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Recently the topic of enlightenment and expanding consciousness has become more and more popular. More and more people are becoming interested in spiritual topics, gaining more insight into their own origins and ultimately understanding that there is far more to our lives than previously assumed. But not only can one currently see a growing spiritual interest, one can also increasingly observe people who experience different enlightenments and expansions of consciousness, insights that shake their own lives from the ground up. In the following article you will find out what enlightenment is and how you can experience it and how you can tell that you have had such an experience.

What is an enlightenment?

What is an enlightenment?Basically, enlightenment is easy to explain, it is not something extremely mystical or even something completely abstract, something that is hardly comprehensible to one's own mind. Of course, such topics are often mystified, but this is completely understandable for someone who has dealt with such a topic. Well, ultimately, enlightenment means a drastic expansion of consciousness, a sudden realization that results in profound changes in one's own consciousness and subconscious. As far as expansions of consciousness itself are concerned, we experience them every day, every second, in every place. As mentioned in my last article, your own consciousness is constantly expanding with new experiences.

One's own consciousness expands continuously due to its space-timeless structural nature..!!

In exactly the same way, when you read this text, you expand your consciousness to include the experience of reading this text. If you lie in your bed in the evening and look back on the day, if necessary, look back on this situation, then you will notice that your consciousness has expanded to include new experiences and information. You had a completely individual experience (everything was different - day/time/weather/life/your mental/emotional state - no two moments are the same), which in turn expanded your consciousness.

Enlightenment means a massive expansion of consciousness that completely changes one's understanding of life..!!

Of course, we do not consider such an expansion of consciousness to be an enlightenment, because the small, daily expansions of consciousness do not have a massive influence on one's own understanding of life and are rather inconspicuous to one's own mind. Enlightenment, on the other hand, means a massive expansion of consciousness, a sudden realization, for example through intensive thinking/philosophizing, which has a drastic influence on one's own understanding of life. A huge expansion of consciousness, which in turn is extremely noticeable to your own mind. Ultimately, such enlightenment always transports us to a higher level of consciousness and causes us to look at life from completely new perspectives.

How does one experience enlightenment?

Experience an enlightenmentWell, as far as my personal experiences are concerned, one achieves enlightenment by, for example, philosophizing intensively about a certain topic, for example why mind rules over matter, and then drawing new conclusions based on this intensive "thought". Insights that were previously completely unknown to you. The main thing is to feel the corresponding knowledge with your own intuitive mind and to be able to interpret it correctly. A new, groundbreaking insight that makes you tremble and triggers a strong euphoria within you. Feeling the realization is extremely important and a factor that is crucial for enlightenment. For example, I can read through a text about the task of my own soul, but if I don't feel it written down correctly, then this knowledge will not have a dramatic influence on my own consciousness. You read through the text and can perhaps understand a little of what is being said, but this doesn't really broaden your own horizons because you can't really feel the thoughts written down. Nevertheless, there are of course aids that can lead to enlightenment, for example some drugs - keyword DMT/THC (even if I don't want to encourage any consumption here | standard safety clause), or even a natural diet - strong detoxifications that make your own consciousness clearer.

There are various aids, such as detoxification treatments, that can promote an enlightenment experience..!!

Before I had my first epiphany, I started an intensive tea detoxification treatment. I think that this detoxification, this cleansing of my body and consciousness, contributed to this enlightenment. On the day of enlightenment, I smoked a joint without having any intention of wanting to experience enlightenment. Back then, I didn't even know what enlightenment was exactly and what it might feel like.

It is of the utmost importance not to force enlightenment. This would only move us further away from such an experience (an exception would be strong mind-altering substances that would be used specifically to expand one's own consciousness)

Here we come to the next point, letting go. There is no point in convulsively insisting on enlightenment or forcing one; it will never lead to strong expansions of consciousness. When I had my epiphanies, I was never prepared for this and never even had it in mind. If you let go of this topic and no longer focus on it mentally, then you will attract the corresponding experience into your life faster than you can see. In this way you stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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