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Letting go is currently a topic that many people are dealing with intensively. There are different situations/occurrences/events or even people that you absolutely have to let go of in order to be able to move forward in life again. On the one hand, it's mostly about failed relationships that you try with all your might to save a former partner that you still love with all your heart and because of that you can't let go. On the other hand, letting go could also refer to deceased people who can no longer be forgotten. In exactly the same way, letting go can also relate to workplace situations or living conditions, daily situations that are emotionally stressful and just waiting to be clarified. This article is mainly about letting go of former life partners, how to accomplish such a project, what letting go really means and, above all, how you can receive and live out joy in your own life again.

What letting go really means!

let goIn yesterday's article about the new moon I have already pointed out that letting go is something that is often misunderstood by many people. We often have the feeling that letting go means forgetting or even pushing away people with whom we have developed a special bond, people who we love deeply and without whom we apparently cannot live. But letting go means something completely different. Basically it's about doing something lets gothat you let things flow freely and don't fixate on one thought. For example, if a partner has separated from you, then letting go in this context simply means letting that person be, not restricting them in any way and giving them their freedom. If you don't let go and can't come to terms with the situation, it always ends up robbing you of your own freedom. You have the feeling that you couldn't exist without the person in question and you remain completely stuck in this train of thought. Ultimately, these thoughts always lead to you acting irrationally and pushing your partner into a corner sooner or later. If you cannot come to terms with your inner self and sink into sadness, then this will usually always lead to you undermining your own true self, selling yourself short and, above all, communicating a lower status. After a while you will start to despair inside and contact your ex-partner in some way. As a rule, this venture goes wrong because you haven't completed it yourself and are looking for contact out of desperation. Due to the law of resonance (energy always attracts energy of the same intensity), this project will only be successful if the ex-partner himself were desperate and felt similarly, then you would be on the same level and would vibrate on the same frequency. But it is usually the case that the former partner moves forward and becomes freer, while you hold on to your desire to get together with all your might and thus block your own progress in life.

Focus on your mind instead of someone else's..!!

That's why it's important in such cases not to contact your ex-partner and to concentrate more on your own mind, body and soul. I know from my own experience that it is of course much easier said than done. But only if you concentrate fully on yourself again, if you view the past relationship as an educational experience and grow beyond yourself again, will you pave the way for a successful and happy future. Otherwise, over time, you will find yourself stuck in a dead end and you will only get more suffering from the situation you have created in your mind.

The prevailing confusion about letting go

let go-loveIn the same way, a lot of confusion is caused by claiming that you can win back former partners by letting go of these people. But this is exactly where the crux of the matter is. How are you supposed to win back a person, or in this case a partner, if you convince yourself that by letting go you will win that person back? That is the crucial problem. If you have such a way of thinking and subconsciously strive to win back, then your ex-partner will usually only distance himself more from you, as you are subliminally signaling to the universe that you have not yet finished and that you are in this person own life needed. In such moments you deceive yourself, especially when you internally think that you would sink into sadness if the project failed. If you find yourself in a situation like this, ask yourself if you could live with it if your ex-partner got a new partner, if you never got back together and he/she went about life without you. How do you feel about that thought? Have you finished this or are such thoughts still causing you pain? If the latter is the case, then you may be in for a disappointment. If you then contact your ex-partner, he will notice after a short time that you have not yet finished and will show you this mental state. He will then reflect your dissatisfaction to you by rejecting you and making it clear to you that “WE” will no longer become anything. You then become yourself disappointed. The self-imposed delusion that everything is good and that you will/could win your ex-partner back then dissolves and what remains is the pain, the realization that this is not the case and that you are still stuck in a hole.

Use your energy to shape your own life..!!

But if you have completely finished yourself and no longer need your partner at all, if you manage to become happy again on your own, then there is a possibility that you will attract your ex-partner back into your life. The quicker you learn to complete, the more likely such a scenario will be realizable. If you break up after a long-term relationship, be sure that your ex-partner still feels love for you. The sooner you concentrate on your own life and the less energy you devote to your ex-partner (preferably none at all), the higher the probability that he will then contact you and move towards you.

The lack of connection to the divine self

Soulmate, True LoveThe pain of separation can be very bad, paralyzing you and causing you to fall into a deep hole. You constantly tell yourself that you couldn't exist without the person, a fallacy created by your own selfish mind. At some point, such thinking also resembles an addiction. You are addicted to the love of other people and would give anything to be able to experience that love again for just a few minutes. But this thinking shows you that you are not thinking about yourself, but about the other person. You have lost your own self-love and are looking for happiness outside. But love, joy, contentment, happiness etc. are all things that are hidden deep within oneself. If you loved yourself completely, then you wouldn't be stuck in this dilemma, then you would be much more accepting of the situation and no longer feel any pain from this mental scenario, then you would be indifferent to the whole thing somewhere (Not the former partner per se, but the circumstance would then be irrelevant). A separation always reflects your own missing parts that you only seem to recognize in the other person. Mental parts that would like to be lived by yourself again. Someone who cannot come to terms with a separation and falls into deep depression is automatically reminded of the lack of connection to the divine self. Even if you don't want to hear this or have already heard it countless times, I'll tell you that it's all about you becoming happy again on your own, and accomplishing this project without the appropriate partner. Never forget that your life is only about you and your well-being, after all, it is your life. Don't get it wrong, this doesn't mean that only your own well-being and your own life count, but rather that your own happiness is crucial for your life. After all, you are not living another person's life, but you are who you are, a powerful creator of your own reality, an expression of a divine convergence, a unique human being who deserves to be happy and, above all, to be loved.

Never forget that you are the source!!

For this reason, I advise you to concentrate entirely on yourself and your life. Change your life and break out of the negative mental structures in order to be able to receive love and happiness again. You are the universe, you are the source and that source should create love instead of pain in the long run. It's about your inner healing process and if you master this again, then you will with 100% certainty attract a circumstance into your life that is full of happiness and love. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 

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