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Every person has certain goals in their life. As a rule, one of the main goals is to become completely happy or to lead a happy life. Even if this plan is usually difficult for us to achieve due to our own mental problems, almost every person strives for happiness, harmony, inner peace, love and joy. But we humans aren't the only ones who strive for this. Animals also ultimately strive for harmonious conditions, for balance. Of course, animals act much more out of instinct, for example a lion goes hunting and kills other animals, but a lion also does this to keep his own life + his pride intact. This principle can also be easily observed in nature.

The pursuit of balance

GlückThanks to sunlight, water, carbon dioxide (other substances are also crucial for growth) and complex material processes, the plant world thrives splendidly and does everything it can to live in order to bloom and remain intact. In exactly the same way, atoms strive for balance, for energetically stable states, and this happens through an atomic outer shell full of electrons. Atoms whose outer shells are not fully occupied with electrons take in electrons from other atoms due to their attractive forces triggered by the positive nucleus until the outer shell is fully occupied. The electrons are released by atoms whose penultimate shell is fully occupied and thus the penultimate, fully occupied shell becomes the outermost one Peel. As you can see, a striving for balance and harmonious conditions can be found everywhere. But if this is the case, then why are so few people actually happy? Why do most people in our world today feel so badly, why do only a few people permanently feel a sense of contentment and happiness? Since we humans have existed, we have strived to be able to lead a completely happy life, but why do we burden ourselves every day with mental problems that we ultimately created ourselves? Why do we get in the way of our own happiness? Well, of course it is important to mention at this point that humanity has been in a so-called subtle war for thousands of years, a war that is about the suppression of our souls, our kind-hearted side. In this war, which is currently culminating in the apocalyptic years (apocalypse = unveiling, revelation - the revelation/truth about our world), a parallel world was created in which a lot of space was created for the development of our own egoistic minds .

Because of our own selfish minds, we often act irrationally and lower our own vibrational frequency..!!

The so-called ego mind clouds our own state of consciousness and keeps its vibration frequency low - by creating/acting out negative thoughts. Every negative action in this context results from our own selfish mind. Situations in which we suffer and therefore feel separated from creation, from our divine source, from all-encompassing love are therefore self-created illusions.

Everything is one and one is everything. We are all connected to the entire existence on a spiritual level!!

Separation only exists in our minds, but in itself there is no separation because everything is connected. On a spiritual, immaterial level, everything is interconnected. This is exactly how we humans can become happy again at any time. We are able to change our own thought patterns and revise old beliefs that stand in the way of happiness. Apart from that, we can create a life according to our ideas based on our own mental abilities.

Complete happiness - perfectly happy?

Golden ageOur own wishes are also closely linked to happiness or the realization of a happy state of consciousness. In this context, every person has certain wishes and dreams. However, there are dreams that hold us back from our current life, dreams that we spend our entire lives chasing after without actively working to realize them. A person who has an extremely high number of wishes in this regard, for example, creates little space for the realization of a wish. A person who, in turn, has few desires creates space for the realization of several desires, creates space for the development of his mind. Too many desires keep us from living/prospering in the present. Instead of working actively and with joy on the realization of a wish (putting complete focus on it) or generally enjoying the present moment, you get caught up in the different dreams and thus do not use the potential of the present moment. However, the potential to live happily (there is no way to happiness, being happy is the way) lies dormant in every person and can be used again at any time, in this moment. Maybe you can also use this happiness by becoming completely happy again, i.e. no longer having any desires. As far as that goes, the YouTuber has it Time4Evolution created a very interesting video on this topic. In his video he explains exactly how you can become completely happy and does so in an understandable way. The video is titled: “What is happiness? – And how you can become the happiest person on this planet!” and should definitely be watched!

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