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What exactly is the meaning of life? There is probably no question that a person often asks himself in the course of his life. This question usually remains unanswered, but there are always people who believe they have found an answer to this question. If you ask these people about the meaning of life, different views will be revealed, for example living, starting a family, procreating or simply leading a fulfilling life. But what is on these statements? Is one of these answers correct and if not then what is the meaning of life?

the meaning of your life

Basically, each of these answers is right and wrong at the same time, because the question of the meaning of life cannot be generalized. Every person is the creator of their own reality and has their own trains of thought, moralities and ideas about life. Seen in this way there is no general meaning of life, just as there is no general reality.

The sense of lifeEveryone has their own ideas about the meaning of life and if someone is completely convinced of their attitude or opinion and believes that something is the meaning of life, then the corresponding view also represents the meaning of life for this person. What you firmly believe in and believe in 100% manifests as truth in your present reality. If someone is convinced, for example, that the meaning of life is to start a family, then that is also the meaning of life for this person and it will remain so, unless the person concerned changes their own attitude towards this question through self-awareness.

In life, it often happens that one questions one's own attitudes and ideas about life and, as a result, gains new views and insights or, better said, strives for new views and insights. What is the meaning of life for you today may be a fading silhouette of your reality tomorrow.

My personal opinion on the meaning of life!

My idea of ​​the meaning of lifeEveryone has an individual idea of ​​the meaning of life and in this section I would like to present my view on the meaning of life. In my life I have had the most diverse views on the meaning of life, but over the years my attitudes have changed again and again and due to various self-knowledge, a very personal picture has developed for me, even if I have to supplement this picture as well constantly changing.

At the moment, however, the meaning of life for me personally is to end my own reincarnation process by fully realizing my own goals, dreams and desires, by fully realizing myself and creating a completely positive reality. Everything in existence consists solely of consciousness, which in turn consists of energetic states vibrating at individual frequencies. These energetic states can condense or decompress due to associated vortex mechanisms, or the frequency on which the energy oscillates can increase or decrease. Everything that causes damage to one's own organism (negative thoughts and actions, unnatural diets and lifestyles) lowers our own vibration level, causes our subtle clothing to thicken. Positive thoughts and actions, high-vibration/natural foods, sufficient exercise and the like in turn increase one's own energetic basis.

If you manage to build up a completely positive thought spectrum, if you manage to create a completely positive reality through love, harmony and inner peace, then you reach the holy grail of creation and embody pure bliss. One then attains due to the activation of one's Light Body (Merkaba) physical immortality since one assumes a completely space-timeless state oneself due to one's own high/light vibrational level. One then continues to exist as pure consciousness, without being subject to physical limitations. The fascinating thing about this state is that you can then appear again physically and that happens by consciously lowering your own vibration level again. Once you have "ascended" then there are no longer any limits for yourself. Everything is possible and every thought can then be fully realized within a moment (one also speaks of ascended masters here, people who have mastered their own incarnation in their lives).

Doubts limit one's own life + twin soul merging

Twin souls mergingFor some people, my view may sound very adventurous, but that doesn't stop me from achieving this goal. I don't doubt it for a second and I am firmly convinced that I will still achieve this goal in my life, because I know that it is possible, everything is possible (if I were not convinced of it and would have doubts about it, I could not achieve this goal either, because doubts only condense one's own energetic state). But there is still a lot to achieve in order to achieve this goal. Many factors depend on it and for me the best way to realize my purpose in life is to just live life. This wish is deep in my heart and will come true when I let go of this dream, when I fully focus on the present state and live at peace from that moment. In addition, there is also the union with my twin soul. Dual souls basically means a soul that has split into 2 main soul parts in order to be able to have 2 human incarnation experiences. 2 souls, 2 people who have been looking for each other for hundreds of thousands of years and who consciously find each other again at the end of their incarnation (you meet your twin soul in every life, but it takes many incarnations to become aware of it again). If 2 people have managed to consciously love each other after all this time and to be aware that the other is the corresponding twin soul, then a so-called kymic marriage occurs, the union of these 2 main soul parts into one whole soul . Nevertheless, it does not mean that one becomes perfect again only through the twin soul, quite the opposite. The union usually happens when one has managed to heal oneself completely, when soul, spirit and body are completely in harmony again and one has attained love, harmony and thus inner perfection.

Finally, a few words:

At this point I should say one more thing, I have written a lot of articles in the meantime and am reaching more and more people every day. With my article I would like to inspire you, give you strength and simply introduce you to the knowledge I have acquired in recent years (revealing the individual world of thoughts of a young person). It is not my goal that everyone adopts my view or believes me. Everyone can choose for themselves what they think and feel, what they do in their life and what they strive for. As the Buddha once said, if your insight contradicts my teaching, you should follow your insight. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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