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The Akashic Records or Universal Storage, Space Ether, the Fifth Element, World memory, known as the star house of memories, soul space and primal substance, is an omnipresent, everlasting basic energetic structure that has been extensively discussed by a wide variety of scientists, physicists and philosophers. This all-encompassing basic energetic framework draws into our entire life, represents the energetic aspect of our true primal ground and functions in this context as a space-timeless one, energetic information medium. Everything that ever happened, happens and will happen in the vastness of universal creation already exists and is immortalized in this immaterial network.

An everlasting storage medium!

akasha-record-storage-aspectThe term Akashic Records is often used to describe the storage aspect of our immaterial ground. Away from our material level of existence, there is an energetic network that is given form by intelligent spirit/consciousness, a primal ground that stores/accommodates all information/thoughts due to its space-timeless, structural nature. In this context, one could also speak of an overarching information pool in which all information is embedded and can be received with the help of our consciousness. The higher our current state of consciousness vibrates, the higher the frequented state of the information that one can receive. Everything that exists in this regard is ultimately energy, energetic states that vibrate at appropriate frequencies and flow through any material state. Matter in this context is just energy, a dense energetic state. One could also speak of energy that has a very low vibrational state. There is nothing, but really nothing that doesn't consist of energy. Be it my thoughts, my consciousness, my reality, my words and deeds, everything ultimately consists only of energetic states vibrating on frequencies. This immaterial primal ground does not require any space-time in order to be able to exist. It is essentially a perpetuum mobile as it exists by itself and can never cease to exist. In this energetic basis is also everything that ever existed and will exist. Everything that has ever happened, is happening, and will happen in universal creation is immortalized in this ubiquitous pool of information. For this reason man does not make any mistakes, because everything that happens should happen in his life in exactly the same way. This includes, above all, actions that are later regretted.

Everything in a person's life should take place exactly as it is currently taking place..!!

An example: If someone has been abstinent for a long time and then treats himself to a stimulant again, then in retrospect you will doubt your own actions. A lot of negativity then arises from this past situation, which burdens our own vibrational state in the form of feelings of guilt or the like. Basically, one should not derive any negativity from it, but rather accept the situation as a desired experience. "It was just supposed to be like that." And of course that's how the situation should be, because there's no physical scenario in which it could have happened differently, otherwise something else would have happened. It just happened that way, it was just meant to be like that, a situation that, like all situations in life, was prescribed, a situation that couldn't have gone any other way.

By restructuring our subconscious, we are able to reshape our own reality at will..!!

We often allow ourselves to be controlled by our conditioned subconscious. As a result, such nagging questions arise again and again in a person's life and burden their existence. But thanks to free will and intellectual creativity, we humans are able to reprogram our subconscious. It also allows us to alter our own current reality, to experience a new vibrational state.

Can one get access to the Akashic Records?

Energy always attracts energy of the same intensityTo come back to the Akashic Chronicle, as already mentioned in the course of the article, this ultimately represents a huge information pool. Represents the storage aspect of the energetic source. We humans are connected to this gigantic, mental information pool due to our consciousness and can therefore think obtain from this source. Ultimately, for this reason, one could also make the assertion that everything in a person's life is already prescribed. In part this is also true. Everything that has ever happened and will happen in a person's life is supposed to happen exactly like this and there are no scenarios in which something else could happen. Compulsively, this assertion would come with a constrained free will. This means that you would not have free will, because no matter what happens, it is already certain. But this assumption is simply wrong. Of course, every human being has free will, can choose for himself which thoughts he would like to realize on a material level, in which direction his life should go. You can select the idea you want to realize from this huge pool of information. In this regard, therefore, it appears that whatever thought one chooses, that which one ultimately realizes through one's own creative power, is what should happen.

Despite free will, what is supposed to happen will always happen..!!

One has a free will and with its help one decides for a coming, future scenario, which then ultimately is the scenario that should happen. Everything is already prescribed, but we still have the free choice and can design the prescribed ourselves. This may sound a little abstract or even complicated, but at the end of the day, the Akashic Record is where all the information is stored and we can therefore tap into this source of information in a self-determined manner to be able to write our story according to our own ideas . In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 

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