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Soul Plan

Every living being has a soul. The soul represents our connection to the divine convergence, to higher vibrating worlds/frequencies and always appears in different ways on a material level. Basically, the soul is far more than just our connection to divinity. Ultimately, the soul is our true self, our inner voice, our sensitive, merciful being that slumbers in every human being and is just waiting to be lived by us again. In this context, it is often said that the soul represents a connection to the 5th dimension and is also responsible for the creation of our so-called soul plan. In the following article you will find out exactly what the soul plan is, why it is waiting for our realization, what the soul ultimately is and, above all, what this energetically light structure is really all about.

What is the soul – our true selves?!!

What is the soul - Our true self

To be honest, one could define the soul in many different ways. For this reason I try to look at the whole topic from different perspectives in this article. For one thing, it looks like the soul represents our 5th dimensional, high vibrating self. The 5 dimension is, as far as that is concerned, not a place or spatiality/dimension per se. We often mystify things that do not correspond to our own world view and imagine everything in this regard in a very abstract way. However, it is important to understand that the 5th dimension is not a place in itself, but rather a state of consciousness from which to draw a positive circumstance. One could also speak of a state of consciousness in which higher emotions and thoughts find their place. In this context, the entire existence is only an expression of an overarching consciousness that is individualized and permanently experiences itself. Consciousness, in turn, consists of concentrated energy. This bundled energy or these energetic states oscillate at an individual frequency. The higher the frequency at which our state of consciousness vibrates, the lighter our own subtle basis becomes (an energetic decondensation takes place). On the other hand, a state of consciousness that vibrates at a low frequency causes one's own subtle basis to become denser (an energetic densification takes place). Positive thoughts of any kind increase our own vibrational frequency, one feels lighter/more joyful/energetic. Negative thoughts in turn reduce one's own vibration frequency, one feels increasingly heavier/sluggish/lifeless. So the more positive your own range of thoughts, the stronger the "connection to the 5th dimension". The soul is, as far as that is concerned, our 5-dimensional, high-vibrational, energetically light aspect. For example, every time you raise your vibrational frequency, when you create a positive circumstance, i.e. being kind, courteous, compassionate, loving, selfless, happy, peaceful, content, etc., you are acting from your soul mind, your true self, in those moments.

Light and love, the 2 highest vibrating states...!!

Why your real self? Because the core of our existence, the core of the entire universe is based on harmony, peace and love. These basic principles, which on the one hand also appear as universal laws (The hermetic principle of harmony or balance), are essential for human flourishing and give our lives a certain drive. Without love, no living being could exist in the long run (see the Kaspar-Hauser experiment).

The soul - the root of our existence

mental-mindOf course, in today's chaotic world, we are constantly being given the image of a selfish person. But man is not fundamentally selfish, quite the opposite, even if the social and media complex repeatedly reminds us of this misguided belief, man is in and of itself a loving and unbiased being (see infants). But in today's meritocracy, one could also say in today's energetically dense world, we are brought up to be egoists (the desired education of our selfish mind). For this reason there is currently talk of a war of souls, a battle between light and darkness. Basically it just means a battle between the egoistic/3-dimensional/dense and psychic/5-dimensional/light mind, a permanent battle between positive and negative thoughts/emotions. It is now 2016 and the intensity of this struggle is enormous. Humanity is in a transition into the 5th Dimension, a transition into a high-traffic world that requires a compelling acceptance and confrontation with our egoistic minds. Ultimately, this transformation also means that we begin to act out of our true self, our soul. Acting from the soul increases our own vibration frequency, allows us to create higher emotions and thoughts, which in turn has a very positive effect on our own physical and mental constitution. A stronger connection to the spiritual mind also results in a stronger connection to God. Because of our egoistic mind, we often feel separate from God, holding ourselves captive in a self-imposed illusion, thus legitimizing an energetically dense circumstance in our own mind.

The connection to the spiritual mind leads us into the divine ground...!!

But God is permanently present, expresses himself in all existing states and experiences himself as an individualized consciousness at all times. But if you regain a strong connection to the spiritual mind, then you will be granted higher thoughts, which also includes knowledge about the divine convergence is concerned. One becomes aware again that God is constantly present, that all of nature, even every human being, is an image of this intelligent creative spirit.

The realization of our soul plan

the-realization-of-our-soul-planThe more one acts out of one's own spiritual understanding, the closer one gets to the realization of one's own soul plan. In this context, the soul plan is a life plan that is created by the soul before a new incarnation. For that matter, every soul resides in reincarnation cycle. This cycle is ultimately responsible for keeping us humans caught in a constant game of life and death. As soon as our physical shells disintegrate and "death" occurs (death is merely a frequency change), our soul reaches the afterlife (the afterlife has nothing to do with what is propagated/suggested to us by religious authorities). Once there, the soul develops a soul plan or changes the existing soul plan, improves it, determines events, goals, place of incarnation/family, etc. in it. As soon as we are then reborn, we forget our soul plan because of the newly received physical garment, but still subconsciously strive for its realization. The complete realization of one's own being and, above all, the realization of the deepest desires of the heart are also anchored in this soul plan. The more one acts from one's own spiritual mind, the sooner one realizes one's own soul plan and consequently experiences the increased manifestation/realization of one's heart's desires. Of course, this is a process that does not take place overnight, but rather requires countless incarnations. One's own soul incarnates again and again in order to be able to move closer to this realization, to be able to develop further.wrap to be able to At some point you reach an incarnation in which exactly this is made possible. Your own mental, spiritual and physical development is then so far advanced that you break the cycle of reincarnation and act completely out of your own mental presence, i.e. create a completely positive circumstance. Due to the newly beginning platonic year, the best conditions for the development of one's own spiritual mind currently prevail. Humanity is currently being flooded with a massive cosmic irradiance and as a result is once again able to realize the potential of the true self. For this reason, more and more people in the world are committed to peace, can no longer identify with the energetically dense machinations of various politicians/lobbyists, become spiritually free and thus live out a larger emotional part. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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