourselves trapped in self-imposed vicious cycles and secondly keep our own missing emotional connection in mind.  

All aspects are within us

All aspects are within usIn this context, I have often written in my texts that we are in an age in which these parts are completely dissolved or transformed into positive parts, that we humans are developing massively due to a huge cosmic cycle, our drastically increase your own vibration frequency and as a result no longer have to be subject to shadow parts, so that these then no longer receive any attention due to our own mental development. Nevertheless, this also raises a lot of questions and so I have been asked several times lately whether these parts will then also disappear completely, whether their existence will then disappear completely or what will happen to these aspects in general. Well, the bottom line is that these parts aren't going to go away or even vanish into thin air. It is much more an acceptance or the attainment of a more profound understanding in this regard, which in turn means that we can finally draw a line, let go, and then direct our focus only to creating a positive state of consciousness can. Ultimately, the shadow parts are also a part of us and are just waiting to be transformed into positive parts. At some point these parts will simply no longer play a role for us humans and will no longer dominate our own mind in any way. Still, of course, these parts will always be there, but much more as an inactive aspect of our own existence. At the end of the day everything is already in us, we ourselves represent a complete/complex universe in which all information is embedded. When this process is "completed", then we mainly only live out the "positive information", the high-vibrating aspects of our own reality, since we then no longer need the negative aspects, since we have then grown beyond ourselves and the learning process regarding our own shadow parts, is complete. We simply no longer need these shares. We then no longer keep ourselves trapped in dualitarian patterns, no longer judge, are no longer subject to dependencies and then only maintain our own positively aligned state of consciousness. However, these aspects will never disappear completely.

Every human being represents a complex universe, which in turn is surrounded by innumerable universes and is located in a complex universe..!!

It's just aspects of our own reality that are then just "inactive", no longer dominating us, no longer useful for us, but still exist in our own reality. In a person - who, for example, has a completely negative attitude, has destructive thoughts and is currently only experiencing suffering, all positive aspects also exist. Exactly in such a person there is also the ability to feel happiness again. These high-vibrating aspects are just not lived out at this point in time, but they still exist and can be lived out again at any time. This is basically how it works with our own shadow parts. Therefore, nothing disappears, all information/energies/frequencies, all states are already embedded in our own mind and it only depends on ourselves which states we legitimize in our own mind and which not. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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