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In the last few months, especially even in the last few weeks, there has been repeated talk of a major event that will again reach us on September 23, 2017. Some people even speak of the beginning of the so-called end times, others expect the return of Jesus on this day, others speak of a planet X (Nibiru), which will either collide with the earth, or race past the earth and generate enormous energies should bring with it, on the other hand many people also speak of the Last Judgment, a day on which the wheat is to be separated from the chaff, again others, for example the mass media, speak of course again of an end of the world/apocalypse, - making this cosmic event ridiculous. The fact that an apocalypse will take place or that it will continue to progress should no longer be a secret, at least not if you are aware that apocalypse literally means revelation, unveiling or unveiling.

Is the world coming to an end, or is the world developing much more?!! A little basic knowledge for a better understanding

awakeningOne thing is certain, the world will definitely not end on this day, there is no doubt about that and no one should be afraid of that. Ultimately, these doomsday scenarios are mainly picked up by the mass media in order to downplay cosmic events (there is never reference to sources that say that such days serve the further development of the collective state of consciousness or bring with them other important processes, but that would be the case then also own goals). That's why headlines such as: "Conspiracy theorists predict the end of the world" should no longer surprise anyone. Well then, what will definitely happen on this day and what this day will usher in are 100% 2 things. On the one hand, on this day + in the following days, massive cosmic irradiations/influences will reach us, whereby the vibrational frequency of our planet (everything in existence is mental in nature, consists of consciousness, is an expression of consciousness and has a consciousness that in turn is based on a... corresponding frequency||Everything is energy - consciousness consists of energy/energetic states that have individual frequency states||If you want to understand the universe then think in terms of energy/frequency/movement/information/vibration), is raised even more and we People become much more sensitive.

We humans are currently adjusting our vibration to that of the earth, which means we automatically become more sensitive and deal with the deeper meaning of our unique life again..!! 

This increase in the earth's vibration automatically forces an increase in our own frequency, which calls on us humans to create more space for positivity. If the earth stays permanently at a high frequency, then sooner or later all living beings on this planet will have to follow suit and also increase their frequency.

The people are awakening – collective development

Collective development - The people are awakeningIn this regard, this high frequency state is often equated with a so-called 5th dimension. The 5th dimension does not mean a place in itself, but rather a state of consciousness that permanently remains at a high frequency, a state of consciousness in which higher thoughts and emotions find their place, one could also speak of a positively oriented mind, from which a completely harmonious/peaceful reality constantly emerges. In the past centuries, however, there has been a predominantly “low-frequency” circumstance, which is why there has been a lot of space for suffering, fears, negative thoughts in general, lies and disinformation. This is why there has always been so much exploitation and chaos on our planet. In exactly the same way, this circumstance also ensured that most people always had to struggle with various mental problems, had hardly any connection to nature (being in harmony with nature), and were rather ignorant (people got their knowledge from media instances In the end, however, disinformation was spread, true reasons about planetary circumstances were deliberately kept secret - containment of our spirit) and, above all, were very materially oriented (earn a lot of money, live in luxury, represent something because of a respected activity/work). However, on December 21, 2012, the Age of Aquarius began and our solar system again reached a higher-frequency area of ​​our galaxy (due to its own orbit). Since then, our planet has experienced a continuous increase in vibration, which automatically initiated a quantum leap into awakening. Since then, more and more people have become more awake and are once again dealing with their own source - their own spirit.

September 23, 2017 definitely heralds a new phase in the process of spiritual awakening, whereby many more people will be confronted with the truth about our planet..!!

At the same time, and now we come to the second definitely relevant aspect, more and more people were dealing with the true background of various political actions, and human history began again, all the wars + terrorist attacks, the suffering in this world + especially the banking system questioning. So more and more people realized that a lot of things are going wrong on our planet, that there are powerful backers who control states, have “almost” gained control of the entire financial system, are occultist in nature and are striving for a world government, a world in which these Elites live in unlimited wealth and we are their hard-working slaves (The New World Order plan is of course much more complex).

Humanity is becoming more sensitive + unbiased

Humanity is becoming more sensitiveDue to the newly begun Age of Aquarius, a global apocalypse simply began, a worldwide unveiling/revelation/unveiling that progresses more and more, takes on ever larger dimensions and increasingly exposes the illusory world built around our minds. Since then, the truth about our world has spread like wildfire and every year more people wake up from this illusion, see through our chaotic world and work for peace in the world again. In contrast to previous times, this discovery of truth is also unstoppable. People simply become more sensitive, more sensitive, less judgmental and manage to free themselves from the clutches of their own judgmental mind (EGO mind||materially oriented world view). In the 90s, for example, this would have been impossible. At that time, anyone who made such claims would have been defamed as a crackpot and you yourself would have experienced exclusion from all sides (What is he talking about, that doesn't correspond to my normal world, not what I have learned, my conditioned + inherited Worldview, he must be a weirdo, I don't want to have anything to do with someone like that). Of course, there is still discrediting in this regard, especially the system media (our media are aligned and represent elitist/Western interests - spread disinformation and carry out a lot of war propaganda) are trying with all their might to specifically denigrate people who know about these things. For example, more famous personalities who draw attention to this are often labeled as conspiracy theorists and are excluded and literally attacked. This judgmental approach still prevails within the population, but it is decreasing from year to year.

More and more people are currently recognizing their own judgments, understanding again how much these limited their own horizons + curbed their own mental abilities and are consequently becoming significantly freer in their own thinking + actions..!!

The number of so-called system guards is constantly decreasing (system guards - people who protect the system - which they perceive as normal) with all their might and judge everyone, - exclude everyone who does not follow the system and has different opinions in this regard) . Well, to come back to the major event on September 23rd, September 23rd will definitely contribute to one thing: it will massively promote the awakening of the collective state of consciousness and will be responsible for even more people recognizing the illusory world again (containment of consciousness ), whereby the quantum leap into awakening will definitely reach a new phase.

What exactly happens on September 23rd from an astrological perspective?!

Basically, on September 23rd we will experience a very special cosmic event that is estimated to occur every 7000 years. On this day, a unique planetary constellation appears in the constellation of Virgo, which was predicted thousands of years ago. The sun is in the area of ​​Virgo's head, while the crescent of the now waxing moon (the moon will be in its waxing phase again from tomorrow) lies at her feet. In parallel, Mercury, Mars and Venus are in the constellation of Leo and, together with the stars of the zodiac sign, form 12 stars above the head of Virgo. The constellation of Virgo is illuminated by the sun, and this time Jupiter also shines directly in the constellation of Virgo, in an area that could definitely be considered a womb. This event takes place over Jerusalem and, as already mentioned, was predicted.

And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. And she is with child and cries out in labor pains and in pain and is about to give birth. Revelation 12,1:2-XNUMX

  1. Venus, Mars and Mercury in Leo
  2. The sun covers the Virgin's head
  3. Jupiter, the king, leaves the area in Virgo that can certainly be called the womb.
  4. The moon, the false gods/teachings, at the feet of the Virgin.
September 23rd

Quelle: http://schnittpunkt2012.blogspot.de/2017/08/was-passiert-am-23-september-2017.html

The whole thing was written down in extremely comprehensive and very detailed form in this article: The grand finale

If you look at these quotes, you absolutely cannot deny the incredible number of parallels that are relevant to the event on September 23rd. In the same way, one cannot downplay this unique star constellation, which is estimated to only occur every 7000 years. Basically, this event is an extremely rare phenomenon and can be compared to a major cosmic event. Based on the precise explanation, I can absolutely understand that many people now assume that Jesus would come back, because everything points to that. However, to me this means something completely different and it does not mean the birth of Jesus Christ per se, but rather the birth of the Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness (also called cosmic state of consciousness) means an extremely high state of consciousness in which unconditional love, harmony and peace are permanently present.
Highly energetic times await usThis is also referred to as a completely positive state of consciousness. A state in which you accept everything unconditionally, love everything unconditionally and are no longer subject to shadow parts/karmic patterns (a consciousness in balance). The name of this state of consciousness is therefore a special reference to Jesus Christ and means a state of consciousness that represents his principles (The embodiment of purity, of light and above all of unconditional love - The creation of a completely clear state of consciousness). This day and especially the following days, weeks and months simply announce a final spurt in the process of spiritual awakening, during which more and more people will enter the light (in harmony) and thus massively expand/inspire the collective state of consciousness .

We humans are now reaching a phase in which the planetary awakening or the awakening of the collective state of consciousness will take on completely new features..!!

A new phase in the quantum leap into awakening will now be initiated and we humans will now be called upon more than ever to finally jump over our own shadows, put aside our own fears and give shadow parts in transformation/redemption again. For us it is therefore again about our own light work, about our personal relationship to our soul and, above all, about overcoming all old programming (negative conditioning, beliefs, convictions, habits, behavior).

In the coming days, weeks and months we will enter a highly energetic phase that will most likely be even more intense than the influences of the past few weeks..!!

For this reason, we can also assume that extremely strong energetic influences will once again reach us in the next few days, which will massively favor the spread of truth + the further development of our collective state of consciousness. In the end, it is actually quite certain that such a high energetic environment will then reach us, which would be anything but untypical for the current times, as the past few weeks have been repeatedly marked by days in which we have a huge... cosmic irradiation reached.

The Planet X

The Planet XAn important aspect that I have not yet discussed and that should definitely be mentioned here is the arrival of the so-called Planet X (Nibiru). There has been a lot of reporting recently about Planet X in particular and the topic is extremely polarizing in this regard. Some people assume that this planet will collide with the Earth and cause the end of the world, which I personally rule out. Other people are convinced that this planet will pass our Earth and, due to its magnetism, will cause a significant shift in the Earth's axis. On the other hand, there are also people who completely laugh at the topic and don't get anything out of it. Ultimately, these people always rely on statements from NASA, which always asserts that this planet does not exist. But the fact that NASA can hardly be believed increases the probability for me personally that this planet might even exist. So NASA is ultimately just an association that keeps countless things from people, covers up phenomena, stages events and is completely under the control of elite families. As far as NASA's credibility is concerned, I can compare it with our puppet state and only say one thing about it: believe nothing, question everything and assume that false information is being deliberately given out. Well, when it comes to Planet

On September 23rd, Planet

In addition to the shift in our earth's axis, this should also trigger a huge energy impulse, which would ultimately accelerate the spiritual awakening on our planet. In this context, Planet X is also said to be exactly like the unique star constellation predicted:

And another sign appeared in heaven, and, behold, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven crowns; 4 And his tail took away a third part of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she had given birth he might devour her child. (Daniel 8.10).

The red dragon refers to the Planex X Nibiru, which in turn is supposed to pass through the zodiac sign of Virgo and subsequently race past our planet. A few days later or almost 2 weeks later, the planet will also completely eclipse the sun and make the corresponding full moon appear blood red (on October 5, 2017). This event is also quoted accordingly:


I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a big earthquake. The sun became black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the entire moon became blood red (Rev. 6,12:XNUMX.)


Then another sign appeared in the sky: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads (Revelation 12:3.)

It remains to be seen whether Planet X will appear in this context, but in my opinion this would definitely be possible. More and more users on the Internet are drawing attention to various Google Sky recordings in which certain areas have simply been retouched. Well, what exactly will happen remains to be seen. One thing is certain, however, the coming phase will be very intense for all of humanity and we can assume that now, especially on September 23, 2017, a new phase will be initiated. A phase that will extend the quantum leap into awakening. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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    • incognito 8. April 2019, 0: 47

      This means the holy three kings (meaning the three planets) announce the inner wealth (meaning nine stars) of the forty-two-year-old virgin. A child cries out for love (love is born)

    incognito 8. April 2019, 0: 47

    This means the holy three kings (meaning the three planets) announce the inner wealth (meaning nine stars) of the forty-two-year-old virgin. A child cries out for love (love is born)